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Friday 11 February 2011

BOB HARRIS (11/02/11)

Unfortunately not the Bob Harris with lots of hair and more teeth than the average horse………he of ‘Old Grey Whistle Test’ fame………not him at all but Bob Harris who was employed by Kodak. It was on a cold, damp, dark, bone chilling day that he invented the Harris shutter he was obviously bored out of his tree.

I am, or was, facing a similar predicament. I’m all right now………I promise! I decided as it was about dusk, it has been about dusk for most of the day, that I’d go and shoot traffic trails. Whilst leaning on the wall with my sturdy tripod set up on the pavement in front of me waiting for traffic to trail it occurred that moving things are just what one needs for Harris effect images. Not that there was much moving………it’s so horrible that no one is going anywhere.

I would like to think that these are the last I will produce but I really can’t guarantee it. It passed an hour or so and the weather is forecast fine and sunny for tomorrow.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     This is even better I’ve got purple as well. Two of the exposures were a bit close together and the exhaust fumes got a dose of the blue and red channel.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       This is more to my liking………………………….It is very hit and miss. Like most of my efforts.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    If nothing else it brightens up a dull day. All are one second exposures baring one which is two seconds……..I got over excited!

That’s all have a great weekend whatever you are up to



  1. Surprising what you can do when you are bored...!

  2. Trevor......I'm just starting out have been for four years.......I love digital. There's a whole new world out there. I'm glad I dropped on this work round for PS Elements. It has the possibility to produce something pleasing as opposed to silly.

  3. Wow, I LOVE it. The colours, what did you use, PS Elements wise.

  4. Bob, it is fun but Elements doesn't have a one hit button. There are several tutorials. This is about as good as they get....http://www.photokaboom.com/photography/learn/Photoshop_Elements/layers/separate_RGB_channel_layers/1_separate_RGB_channel_layers_introduction.htm.
    When you have your three images converted to red, green and blue they have to be stacked one on the other. use your red layer as the base then select the green layer press CTRL A> CTRL C. then select the red layer and press CTRL V. Repeat for the blue image then change blend mode of the green and blue layers to Lighten and flatten your image. things that were still show normal colour anything moving will carry either be red green or blue. Any problems just e-mail me.

  5. Can't say I'd heard of this technique so I had a little look round the net. Some are far too psychedelic for my liking though I did find a couple with cloud scenes which I thought very effective.

  6. John, I'm not too keen myself but it is handy being able to separate the channels. Green for detail. Blue for noise reduction. Red for selections. So a handy trick in PS Elements.

  7. Always thought there was something eerie about going to Darlington !

  8. Jay, there is it's better than Stockton but a close run thing.