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Wednesday 7 December 2011

IT’S A BIT WILD (07/12/11)

The pictures here are all from yesterday. The weather is awful. Very windy, raw cold and the precipitation covers it’s full repertoire, rain, hail, sleet and snow. I am having a day in.

After a grand first walk yesterday we went out again………the magic had disappeared and though dry the light was very flat.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Gayle Beck. This will get better as the rain continues. This is from the old bridge.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The old bridge from the new bridge. The building on the right is an old mill and the curved wall is what remains of the waterwheel housing.

We wandered on to Saint Margaret’s church.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  This is relatively modern and was completed in 1851. There was a much smaller church sited about where I’m standing. I like this church. Some I go in and they feel peaceful and welcoming this is one of them.

_C069804_5_6_7_8_tonemapped_edited-1 Here is the inside in glorious HDR or inglorious HDR depending which side of the fence you view it from.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis I have snapped on several previous occasions, this is far from perfect but the best yet. The Millennium Window  I see the Ribblehead viaduct. A Shepherd, Gayle Beck, the river Ure and the market. The window commemorates three hundred  years of markets in Hawes or to be pedantic the Tercentenary of Hawes Market Charter. I’ll get back here when the light is better.

Tomorrow or possibly this afternoon I’m going waterfalling as the becks are full to overflowing. I will try to stop dry.

That’s all for today.


  1. Going waterfalling sounds adventurous!
    The bridge photo and the stained glass window my favourites in this post.

  2. A couple of difficult subjects there Adrian, flowing water and stained glass windows. As you say the lighting conditions on the former were flat but the STGs have come out well, especially on the interior view.

  3. Try and keep dry at the waterfalls :-)

    Second one for me, followed by the window.

  4. Monica, it is a wet job at best and a drowning job at worst. I love this modern glass window. It's free to see ir but I always give them a fiver. That from a bloke that objects to paying for Durham Cathedral. No photos allowed in the latter and no where to tie the dogs up outside.

    John, I shoot Raw and underexpose at least a stop for waterfalls. I can push or pull them then just like with fillum.In elements I use Enhance>lighting> Shadows/Highlights. Go easy with it and check afterwards in a levels layer to make sure it's okay. Hold down ALT and you get clipping warnings. Like wot I do.
    Stained glass is a nightmare. I really like the Millennium Window, the damn sun came out and the dogs were raising hell outside, I'll have another do at it.

    Keith no chance, four lens wipers and an Adrian wiper are required. There is so much water here even the fields are flooded. It's normal weather.
    I like the idea of a widow. Where was she?

  5. So, you've got all our water then? But I guess, if it comes with a cold wind etc., you'd best hang on to it for a while longer!!

    You did well with those images considering you were up against it light wise. That window should look stunning when the sun comes out!

    Take care 'waterfalling' just don't take it too literally!!...[;o)

  6. Trevor, the wealthy can't have it all. You die of thirst and we just die.
    I love shooting church interiors. I spot meter highlights and shadows knock it down a stop or EV and still I can't blend three of them. Must be the software!
    I love big waterfalls. they boom and boom, great things. They do have to be watched though.

  7. Hi Adrian...I just love a waterfall ..no matter how small or big....even a trickle over the rocks has me in it's spell ; ]
    My pic's of the day are the second and the last of the window!!
    Don't you have a slicker??..haha... don't know where that came from in my head..(God knows what's in there) that's what my dad called his rain jacket...well anyway...stay dry if you can!! ; ]

  8. my favourite in this post are the first 3 fotos... the trouble water is fantastic

  9. Grace, I like the Victoria falls. I also like your Niagara falls. Ours are a little bit littler. I worked in the States. I know what a slicker is, it's an anorak we live in them here.

    Laura, you live for colour. There is none in these. I will try for dramatic water tomorrow. You have fun and thank you. I just see what I see,

  10. I love the waterfalls, and the pictures of inside of the church, they are superb.

  11. I ma not surprised you stayed in today! We had such strong winds here down in the south...but I had no choice and had to be out part of the day with my hair standing up on my head...i looked like the Statue of Liberty!! :))
    Hope you'll be able to escape in the wild tomorrow!!
    Take care.

  12. Wonderful images Adrian and i must see the interior of the church for myself one day.
    I am not a religious person but there is something I like about old churches and chapels.
    I must start sharing more of mine.

  13. If you are heading towards Leyburn and stop for a visit...pop into The Wobbly Dog shop... Anne the owner is an old friend of mine (she was brought up just along the road from your stay in Delamere Forest). The Wobbly Dog is a lovely little shop... and has a wonderful array of sweets in jars.... wonderful memories from your childhood.

    I have let her know you may call in... enjoy the rest of your week.

  14. Waterfalls and churches - two of my favourite things. Love the interior of the church, some of them just feel right, don't they?

  15. Bob, thanks. The waterfalls are now torrents.

    DeeBee, I went out with the dogs. It was the camera that stayed in. It looks worse today.

    Andrew, I'm not religious. Some churches are beautiful both aesthetically and spiritually. I'll drop into the Wobbly Dog when I next pass through.

    Pauline, There is a sense of peace in some churches. Others are disappointing, I don't know why.

  16. Well, Adrian, you know my views on Durham Cathedral (which I wasn't impressed with inside anyway). I'm happy to pay unless I'm told I must (as I was in St Paul's where I was told that I had to queue and pay when I wanted to go in and find solitude and pray - those were the days.).

    I'm also more than happy with your HDR treatment of the window and most of your interior treatments. I think it works well there. It's the 'overblown' colours I have difficulty with. But, as you say, it's a personal thing.

  17. Graham, I'm glad I didn't get in to Durham cathedral. The outside is little better than the prison next door.
    The HDR debate runs and runs. I'll process the same image four or five ways one day. That would stir things up but it won't stop the debate.

  18. I found that waterfall difficult to photograph although it's always dramatic in full flow.

  19. Jay, it is in an inconvenient place.