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Saturday 10 December 2011

BECK ‘N’ BRIDGE (10/12/11)

I realised that today means there are just fourteen days until Christmas Eve. I can hardly wait! I mustn't be a Scrooge or I must endeavour to try not to be. Here is my try.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       I wish you all a very Happy Christmas.

This started out quite sensibly then the Adrian Effect manifested itself. It has gone a stage further at the end of this post but I must warn epilepsy suffers to avoid the last image today.

After a chilly night we wandered out in good light and a heavy frost. I forgot my spikey feet so was slip sliding all over the place. The first half mile was accomplished to the sound of my shouted….BLESS MY SOULS!!…..and ……WILL YOU TWO DEARS STOP PULLINGS!!!….Fortunately we had the world to ourselves.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    The sun breaks the horizon. This is shot from a recumbent position. Not altogether intentionally but whilst I was on my arse I retained sufficient presence of mind to realise that the composition was better. The road is like a skating rink.

Into the field, dogs set free and on to the bridge.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     A quick snap from the other side.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      And back the way I came. A smashing little bridge……….Now where have the dogs gone? Little Darlings!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Here’s one and where there is one the other will not be far away. I collected them up and we headed our tip toe, slip toe, way back for breakfast. I’m relieved that there was no one to watch my little step, pinched bum wander. They may have concluded I’d had an accident. I hadn’t but it was a close run thing. Frightening is ice!

Switch off now if you had a heavy night………………………

_1281295_edited-1       MERRY CHRISTMAS.


  1. Looked a bit chilly there this morning Adrian!

    The little bridge looks grand with the frost and some decent light...and with the reflection!

    Super effects on the Christmas card(s) (how did you achieve the flashing on the last one please?)...[;o)

  2. Trevor, almost Arctic it is. It is a tidy bridge.
    You can do it with any series of images in PS or Elements.
    Get your first image and press CTRL+J to duplicate it several times not more than a dozen or it may not save. Make sure it's small first 72 pixels and about three hundred or so square. 400 x200 would do. Go up the duplicates one at a time and make them different as you see fit. Good taste is not the name of the game. If you would like something tasteful then a burst series of a bird flying would work but you would have to compress all your images first to the above size. When you have a series of images in the layers palette.Hold shift click the first and the last so they are all highlighted. go to File>save for web. Click animate and play about with jitter and dwell. Click OK and save to either Trevor Pictures or desktop. Not to Elements organiser. Click on it in the desk top and it should play in windows. They are called GIF Animations.
    Hope this is all clear as mud. E-mail if you have trouble. I can always do a SEEING TO. With screen grabs.

  3. Trevor, this gets a bit more complicated if it's a bird or insect moving. You would have to make sure it's head was registered on the image below or it may look a bit daft. See how you go. Don't load as the first image on your blog or it will flash away on folks blogger desk tops and get on their nerves.

  4. Excellent post Adrian.
    I can just imagine the slip sliding expletives!
    A cracking little bridge; and a lovely Christmas card.

    Fourteen days? Roll on the sixteenth then. :-)

  5. Hi Adrian...WOW you should have had a note above to tell when to put on the sun glasses lol!!
    I glad you made it out and back safely, because these are just lovely shots..
    I especially like the second one of the bridge...the country side is beautiful!!
    I can see how slippery it looks on the walkway, but great photo's !!
    Nice at not being a Scrooge ; } it is lovely!!
    I say Merry Christmas, but each to this own ; }!

    Careful on that ice

  6. Keith, all the best for the third of January. Little buggers are in a rush for a run....they are four leg drive and have nowhere to fall to. Me? Swear at the wee fuckers. Not my style. It shows a lack of vocabulary!

  7. We've been through invisible ice, snow, visible ice, thunder, storm and rain this week. Three days in a row I just stayed in - not having any dogs to drag me out!
    Very nice photos of the bridge, and I like your first Christmas experiment. Blinking lights not my favourite but good job accomplishing it.

  8. Grace, the first bridge image is fine. The sun is my favourite. The card well I did warn you. Merry Christmas.

  9. Monica, As you say I have to go out three times a day... or at least twice. It's raining as I type. Couldn't help the lights it is what they do at Christmas. It's not an experiment....well okay a bit of one but I have posted Gif Animations before.

  10. That is a grand old bridge. Probably being off the beaten track has helped its preservation.

    Really pleased you gave that tutorial about animated GIFs. I must suggest to Adobe that they give the facility to have different time pauses on different frames. Saves having to put in many duplicate layers to do the same job. I used to have a pgm back in Windozy98 days which could alter individual frame timings..

    Whilst I do like to take photos from different levels I was pleased to have remembered to wear my spikes this morning.

  11. Lovely photos, frosty here today too, better what my step or I'll be observing from a recumbent position too. Enjoyed the narative.

  12. John,I got the image of the week from my bum.
    It's not a tutorial, more an explanation. Duplicate layers (thought you were against layers). I find Adobe discards duplicate layers. One has to pay Adobe for serious web tools. I'm a blogger not a web designer. I have tried to double the image size they are wise to cheapo folk like me!
    Maybe Mark can tell us?

  13. Gillian remember to stop down or you won't get the rays. On your bum or upright. Have fun.

  14. Lovely images of the bridge and that wonderful frosty landscape (with one of the wee darlings)
    A Happy Christmas to you Adrian twas quite a nice day here today.. weatherwise.

  15. ♥✿⊱╮
    º°♥❤ Olá, amigo!
    ❤ Sei apenas que gostei das fotografias.
    Bom fim de semana!
    Brasil ♥✿⊱╮
    º°♥❤ ❤

  16. A good walk you have had, and the last photo is tremendous, really is.

  17. Love the Adrian Effect! GREAT POST! you made me laugh and i love the photos as well!
    Hope father Christmas will bring you what you asked for...did you send him a long list??!!:))

  18. Happy Christmas to you, too, Adrian. Only two weeks till Christmas. Like you, can't wait but for different reasons. Really like todays images of the little bridge and the sunrise.

  19. I love that bridge. It's a beauty and your perspectives are wonderful. Happy 2 weeks until Christmas. ;)

  20. Andrew, a good day here too.

    Magia, Obrigado. Uma boa semana para você.

    Bob, cheers. It was a good day.

    Dee Bee, Thanks, no santa doesn't visit the van. He may bring the dogs a present.

    Pauline, I am trying to get in the mood.

    Hilary, many thanks.

  21. I like the Christmas card. Nice bridge, too.

  22. Do love that bridge, Adrian. Merry Christmas to you as well.

  23. Wonderfully captured bridges and their reflections. Merry Christmas!

  24. JoLynne, Thank You.

    Horst, Thanks, it is a little gem.

    Daniel, Many thanks.

  25. Fantastic bridge, given the chance I must go looking for it someday. Like the Christmas decorations on the house opposite to me, I can only gaze in wonder at your Christmas card .. it's better than the decorations though.

  26. Jay, it is a little gem of a bridge. It's just over the road bridge on the Keld road it's on the right.