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Thursday 8 December 2011


I am just in from our second wander. The rain stopped at noon, the wind velocity reduced by twenty percent and the sun popped out for a minute. Lovely it was, it’s raining again now but it will just be a light shower.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    This was taken on our first outing in torrential rain at around eight this morning. This is Haylands Bridge over the river Ure and is taken from the same spot that I took the dawn snap a couple of days ago. This is not HDR the haloing on the bridge parapet is rain bounce. We were soaking, wringing wet, it is cold and I got Trench Finger.

There! I knew the rain couldn’t last it’s just stopped.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    This is as close as I could get at lunchtime. I could have got closer but would have ended up in the river then the Ouse and thence drifted into the Humber and the North Sea.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Tourists water watching……………I did ask them to pose in the water………..miserable lot declined. So I can’t give a visual impression of depth. The walls are around three feet high. Best I can do!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    The sheep are watching the tourists………they are marooned. I called at the farm to let them know. The dialect up these parts is a bit strong but I came away with the impression that he knew. He also said something to the effect that they were silly little darlings. He mentioned they could do with a hand…..there were three of them plus a big tractor so I explained that I was allergic to wet sheep. I did as he suggested and buggered off and quick. Maybe I was a tad hasty lanolin must be good for Trench Finger.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  The camper is just to the left of this row of cottages. It’s stopped raining again but if I don’t post tomorrow keep an eye out for my Dove.

On we plodded into town……..I wanted to see the Beck but also wanted another Pork Pie. Brilliant are the Pork Pies here. I’ll Take a piccy of one so you can enjoy it as well.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   We went through all this a couple of days ago but for dementia sufferers…. Gayle Beck, the Mill, and the Old Bridge taken from the New Bridge. The mist on the building in the background is spray……………It really is giving it Jolly What Ho!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Gayle Beck from the Old Bridge…….This is a stitched image. I thought it would be a manual job but no. It is straight out of PS Elements. It will enlarge but I  couldn’t find a seam line anywhere. Brilliant! Thanks Adobe.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Wensleywater………There was an old Greek philosopher called Thales who famously believed that the whole world started from water……….Daft Bat! Water is starting from the world! The world is dissolving.

Have fun, I hope you are all safe, sound and dry. It’s raining again….just a short shower.


  1. Ooooh, I am cosy and dry, I'm not going to envy them, poor sods. Lovely photos of the wild Ouse.

  2. Bob. The sheep are all fine, they are daft and don't like swimming.

    You stop warm and dry. I love weather. This bit of the river is the Ure. It must be a bit serious down stream in the Vale of York.

  3. Looks like you need to start building that ark!
    It looks pretty wet there.
    Those shots of Gayle Beck are exceptional.

    Keep safe.

  4. Wonderful images Adrian... and to echo Keiths comment how skilled are you in woodwork.

  5. Amazing pictures, that water is getting mighty high.

  6. You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din! (R.Kipling)

    Now that is being greedy, nobody needs that amount of water, Well done for going out and facing the elements though.

    Great images Adrian, especially those of Gayle Beck, I can just imagine the noise!

    Stay safe, I do hope that tomorrow's post isn't from the middle of the North Sea!! Best save that pork pie you may need it for a buoyancy aid!....[;o)

  7. A brilliant record of the results of your local weather conditions. Fortunately we only had one short deluge but plenty of blustery winds all day.
    Glad you didn't get closer to the bridge - we get enough rubbish washed up on Cleethorpes beach. ;)

  8. Some dramatic images Adrian....keep safe.


  9. Wow, that's wet! Great shots! Been chucking down here as well for ages, although sun is forcasted for tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

  10. We have quite of an expedition today, haven't we??!! Water, so much water! And yes people are so little helpful these days...miserable lot, why didn't take the pose in the water for us!!??
    You has water, we had the hurricane or at least a bit of it! This raging river is quite scary, you wonder at which point it's going to damage the bridge...

  11. Fantastic images, Adrian. Thank god it is not worse.

  12. Keith, The Beck is magnificent, I love extremes of weather.

    Andrew, I think an ark would be a waste for me. I wouldn't be able to identify all the animals.

    Gillian, thank you. Plenty of water about, we just need some good light on it now.

    Trevor, it did occur to me that there is an awful lot of water going to waste. A canal from the Ouse to East Anglia would solve the drought there. I like going out in bad weather. It's middling weather that gets me down.

    John, ta! I will have to watch out today. Cleethorpes is one of the last places I want to be.

    Trevor, thanks.........I will.

    Jeremy, Let us hope for some sun. Make for some interesting reflections.

    DeeBee, We have, very cold as well. It was very windy here as well. The bridges here are used to this sort of thing.

    Horst, thanks, the worst should be over now.

  13. The Raging river.. awesome pics, I love the last picture!

  14. Ruby, it does set my heart aflutter.

  15. Another really excellent post Adrian: a combination of news, views and amusing commentary. What would we do without you?

  16. Graham, Many thanks. I enjoy a little extreme weather.

  17. Spectacular water images. It all seems a bit dull & tepid in Summer ... although ...

  18. Jay, it really does get going a wonderful sight and sound.