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Monday 7 February 2011

ALMOST THERE (07/02/11)

How many times have I thought that I’ve almost got things sorted. I then become more critical and the goal posts move away again. Still it’s all good fun which is more than can be said for the weather. It has turned out sunny but it is still blowing half a gale. We went for a walk up the Tees this morning. Like walking through a paddy field in a tornado……..awful hard work. I did see a pair of Goosander and a couple of black ducks with white breasts which I didn’t recognise……..same size as Mallard or maybe a touch smaller. I’ll take the long lens out at the weekend and try and get a picture.

Came back fed the dogs and we went to The church of St Peter at Croft on Tees. The first two images are single exposure the rest are all HDR. One of eight exposures. Managed to keep the noise down so they all sharpened up in a reasonable fashion.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Saint Peter’s Church…………Should have used the image from the other day the sun is a bit harsh.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASnowdrops………These were also out on Saturday but I couldn’t face lying in a swamp to snap them. It was little dryer today but I’ve got to do laundry tomorrow so what’s a bit more mud.

Away we go with the inside………………………………………….

Untitled_Panorama1 This is stitched from two five exposure images shot in portrait orientation. When I think of the time this used to take only a few years ago now a ten minute job………….Cheeky devils………I hear you. .’It Took That Long!’

_2071515_16_17_18_19_20_21_tonemapped_edited-1 This is over sharpened……I win some I lose some.

_2071510_1_2_3_4_tonemapped_edited-1 A good job there was a sunbeam to show these organ pipes off……..a pity it didn’t shine on the top half.


A window no blow out here.                                              I’ll second this. They deserve more than a plaque.

_2071561_2_3_4_5_6_tonemapped_edited-1  All in all a very smart wee church……………….Not on the scale of a Cathedral but I prefer the village churches.

That is all for today. Tomorrow we are off down to Stockton on Tees. Shopping, laundry and the van also need a good clean and polish.



  1. These are really goods shots of the church interior .

    We went up to the Tees some years ago and saw the High Force - it's certainly a lovely area around there.

  2. That first interior (stitched) shot has the feel of a painting about it. Clever what can be done these days.

  3. These are superb Adrian. And those pipes are beautiful.
    Excellent set.

  4. Interesting-looking church. I love that shot of the organ pipes! And it's good to see snow drops... haven't seen any here yet. (Snow, rain and storm today. Haven't been out!)

  5. I agree with Keith, the organ pipes are fantastic, and all the rest are triumphant.

  6. Petrus, HDR is the only way to take pictures in the dark, with big windows blasting all to hell and back. It can be toned down. Just drop a B&W copy on top and reduce the latter's opacity.

    Trevor, it is brilliant what can be done.......my trouble is knowing when to stop.

    Keith, I'm half happy........trouble with shooting and posting the same day is that retrospection is not possible. I love the immediacy. it also makes one work.....you know this since you started the videos.

    Monica, the church is even better......Lewis Carroll was brought up here from the age of eleven. Alice in Wonderland is great but the Jabberwocky is one of my favourite bits of verse. I resisted the temptation to post on the back of it.

  7. Adrian they are brilliant interior shots. You are carving out a niche in this field.

  8. Love the organ pipes. And what you call a smart wee church looks very grand to me.

  9. Trevor, more like digging a hole. I just love doing these.

    Pauline this church is just the top side of normal here. Organ pipes are often painted and I think they look grand. It is so dark in our churches and I feel it disrespectful to use flash or a torch.

  10. A great little church. Are those raised boxes with the red curtains for the gentry I wonder - mustn't sit in a position to catch anything nasty from us mere mortals ;)

    The sunlight caught just the right part of the organ pipes.

  11. John, probably paid for by the gentry in self defence.....allowed a snooze during the sermon.
    I suspect had the sun not been on the pipes it could have been arrange in editing.
    On the subject of colour casts...........I realised that my white balance was set to auto. This time I took a grey card but that didn't help too dark. I just set WB to 6000k. It helped but I still had to colour correct. Odd because the cast was yellow and that only usually occurs at 7500k+

  12. This looks a spectacular small church with plenty of potential here for photography. I agree with the others that he highlight of the sun on the lower part of the pipes is magnificent and contrasts perfectly with the dull grey above it.

  13. Jay, it is funny that the image I rate lowest is the one that is most appreciated. I love church architecture. Inside and out. I just wish the church was less dogmatic. The verger here is a grand chap and as long as your tripod has rubber feet then you have free reign. I always give a tenner to the restoration fund though how they are short of money baffles me.....probably employed a consultant to assist in financial management.