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Wednesday 28 December 2011

THE LORDS SEAT (28/12/11)

Today we have sunshine and showers. The latter are vicious wee things with hail. It’s about a fifty fifty split. I’m on my own again. Bob has headed off to the wilds of Scotland and Sue has headed home for the New year. The laundry is done, the lens rag is almost clean, there are some obstinate stains which make me suspect I mistook it for a hanky on one of our darker cooler wanders.

I looked at a post this morning which inspired me to find another. I don’t go in for Reflection Wednesdays and Thankful Sundays. Nor awards. They do boost site visits but I am incapable of the discipline required to earn one. I am just a blogger. Folk come and folk go! I welcome the folk that pop by.

These two are relatively new to blog land and the first is TREVOR. He is a regular blogger but posts irregularly . He posts quality framed pictures. I wish I could be as disciplined. I also wish I’d thought of this as a post theme.

The second is a lass who can really rant…..it is brilliant. Made more so by her having the face of an angel or whatever an Indian Angel is…Buddaress? I thought I could blow one but she is a super star. The David Beckham of the ranters and railers. Have a look here…..RUBY…… A super nova of the ranting world. She will hopefully respond by giving her real name……..no matter. A gem she is.

Back to today……A short walk in windy squally weather.

_C280525_6_7_8_9_tonemapped_edited-1 The woods round here have several little huts. Charcoal burners shelters Sue says. Whatever she says has to be gospel.

_C280535_6_7_8_9_tonemapped_edited-1 Here is another…………I had a look inside and it’s an old Privy……..a two seater. Obviously for his Lordship and her Ladyship. Their Lordships seats!

_C280540_1_2_3_4_tonemapped_edited-1 It has it’s own private midden. Wonderful are old shit houses.

boltab32812_edited-1  There was a bit more light today so I stood in Turners spot and fired away. Freezing I was. He still painted it better. I have given it my best. Fifteen images have gone into this plus a load of cloning and mucking around.

I must make an effort this next year to get out more!

Tomorrow we are away to Tan Hill. I have to go. I’m on a promise. I hope she remembers those Niagara pills. Worked a treat last time. If she forgets then a cuddle is always good. You ladies are thinking….typical!….Not at all. I do the espresso coffee and the cooking. She looks after all the little problems! The very little things or thingys …….. So There!

Before I go what is this?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I saw three lots of it over three miles. It’s as big as half a handful. Mostly on Larch but one lot on Beech. Help please.

If I don’t post before the New Year, then I wish a Happy and prosperous New Year to all of you.


  1. You are in godd spirits once more, good!
    The privy... there are times when i unconditionally worship progress!
    A Happy New year to you too if we dont hear from you for a few days.Take care and talk to you next year then!? DeeBee

  2. HI Adrian....I have seen and learned more about old ruins on your blog than I ever would have know on my own!! Thanks for all the wonderful places you have shown ...todays is great ...nothing like a go old privy ...I don't think there is anything like that here..lol, just falling down or torn down little wooden buildings....
    Happy New Year to you my friend !!

  3. Couple of good blog links there Adrian.

    Love that old privy.

    Have a good time at Tan Hill.
    All the very best for the new year,

  4. Just now every day of the week seems to be a Watery Wednesday in this part of the world! At least you get yourself a new view every now and then ;)

  5. Another amusing read Adrian.
    The privy was lovely to see (midden empty).

  6. Finding old buildings in woods and forests is usually a real treat.

    I echo your statement "I am just a blogger. Folk come and folk go! I welcome the folk that pop by."

    Have a great New Year celebration at Tan Hill. I hope that you are not too unwell afterwards!

  7. My grandfather, when no other adults were around, described well built women as "solid as a brick shithouse". Looks like he was right, that one still looks pretty solid. Wonder what he'd have to say about a two seater? Nothing that could be repeated here, I'm sure. It really is a lovely little building!

  8. I love that 'Turner-esque' shot, Adrian, although I won't ask how you did it as I can't stand faffing around at the computer. Happy new year!

  9. Like all the pictures, but especially the Turner one, almost like a painting.

  10. Wonderful post, fantastic images.
    Happy new year, my friend. I look forward to popping in again and again and again!

  11. Great work on those images Adrian. I love the story of the 'double header'.

    Enjoy your stay at Tan Hill and I look forward to some more entertaining and informative posts in the new year, even if it seems that you may start off a little out of breath!!

    Thanks for the 'plug' and all the best for the new year...[;o)

  12. Thanks Adrian!! My name is Priya but please call me Ruby. The Turner-shot is awesome, especially the clouds.

  13. Nice... Adrian, very suggestive picture, I like very well the one with the river, simply magic

    Adrian I want to wish you and your family all the best for the new year!

  14. DeeBee, it only takes a glimpse of sun to lift my spirits. I hope to get a post or two out. You have a good new Year if I fail.

    Grace, you have a good year too. I am an old ruin so empathise with them.

    Keith I landed at Tan Hill and am working New Years eve. Ho Hum!
    I will have to get rant tuition from Ruby. I'll pass on bird photography from Trevor...Mine are all like that.

    Monica, it is grim. I love a new scene. Inspires me to further lunacy.

    Andrew, yes empty and the seats inside could do with a refurb.

    Graham, it is great to stumble across such sheds. I'm working New years Eve so should be fine.

    Pauline, the Romans used to have twenty seaters.

    Jeremy, I love the processing as much as I love the wanders and the snapping.

    Gillian, that was the idea. He did it much much better.

    Laura, thanks and all the best to you for next year.

    Trevor, you are welcome to the plug. They are wonderful images you posted. Right up my alley.

    Ruby, thank you. The image is just me playing around.

    Laura, thank you and you have a great year.
    Get more painting done. I love them.

  15. Your question to what is it: it's a Larch Thingy.
    A "privy" sounds like its to doing it in private, yes, out in the open air???
    Anyway, you have a lovely new year won't you.

  16. Wonderful photos as always, Adrian. I love the places you bring us.. though maybe not to/with Niagara. ;) The outhouse up at Frank's cottage is a two-seater, also.

  17. Great photos, like all of them.
    Happy New Year.

  18. Bob I think the bubbles are froghopper larvae Giant froghopper excrement.

    Hilary, I suppose it passes the time having someone to chat to.

    Cameracruise, Happy new year to you.

  19. I have enjoyed your picturesque photos throughout the year Adrian, and chuckled many a time at your wicked sense of humour. I am sure you're having a grand time at Tan Hill...the perfect spot for New Year's Eve, even if you are working.

    Here's to a happy and healthy New Year!

  20. Glo, and the same to you. It will be a good year.

  21. Great Turner shot and ... double privy ! ... his and hers !

  22. Jay, thanks, a two seater privy. I suspect you are correct.