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Monday 14 February 2011


Today the camper has been for a full service, an exhaust system, a tyre, the wipers wanted seeing to and the on board generator has been acting up. I’ve been hunting high and low for someone that can lift the thing and do the job at a reasonable price. It is basically just a big Fiat van. Now I know that Ferraris are basically Fiat but the prices I’ve been quoted for this work have been more Ferrari than Fiat. On local recommendation I took it to Skip Bridge Garage just outside Darlington. Okay they lack the finer points of the main dealers…..no espresso coffee, no magazines, no waiting room, no free courtesy car.  They do however know their job and are very down to earth. The bill was a pleasant surprise……….pleasant by about one hundred percent on previous estimates and I got everything done and more. She drives like a dream…………..A Grockle Shell is a derogatory term used by folk in the far South West of England for camper vans and caravans………Poor blighters are to be pitied not castigated….last new blood stock they saw were Spanish sailors wrecked during the Armada.

I was lent a car for the day so went out in search of pictures………….The day was sunny but the results weren’t. Trees, sun, locked doors all conspired against me. I did on Trevor’s advice, also purchase a camouflaged poncho, he will also know what a Grockle is! He’s at……..he has so many blogs I’m unsure which to link to, A&T BIRDING I’ll go for this one. Thanks Trevor, what I saved on the truck I’ve spent on a Poncho.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Church of St John the Baptist at Low Dinsdale…………..I’ll get back to this place and do a job that would warrant removing trees and power lines.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe lane outside which leads to this bridge over the Tees………………………….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   I thought at the time the light on this rather peculiar structure was good. it could be pushed and shoved a bit but it will never make an image.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter a slip slimy wander up the river we came back to Hurworth. this is the church of All Saints. again I’ll have to come back.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a bit of Hurworth village hall gorgeous brick work ruined by the philistine that replaced the door. Again a return is warranted.

That’s it for today……………..not a bad one. We didn’t get wet……………it was a close run thing though.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The forecast is vile but I am half thinking of paying a visit to Tan Hill. We will be back here at the weekend and then the lakes the week after.

I apologise for the pictures………should have raided the archives. No! They should not lock churches. Humping a tripod around is no fun specially when churches doors is locked.


  1. How much did the Fiat cost you? Lovely pictures, it is a nice ending to reading and photos at this time of evening.

  2. A good selection Adrian, and good news about the van.
    How about a self portrait with the poncho?

  3. Bob, just over £300 The pictures are not any good today.

    Keith, thanks. I'm sure a photo can be arranged.

  4. I'd not heard the term Grockle Shell before but round here seaside visitors are known as grockles, especially those who wander the streets clutching a tray of chips drowning in so much vinegar you can smell it the other side of the road.

    Lighting is very difficult for photography at the moment. When the Sun does make an appearance it is so low in the sky we end up with a mixture of dazzling highlights and deep shadows.

  5. Every photo needn't be a work of art. Like conversations. they are not all deep and meaningful. Or is it just my conversations? I always thought Grockles were tourists so a Grockle Shell would be apposite. Amusing even.

  6. You have left me wondering... How about a photo of your camper/truck in front of an historic building?

  7. John, lighting is king. I use grad filters but not a lot I can do when the sun is low and I'm shooting into it or even near it. It does cast wonderful shadows though and gives contrast.

    Graham, I'm an old age traveller but the van is considered a Grockle Shell.......I have good days and bad days. Odd thing is that rare is the occasion that what I consider a good day is reflected in the comments.

  8. ITTL, No chance it would ruin the building. There are pictures of it from time to time but usually sitting in a field.

  9. In New Zealand Campervans are called "Road Maggots". Grockle Shell seems quite tame in comparison!

  10. I'm pleased that you got garage satisfaction. That village hall looks like it's made out of mining brick, quite a design and something to incorporate a post box a well.

  11. I thought grockle shell sounded interesting and thought about how we call the senior set wandering the countryside in campervans in Australia, the Grey Nomads. But I hadn't heard the term Road Maggots used in NZ, though. I will do my best to introduce into our Northland terminolgy!

  12. George, a much better term.....Thanks.

    Jay, a brilliant repair shop.....superb. The village Hall is a wonderful bit of whimsy. Difficult to get a picture as there are parked cars in front of it.

    Pauline, Road Maggots is definitely a much better term.