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Thursday 22 December 2011

I PAID AND WENT IN (22/12/11)

It is a superb day. Mild and apart from one little downpour, dry and sunny. We were out first thing and spent an hour watching deer…….. eating grass…..fascinating.

We came back, had breakfast and I decided to bite the bullet and pay to get into Chatsworth gardens. They let dogs and cameras in, they don’t admit either in the house so that saved me a small fortune.

All images today are pushed pulled and shoved and are HDR. I like HDR. What's more I like doing slightly surreal images.

_C220207_08_09_10_11_tonemapped_edited-1  The scaffold is slowly coming down. This is Chatsworth house.

_C220217_18_19_20_21_tonemapped_edited-1 So is this. in the shallow bit of the house there are two little square plantations click to enlarge and you should see ER. Stands for Elizabeth Regina. Anyone know who she is?

_C220137_38_39_40_41_tonemapped_edited-1 This is the Emperor Fountain. It’s gravity fed from lakes four hundred feet up on the moor.

_C220177_78_79_80_81_tonemapped_edited-1Here it is again. they rarely turn it on full flow. I don’t know why. It will fire water ninety metres or three hundred feet into the air. It’s running at about a third throttle today. I knew there would be a fountain bow. Just had to walk round the pond till I found it and wait for the sun to pop out.Brightens the job up a treat._C220192_3_4_5_6_tonemapped_edited-1 A formal little pool. It has a fountain as well but they had forgotten to switch it on for you. Most remiss of them!

_C220252_3_4_5_6_tonemapped_edited-1 The Cascade. It had five gardeners polishing it up. They agreed to stand to one side whilst I got a quick snap. Grand! Accommodating folk they are. The water usually flows evenly but they had reduced the flow for maintenance. There is more to this than meets the eye. The sound of the water falling down the steps alters as one walks up it. The pagoda type whatsit at the top can also spout water from ornamental dolphins and other orifices on it’s roof. If you click to enlarge you should be able to see the broken aqueduct I did about a week ago it’s just behind the top of the pagoda.

_C220257_58_59_60_61_tonemapped_edited-1 I’ve no idea what this is. It’s a low sun evening shot to get shadows falling left to right. It could be a good one. They shut tomorrow till March. I’ll come back and have a look on my birthday.

_C220262_3_4_5_6_tonemapped_edited-1 The Conservatory Wall. The tower just above the middle of it has a beauty of a clock and is the entrance to the stables. I couldn’t fit it in but I did get the Hunting Tower. It has been a hanging about day. Just waiting for the light. I just hope I waited long enough or short enough.

A wonderful day after a grim week. Perfect light so any discrepancies in quality are down to me.

I have enough images for another three posts……….I’ll most likely need them this winter.

Have fun or do your best to.


  1. oh Adrian, these pics are wonderfull, really wonderfull, the first one has a special light.. so warm seems like the early sun


    Wish you Merry Christmas too!!!

  2. What a special treat for us, especially since Chatsworth House closes tomorrow. How wonderful that the sun accompanied you. With your eye for seeing lighting opportunities and your HDR treatment, you've started off winter beautifully! Interesting info re the fountains and gardeners as well. Merry Christmas :)

    It's cold and crisp (-3) here this morning but 'heating up' to 7 tomorrow when the rains will come for a few days. No white stuff in this part of Canada for Christmas this year; in fact much of the country will be green!

  3. I've passed the place a few times, when I worked up that way, many years ago, but never seen it in all its glory.
    Some excellent pictures Adrian.

  4. These pictures brighten me up! I love the pool and cascade in particular. Thanks Adrian for these lovely images.

  5. The HDR treatment brought out the warm Winter Sunlight very well.

  6. Great stuff with the evening light too.
    I was there in the summer with friends & have two shots from a similar viewpoint. Your idea is best though ... I had to crop the conservatory wall shot at the time as there were too many people about. I'll get round to posting them.
    That fountain bow is amazingly good.

  7. Ah Adrian, I wondered where you were! What a superb post, i mean the sunny shots make a fantastic difference to the buildings and landscape. This hall is marvellous and the orangerie is a splendour! What a place!
    Wishing you many more days of sunshine. :)

  8. Ah, you look enthusiastic to be in Chatsworth, it seems a long time. Beautiful landscape you have taken.

  9. Imagine that fountain at full throttle! Love the light in the first and last shots. We are rewarded by your patience!

  10. It's a lovely place to visit Adrian..
    I have to admit I tried to get to the middle of the maze.. and failed.
    I will have to go back and try again next year.

    Lovely images and a nice memory jogger..
    I have just realised my last visit was over 10 years ago.

  11. Lovely Blog..your photos are so beautiful..I wish you a merry christmas.

  12. Superb photos given a great seeing to (bet you never thought you'd hear me say that - er, read me saying that). I love Chatsworth. That is the cascade that I have commented on before. I've walked up it! They are really sensible. There is no 'Don't walk in the cascade" notice. There is simply a notice saying something like "You are welcome to walk in the cascade. It is very slippery. Be careful you don't fall and hurt yourself" (And, by implication, if you do don't blame us.) When I have been there in recent years it has been hooching with people so photos such as yours have been impossible. I'm looking forward to the next batch.

  13. Beautiful images of the gardens, great light.

  14. Love the tour you're giving us, Adrian. I'm getting to see places I never would have otherwise. I eagerly await more.

  15. Laura. Thank you I enjoyed the day. Merry Christmas.

    Glo, thank you. I wish for some cold crisp weather. The light is beautiful at this time of year.

    Keith, It is a grand place, well worth a visit but it is busy.

    Ruby, there is a lot to see here. I do enjoy the gardens.

    John, I love this sort of weather. big clouds and a low sun. An unbeatable combination.

    Jay, people are a problem here. So is the fact that it doesn't open till eleven. The fountain took some waiting for.

    DeeBee, it has barely got light this week so I was happy to see the sun.

    Bob, the sun lifted my spirits.

    Pauline, I have seen it much bigger but on windy days they have to regulate it or it drenches everyone for miles around.

    Andrew, the new duke is spending a fortune on the place and it shows. It's a grand place.

    Faylinn, it is good to see you. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit.

    Graham, it must be Christmas. I was expecting a right rousting from you. It is always busy. I was first in and went as fast as I could. By noon it was getting pretty hopeless. Only good thing was that the coach tours have finished.

    Gillian, thank you. I've been waiting a week for the light.

  16. Laura,(PrettyPix) Thank you, I have plenty more.

  17. Great photography, great location, great light, great HDR work, great info and not a great deal of folk about!

    All in all Adrian, a GREAT post!...[;o)

  18. Trevor, many thanks it was a good day for a change.