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Thursday, 3 February 2011

WHAT A SHAME (03/02/11)

Title credit to the late Ian Drury.

Last night’s Forest vote in the House of Commons went as I expected but not as I would have wished.. I feel like standing up and shouting. “IT’S NOT FAIR!” I would but for the fact it would bring me down to the same childish level as an MP. On the odd occasions they bother to turn up I’ve heard the braying clowns in the chamber, if kids in school behaved like that there would be hell to pay. Which reminds me…….as far as I know we are still paying Gordon Brown…….. anybody know if he has been to work since he left Number Ten? Perhaps he is still having a missy fit, poor little chap. Whilst on the subject  of a Scotsman……….I wonder how the vote would have gone if the Scottish and Welsh MP’s hadn’t voted. It does not affect them so they should not vote. Something is rotten in the State of Den………sorry England.

There was no report on the matter in today’s Telegraph but then it would not be high on their list of  either copy or Editorial………..I only buy the damn rag for the crossword and I’m having little success with that. I’m not paranoid…………..I know they are out to get me.

There were a couple of column inches which I found amusing.

Nick Clegg has promised that MPs sectioned under the Mental Health act for more than six months will no longer be disqualified from Parliament…………..Has he been having  problems on his top floor? ………….This is an example of incisive government, why we mortals have to leave such matters to our betters.

The act has been in force for a hundred years and only one MP has been sacked because of it….. that was in 1916. The poor blighter was a Liberal too but he did have a good excuse for his political affiliation…………He was suffering from Shell Shock………good job he was an MP……….mere plebiscites suffered not from Shell Shock but Lack of Moral Fibre and were shot……he got of lightly.

If Nick Clegg really wants to amend the law for the better he should retain the act and introduce positive vetting.

On to yet another wander round Dent………you’ll all be glad to hear we are leaving tomorrow. I set off with the best of intentions as the weather, though not perfect, was reasonably clear. I bottled out………..my corn was killing me and it was cold and windy………….I am having a whingeing wimp day. Here are the last few images from  Dent, for a while anyway.






OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA_2031397_398_399_400_401_tonemapped_edited-1


We are travelling back east tomorrow. The weather forecast is not good for the next few days……….it has not been brilliant for the last few. Better than Queensland though so mustn’t grumble.

Have fun and be good.


  1. I like all of these pictures; I think they are really good!! I can understand that you get tired just walking around in damp winter weather, though...

  2. Damn the government, they will get it wrong every time. Beautiful pictures, it is so good that we can still lift our heads.

  3. I could be shot or something, but a touch of anarchy wouldn't go amiss at times I think, with this bunch of rabel in parliament.

    That third picture is a cracker Adrian, and I love the processing on the fourth.

  4. This images of Bent are great! I love the landscape and the little old houses. Adrian, I wish you a nice new weekend. Hugs from Luzia.

  5. Have no idea what the Forest Act is all about but I always enjoy an entertaining rant.
    The photos are lovely. I like the little flashes of red in your wintery shots.

  6. I can't comment on the politics but I love the village photos. All of them.

  7. Monica, this is a very photogenic wee village. The weather does get a touch depressing.

    Bob, the petitions were too fragmented. Not that they would have taken any notice anyway.

    Keith, looking back this may be my subtle period.
    I'm saving up for some wire cutters. Odd we seem to have discovered Black Oak death or whtever it's called.............Got oak fungus mate...it'll have to come down.

    Lucy, I'm glad you enjoyed them I love the place.

    Pauline, the red does lift the shot...the burglar alarms and TV dishes don't so I got rid of them where possible.

    JoLynne, as an ex journalist you should know that ignorance is no handicap when it comes to politics...I suspect the reverse! Politicians are challenged to gainsay one as they can't remember what they said or promised for more than a few minutes.
    Glad you liked the pictures.

  8. Flaws and loopholes in the Government unlike the set of pictures you present here 2 & 3 I like with the Lanes below as well. It's amazing how you didn't exhaust such a small village of material before today.

  9. Jay, one good day would exhaust it. It's definitely a winter venue.