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Tuesday 8 February 2011

WISHY WASHY (08/02/11)

Today has been awful busy. It’s also the first day of spring, the sun shines, the birds is singing, the wind has gone, we have just been down to the Tees barrage in a shirt. I’ve put the laundry on and am praying the bikini doesn’t shrink.

Woke up this morning cleaned the truck………..well a little bit. I packed everything away and went to a local family owned garage,.I immediately felt at home, at last somebody I felt I could trust with my pride and joy. So it is booked in for a good seeing to next Monday. We then drove down to Stockton on Tees, a quick diversion into Morrison's for some basics like a paper, bread and Marlboro. After setting up………..I make it sound like a job …..takes ten minutes. It’s a ten minute job! Took the dogs for their second walk but there was nothing about to delay the pleasures of washing.

As Thousands of you………well, three………liked the Organ Pipe picture from yesterday I’ve reworked it properly or as best as I think I can. Passed the time whilst the tumble drier tumbled and the washer washed. The odd thing is that it is the only image from yesterday that could have done with an extra stop under exposed image throwing into the mix……………If you were being polite then you are about to be bored.

_2071510_1_2_3_4_tonemapped_edited-1  Yesterdays organ pipes………..I’m beginning to think that running this blog as a shoot and post has maybe lost it’s usefulness.

organpipe2_edited-1      This is todays version………same exposures but I’ve added light from the top. Got rid of the wee spot light and repaired the plaster work…………cracks in walls can be good but I felt in this case they detracted from the subject. Usually the case…..If you didn’t see it through the view finder then it probably should not be there.

I know you think this looks a wee bit flat……………cos it’s been polished up. I then wandered across the way swapped the washing to the drier……..filled the washer up, made an ate a chicken sandwich then sharpened it.

Just in case anyone wonders………..you don’t have to do dhobi and prepare and eat lunch to sharpen images but sharpening is a necessity with digital……………Do as I say and not as I do…..It’s an art form on it’s own is sharpening.

organpipe2sharp      The middle three organ pipes still have highlights blown stands to reason that’s how I fouled up. This is a five exposure image at two stops difference. Looked okay on the camera histogram. Just shows I should have bought a Nikon or just shows I wasn’t paying attention. What my school reports always said!… Not a chance. Olympus it’s you! Or Photomatix!… give us a firmware download …..Quick! To be fair five stops isn’t that much but ten is!!

I really would like constructive criticism. I can see a difference in this bad original hope you can . Click on the images and if you want to zoom in press CTRL + it will get bigger. This blog will be adults only from now on…..


  1. I do like the last version, but the blue color of the pipes in the first shot turns green in the later ones. Was that deliberate?

  2. Ok, a lot of work went into the final versions, but if I'm totally honest, I still prefer the first.
    Lose the spotlight; cracks in the wall I can live with, (I do), lose the speaker looking thingy on the left, which has gone in the other two; and one final bit.......crop the right to balance it the same as the left.


  3. Not having seen the original it's a bit hard to judge the colours but I'm afraid I agree with the others above, I do like the original picture better, except for the spotlight or microphone or whatever it is. The cracks in the wall don't bother me, never noticed them yesterday and they may even just add authenticity.

  4. JoLynne, the pipes are grand. It was deliberate and I thought they were grey or gray in your case.
    It's a problem for me I'm colour blind. This is what I want to hear. Critics........the only way i will get better. Thank you.

    Keith, Thanks and thanks again all valid taken in and hopefully remembered. Don't mess too much and get it as right as right can be in camera.

    Monica, Thank you, this is what I need. No good working if I am working backwards. It is difficult doing things in isolation. I' would much rather have this sort of comment. It's constructive.

  5. I must say, I can't decide. I like the sharpening of the pipes at the sides, but the centre appears a bit too bright... maybe that's because the picture overall appears darker. I can see where you are going with the upper section of the pipes as it is an improvement from the bland grey "pencils", but the eye is drawn to lower centre lit area in the first picture anyway. The first picture looks ordinary and natural whereas the last picture looks classy but appears rather more floodlit than sunlit.

  6. I agree entirely with Keith. The first image does have a sort of *Indian* feel to it and I much prefer the colours. The middle picture has lost detail especially with the central pipes. Also agree the last one does have a harsh lighting look to it and does not have the same peacefulness about it that the first one has. The crop to the right would (as Keith suggests) improve the overall balance.
    Now I hardly ever manipulate my photographs..a little sharpening and heavy cropping but that is it generally....so I probably do not know what I am talking about.

  7. Jay, it is the devils own job. I need this sort of feedback but don't deserve it so thanks.
    The answer is to go back at the same time of day and shoot again with a graduated filter upside down. I'll give it a whirl next Monday. Hurworth church is just up the road so I'll endeavour to do both.

  8. Trevor, many, many thanks for taking the time to edit and for free. It is appreciated. I don't edit my birds and mammal images to the same extent as this. Sharpening is a fact of life with digital as is contrast boost no matter how one does it. You do know what you are talking about or at least I hope you do cos it makes sense to me.

  9. Love your organ, woops, I should say, I really like your church organ pipes.

  10. Bob. between the two of us we will get an adult only rating..............I'm promising bigger with a click and you are being rude. It's great come back tomorrow.

  11. CTRL+++++++ how come it's not working?!


    Ok... so the picture. I really liked this one the first time around and I'm not sure if I like the edits. I really liked the muted toning, the unsharp darks, and I LOVED the cracks in the wall. LOL guess I am just funny that way.

    But DAMN am I ever glad you got rid of the spotlight. lol

    ps - I think your edits are good. I just prefer this one au natural! ;o)

  12. Krista, I do get carried away and probably should be. These comments are what I need it is difficult editing in isolation. Thanks.