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Saturday 5 February 2011


This morning I took the dog a walk and the river Tees was in full spate. I haven’t got a picture that is worth posting it doesn’t usually stop me but they were awful. I did set up for a multi exposure shot and do quite like this.

_2051458_59_60_61_62_tonemapped_edited-1    Tees View. Hurworth Place where we are stopping is to the left. The river is at least twice it’s normal width.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     St Peter’s church at Croft on Tees………….it was locked up but I will endeavour to get inside.

Today was retail therapy day. I need a new pair of jeans. I want Levis (New Ones)………..and a book on video editing. So off I toddled into Darlington. Waterstone’s was the first port of call. No book………….they have loads of books but I resisted the temptation. Next I went jean hunting………….spoilt for choice I was…….one problem…………the ones I’m wearing are in better condition than the ones they were selling. I resisted the temptation. Saw a Jessops camera shop………..resisted the temptation but did find Darlington Photography and got a four stop filter.  I already have one but this will allow longer exposures. So expect some weird clouds and flat water.

No shopping but I got the camera out and snapped away…………I’m going to need therapy of a different sort……what sort of loony takes a camera shopping?

 _2051482_3_4_5_6_tonemapped_edited-1Darlington Market Hall in HDR and in all it’s glory………….I have shot this twice before……….this is my best effort…………I’m not showing you the others. Be thankful for small mercies.


St Cuthbert Darlington.                                      The wee gunnel leading to the Photo shopOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The Boot and Shoe                                              The Golden Cock  

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Hole in the Wall……No shortage of pubs round the market square…………..No I didn’t sample them all, or any, I had to get home for a walk.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       Darlington Market…………..it has been a grey day so I left a bit of colour.

Tomorrow is an out to lunch day but before lunch and a polish up I will try for a few long exposures of the river Tees. I love Photoshop but I also love the camera and the filters. I’ll try and be good and have a purist day it will be Sunday when all is said and done.

Smile and have fun. Click to enlarge………….The bridge is HDR and worth a click.


  1. A fine selection Adrian, but the first three are outstanding.

  2. The first is a drop dead beauty.......there's modesty for you! It's going to print. The weather is abysmal. how you manage I don't know your video made BBC news look crap.

  3. I know what your talking about, jeans, they don't sell "good" jeans. The pictures are bloody exquisite, keep it up Adrian.

  4. Great pictures Adrian. I love the first one. Very nice.

  5. A very productive shopping trip I'd say. Great photos. Like the first and the last. Thanks for leaving the little splashes of colour!

  6. A nice set of images. The first one is a real corker...!

  7. Excellent work. Darlo is not one of my favourite places and it is very often an inconvenience to pull into the railway station for a few minutes !! Great idea for the last one as I always think it is a bit grey here. The market hall tower on the other hand is a magnificent structure and I'm pleased you did it justice. Looking at this image in a different light (sorry), it reminds me of small clock towers in mid Wales like Machynlleth and the border town of Hay on Wye.

  8. The bridge photo has a touch of Turner about it - great composition. The windows in St. Peter's Church look older than the surrounding brick work. All the rebuilding and bodging over the centuries gives many parish churches a charm of their own. Trust you not to miss an ale house, if only from the outside.

  9. Bob, who in their right mind would buy worn out jeans? Pictures are hard work at the moment, damn weather.

    Angie, Thanks it is possibly my all time favourite of my pictures.

    Pauline, it was a cheap trip....never bought any of what I went for. Glad you enjoyed.

    Trevor, thank you, I am pleased with it...now to get the rest as good.

    Jay, It is a grand building and so is Barclays bank but I made a mess of that.

    John, I will try and get inside the church. Sunday is not the best of days. I was pleased with the bridge. it just needed the break in the cloud and it came after ten minutes or so. I like old pubs though the conversation is not what it once was......maybe it's me getting old.

  10. Yes! I am impressed about your images, again!
    Not only that you have a new camera or about your photoshop work, but I like the mood and the atmosphere!The second one is my fav!
    I like the places very much!
    My regards!

  11. Wind, thank you. dull days can produce good high contrast images.