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Saturday 17 December 2011

THE DEER HUNTER (17/12/11)

The weather is despicable……..sleet landing on frozen ground…….the place is like a skating rink…….a wet skating rink!

I took the dogs out in Chatsworth Park. It was only just light so not very inspiring.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA             This scaffolding has been up for what seems like years. They are replacing masonry, re-gilding and lots of other things that need doing. Only builders know what needs attention. They make that funny sucking sound before they start building.

On the way back to the van I spotted a group of half a dozen Fallow deer. They are common enough here but damn near impossible to get close to. The shepherd came from the opposite direction on his quad bike and chased them up to me. A few apposite words had the dogs sitting to heel. They require complex and repeated instructions liberally interspersed with a few choice Anglo Saxon profanities.  Sit…..Heel. Really doesn’t seem to cut the mustard.

We all stopped still and amazingly the deer settled down only twenty yards away. I only have a few mediocre images. It was far too dark but they are the best I’ve ever got.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA            This didn’t seem like the rut. That should have been and gone. This is more just play. The one in the foreground was very brave. I’ll take him an apple tomorrow. I only had a banana which didn’t seem to tempt him. I oughtn’t to be surprised it doesn’t look much like a monkey. It doesn’t look anything like any monkey I’ve seen.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA            They made my day. I am a lucky chap. Like a dog with two tails I am.

Enjoy the last weekend before insanity manifests itself. it must be time to do the Christmas shopping. Can’t face that. I’ll do it later in the week or possibly sometime in January.


  1. You really are lucky to get these shots. We tried to get a shot of two deers in scotland and everytime we try to get close they'd run farther away..Great pictures!

  2. Right place,right time Adrian...shame about the light! that must have been a grand sight on the way back to the van..FOUR happily wagging tails!!

    Retail therapy? Go on...you might just enjoy it!!

    Have a good rest of the weekend...[;o)

  3. °º♫
    º° ✿♥ ♫° ·.
    ✿⊱╮Bela série de fotos!!!
    Bom fim de semana!

  4. Ruby, I see them all the time here. Usually at a distance and having the dogs doesn't help. If you get to Scotland again and can afford a gillie he will get you close.
    It is also safer as any stag with antlers without velvet is potentially dangerous. They also rear up and kick. Not the happy wee Rudolphs one expects.

    Trevor I saw them yesterday but they were heading for the hills at Mach1.
    I couldn't believe my luck today. I was there for a good twenty minutes sitting on a log and they came within ten or fifteen yards. The older one in the second and third snaps was worrying me a little. Not frightened at all. I was. They can be real nasty buggers.

    Magia, obrigado e ter um Feliz Natal. Também um bom fim de semana e um abraço.

  5. Great stuff Adrian, poor lighting or not.

  6. John, I've never seen them so relaxed. Okay they do see people. Not that they can see much from what I'm told and there was no wind. They are back in all male groups. One can get close during the rut but it's better they don't spot one. It is great to get so close and for so long.

  7. Hi Adrian love the deer such shy creatures. Have a great Xmas mate and all the very best for 2012. Have not had much chance to blog due to work commitments, but will post a couple of images today to end the year. I hope you like them. Best Wishes Kev

  8. Lovely shots of the deer Adrian. Must have been a great experience being so close to such majestic animals.
    I'm with you on this Christmas nonsense. I can't be doing with crowds, just to get a loaf of bread.

  9. Kevin they are wary more than shy. They will attack. The alpha male in the last two shots I respect. He was about ready for a do. Don't move is my answer to the wee problem.

    Keith, they were all play fighting.....the clack and clack of them will live with me for ages. The older male was starting to rumble at me. Impressive his his bark....shut the dogs up he did. A wonderful twenty minutes. The odd thing is as soon as cars appeared they were away back into the hills.

  10. A wonderful experience Adrian and the images are fine..beautiful beasts.

  11. What a treat to sit there and watch these wonderful creatures. My son showed me a funny short video last night. Good thing your dogs listen to you better than this Fenton. ;)


  12. Andrew, brilliant doesn't describe it. No hide, and apart from the old one they ignored us. Wonderful.

    Hilary it was like the last two Christmases and this one all came together.
    The video went viral here a month ago........it's still funny. My dogs aren't that bad. So far! I think there for the grace of god!

  13. Beautiful animals despite the poor light! Hope Sunday will be brighter, could be if the temperatures drop below 0...
    My Xmas shopping is done, I managed to beat the crowds...Have a good Sunday!

  14. I love the Fallow Deer, where I come from, they are timid and shy away. Good blog.

  15. Wonderful animals Adrian and pretty reasonable images considering the lack of any quality light...


  16. Adrian, a good photographer can take good photos no matter what the light. You've done a great jog with these photo. Just like you, I would have been tickled pink to be so close to these beautiful animals.

  17. Beautiful photos. I think you done a great job.

  18. Lucky you, I'd love to be so close to these creatures, although I'd probably end up in trouble, didn't know they could be aggressive. You used your time with them well. I think they are wonderful shots.

  19. Hi Adrian...I am late again...and no I wasn't Christmas shopping...
    Well a great experience for you today..or yesterday or whatever...; ]
    I think you did very well with these shots...they are great!!
    Behave yourself ..if you can : }

  20. DeeBee, many thanks. I'm glad you are on top of things.

    Bob, they are usually very shy here. Today they were quite happy.

    Trevor, they are better than no images.

    Horst, I hope I can get as close again.

    Hilda, thank you.

    Pauline, they can be a bit feisty. I once saw them being dosed for something. The handlers were dressed in hard hats and body armour.

    Grace, I had a wonderful Saturday morning.

  21. Great, Just great!!!
    I Thank you for sharing!

  22. Bshell, Obrigado. Estou feliz por ter você seguir essa insanidade. Feliz Natal

  23. Magical but, as you say, potentially very scary.

  24. Graham, they seemed relaxed. I let them come to me. A wonderful time but the heart was going a bit prior to my making a very slow withdrawal. A rare experience for me.

  25. Great shots of the deer given the light. Always unhelpful creatures given the circumstances !!

  26. Jay, I am just happy to be so close to them.