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Wednesday 14 December 2011


I’ve got a bit of catching up to do in Blog World. Today I’ve been doing paperwork. There wasn’t really much of it but I put the papers requiring work somewhere safe. So Safe it took me a couple of hours to find them. Good job I don’t live in a house!

Precipitation has not ceased all day. A mixture of rain, sleet and snow with a gusty wind that makes it feel freezing though it isn’t.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   A view from Stotts Heights overlooking Windemere.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Keswick and Cat Bells.

These were taken around a year ago. I don’t think I have posted them before but I apologise if I have. I did take the camera for a very wet wander today and got nothing. I wasn’t even close to a picture.

Tomorrow I’m heading south to Chatsworth.


  1. Same kind of weather here. And thunder! My camera has not been out of the house for over a week. It's bag isn't waterproof! (I've used my mobile phone camera the few times I've been out and come across something interesting like ice sculptures and Santa Claus.)

  2. Lovely 12 months ago pictures, now come on, and do some work...........

  3. The second image is of my favourite little town on the planet... I have walked on every top and drunk in all the pubs within the area of your lovely image.. even camped in a tent during winter and had to defrost the zip on my tent to get out.

    Sorry I am starting to ramble...
    I do like Keswick.

  4. Here it's all rain - and more rain. We were thrilled as the land needed it but now we're on the verge of a flood, I'd be happier if it stopped. Keswick is a pretty place!

  5. I don't recall seeing these before Adrian.
    I love that first one.

  6. These 2 shots could be turned into postcards! Very nice! paperwork...i have to do mine...sometimes!
    I read the weather people have not yet really worked out where this storm is going next as the winds seem to be changing regularly...Hope you won't be transformed into a "Snowman and his snowdogs"! :)
    P.S. Thanks Adrian for today's comment but i'll keep it hidden for a while as i am scheduling my posting for the next 3 weeks and hit Publish by mistake!More to come on Xmas i am afraid! :))

  7. Hi Adrian...I am glad I am not the only one that puts thing in a safe place, and can't find them...drives me nut's!!
    I love that second photo ..would make a great picture puzzle ...or even better Christmas cards!!
    Weather here is not bad...one day of rain in the last two weeks, and very thankful it wasn't snow!!

    Ps...I wear jeans and ratty shirts...no bonnets, long skirts or the like ; } lol

  8. Very water colourist. I like the effect. I've spent many a childhood holiday in and around Keswick 'cos my Mum and Dad were climbing the Lake District hills as youngsters around 85 years ago. Frightening thought.

  9. Today it is raining in Toronto too:)
    I enjoyed both of your images. They are wonderfully composed and at some point look like watercolors.

  10. It feels wonderful to revisit the places I have been through your photos! It somehow seems so personal when you see the pictures posted by people than the Google images.Thanks for sharing them!

  11. Great shots from the archives Adrian...[;o)

  12. Monica, Pop the camera in a zip lock bag. No worries then.

    Bob, how could you say such a thing? I never stop. Okay I'll try and do a bit more.

    Andrew, Keswick is just about acceptable in winter. In my early thirties I used to fell run in the Lakes.........slowley, so I have no idea what I'm looking at.

    Pauline, Keswick is a tourist trap. I hope the cattle aren't making a real mess of the fields.

    Keith, Ta. I try and tag posted pictures but I'm not God.........not kwite..Whoops qwite...quite. Got there in the end.

    DeeBee, the images are for sale. You know a postcard printer? I would love to get white snow. Half of last winter and the one before was fantastic. I love cold weather. You hang on to your comments. I find word verification and moderation a real pain. I have left Moderation on Seeing To Pictures as I may miss the infrequent comments otherwise.

    Horst, thanks....the background is heavily filtered. Messed about with to most mortals.

    Grace, you have to live with the Amish and Mormons and two hundred others of disparate beliefs. Here we only have a few. I love eccentricity and like Hells Angels they are photogenic..Amish?...well? They seem boringly normal by the standards of the average Brit here. Don't know what Brits get up to in your country.

    Graham, as you've now sussed. These pics have had a seeing to. All or most of mine have. Even pre digital I loved to play but it was too expensive. Digital is Nirvana to me. I do like control over the camera so will stick to single lens reflex. I would have loved a digital back on a full frame for these pictures. I'm not talking full 35mm frame I'm talking a monster unit. Half frame would do. Mamiya or Hasselblad and of course a pale green Aston Martin to carry it all. I'm assured one has to buy a green car these days.

    Olga, they have had a bit of work. most images need it. Mine do!

    Ruby, many thanks...........It's the way I tell 'em.

    Trevor, thanks, amazing what there is in the bin. Wish I could be bothered to catalogue them.

  13. Beautiful images. Don't care if they are from the archives, they are great.

  14. Christmas card perfect.. what a beautiful scene.

  15. Hilary, not yet it isn't I will do a sensible card but am relying on weather. We can easily or more likely suffer rain over Christmas.....BLOODY CHRISTMAS.

  16. You do very well to photograph and post something everyday as it is. The weather is usually unkind at this time of year. Great shots, looks like the 2nd one is on a zoom, love the light on the side of Maiden Moor.

  17. Jay, Olympus E-5
    1/50 sec
    ISO 200

  18. Jay, I can't remember whether I used a tripod. 50% chance I did. This is a bit over sharp on the horizon. White balance would be set to cloudy as it's my default mode.