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Thursday 15 December 2011

WE ARRIVED (15/12/11)

We left before dawn from Hawes I took the head torch and the dogs for a walk and then headed east. One can head south from Hawes but I just wanted a quick run so east first and then south. I took the Sheffield North exit from the motorway onto the A61. I really wished I hadn’t. A three car whoopsey had closed the road. The Bizzies out and freezing to death waving me off my route. I took the route and after an hour the carnage passed me. The first recovery truck held the remains of an unidentifiable car.  If anyone was alive in it and still has a life I will be amazed. Awful at this time of year. For me just horrendous. I've never found Christmas uplifting.

Worse!  I was in delayed. You may think this a bit harsh. You may well be right.

In my car racing days we were unsympathetic. A big cuckoo from someone and a red flag came out and stopped the fun. So no fun.

The highways are not places for entertainment so why do people drive outside their ability. Sixty miles an hour and less I drive at with the truck. A hundred and whatever in the old Porsche. I pull over whenever safe in whatever vehicle, let folk and Fire Blade and Ferrari drivers past. Considerate it’s called.

I really think that all the emergency services ( with the possible exception of one Royal)  Need a bonus. The messes they have to clear up are horrendous. How they sleep nights, I don’t know.

We have arrived at Chatsworth.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  This is a lovely bit of wall and  it is supposed to have a lovely girl in front of it. She has flu……I know. I KNOW!…..only men have flu. TOLD HER!

You are just suffering a wee sniffle. I hope to resume usual insanity shortly. I have had a serious beating. There. Knew there was nowt up with her!


Okay a bit of Chatsworth. See you tomorrow


  1. It saddens me the way some people think they can drive; a total disregard for other road users.
    And this time of year does seem to bring out the prats amongst us.

    Hope we see the model tomorrow. Maybe she needs a stiff one. A drink, I meant. What's up with you?
    Second shot is a picture postcard shot.

  2. Oh well, you got held up! It'll be alright tomorrow, so we wont forget. Unless, the weather........

  3. Keith she is really here. Well almost just gone for a tiddle. I think she does but my stiff ones are a thing of the past, I need those Niagara Falls tablets. A cuddle and a kip will do me.

  4. Yes I agree it is absolutely horrendous to have an accident at this time of the year, but sadly they happen all the time, we just notice them more when we are supposed to celebrate!
    On another topic...Chatsworth hall seems beautiful!
    Snow tomorrow???

  5. Adrian there will always be people that drive beyond their ability, it's their inocent victims and the people that have to clear up after them that I feel for.

    Enjoy Chatsworth(in the snow!)tomorrow, although I reckon you'd be better off staying cuddled up in the warm!!...[;o)

  6. Bob, the weather is no problem. You'll see.

    DeeBee, it happens but they aren't accidents. If folk were taught to drive defensively as heavy goods drivers are then there would be far less needless death. I took the test so should you.

    Trevor, I agree but on the public highway?.......No! As I said the poor buggers that have to sort it deserve medals and money. I was a crap Scrambler and a worse FF2000 driver but it made me defensive on the roads. It hurts if one gets it wrong.

  7. Hi Adrian....dear me I think it is to cold in that camper ...I think your brain is getting a chill ...you got me head shaking again ; }
    Glad you wasn't in the midst of that mess on the highway...some seem to think that they are infallible when it comes to how they drive...it is a terrible job being the one to clear and accident scene..I wouldn't have the stomach for it !!
    Will be looking to see the Chatsworth visit!!

  8. Yes. I never mourn for a crazy driver who removes himself from that position. I just get angry when the innocent suffer or die as a result.

    In 2004 or 5 I paddled in the waterfall at Chatsworth with the person I was supposed to marry. She married someone else last year. Today she may know whether the operations she is to have in a few weeks are for her life or not. Life's a bitch and then you die.

  9. Hello, ADRIAN.

      Lovely your works, full of JOY!

      Thank you World-wide LOVE.
      and, your Support.

      The prayer for all peace.
      I wish You all the best.

    Have a good weekend.
    From Japan, ruma ❀

  10. Road accidents are awful and kudos to the emergency services!! Love the second picture :)

  11. Pulling over to let the IQ zeros pass is not just considerate but a question of self preservation. I would always prefer an idiot driver to be in front where I can see what they are up to.

    Looking forward to some Chatsworth photos - years since I was last there. Take care - keep warm. Hope it is lighter there that it has been here so far today.

  12. you are travelling a lot! This is good, very good, the place looks good!

  13. Grace, the lass that caused it was only twenty two. No sense at that age. Shit happens. Hope she survives.

    Graham, NO...Life is great and then you die. It is the only certainty.

    Ruma, thank you I try to be a happy chappy.

    Ruby, most are incidents not accidents. I agree that the shovellers up deserve more than they get. Training needs to be much more intensive.

    John, that is defensive driving. You have cracked it.
    Not a good day today but I have posted.

    Laura, I live in the van. I move when I get bored. It is wonderful but busy.

  14. Clever trick with Chatsworth from that side, they had scaffolding on it when I met up with friends back in August.

  15. Jay, the garden wall is finished. they are getting there.