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Tuesday 1 February 2011

DENT AGAIN (01/02/11)

The little grey cells are in overdrive today……….I suppose I could have titled this Dent Two. Or Dent Dent.

A similar wander to yesterday but in sunshine so the village looked far less depressing. We enjoyed heavy rain for most of the night but after the mist cleared this morning the world became a much brighter place.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    There is still cloud on the hills but shafts of sunlight illuminate both the fells and valley.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Wonderful light and warm enough to venture forth without a jacket.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The shadows in the village are a bit harsh……………shut up now you fool………….it’s because of the sunshine. Most of these are shot one stop under exposed. I find it allows me to boost the white balance without blowing the highlights. One day I’ll be the boss and master this job.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Adam Sedgwick Memorial. He was the founder of modern geology and invented among other things The Cambrian period. I suspect it had always been there but he isolated and named it. He was also one of Charles Darwin's tutors. It must have been a wonderful time to live. Wandering about looking at things and then calling them whatever took your fancy. Good job they did really………..I can imagine myself strolling the countryside today…………..there would be half a dozen different birds called Uma Thurman. Uma Thurman horses, cows and sheep. Uma Thurman trees. Chaos it would be.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I really like these lime washed buildings……..I wonder if you can still buy those little blue bags. They were great when I was a child. Whitewashing dairies and half the kids for miles around would be wandering around in various shades of blue. We must have looked like a tribe of diminutive Druids.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA That’s us back out into countryside.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA St Andrew’s Church peeping above the houses.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  This is a bit better view.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Dent Bridge spanning the river Dee. Not the worlds best bridge but it does it’s job.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Dent’s other pub the George and Dragon. It’s owned by the Dent Brewery the highest brewery in the UK. Dent also boasts the highest railway station so for such a tiny place it has it’s fair share of ‘ests’. The station is however miles and miles away…………..must have been an ancestor of Richard Branson’s who ran the Settle to Carlisle line.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe are almost back home. I’m parked on the left just past the last white building. I also see I have missed a house for sale sign. Spent an hour cloning out TV aerials, vans and bloody wheely bins. I did think of getting rid of the car but it is nearly as old as the village and in any case it would be quicker to ask them to move it.

That’s all for today unless there is a gorgeous sunset. Tomorrow the forecast is for heavy rain. Thursday is sunny so we may be able to wander up onto the tops and get a panorama or three.


  1. What a gorgeous looking day for a stroll through the village and countryside. Really enjoyed it. Interesting about Adam Sedgwick, and your comments, as usual, are entertaining ;)

  2. These images make me want to come wander your countryside. What is the elevation of Dent if I may ask?

  3. Glo, I know I moan about weather but a day like today makes me glad to be alive. Take no notice of my prose............the ramblings of a lunatic. One of these days they will give me a certificate. Over here you have to be certified to be a madman.

    ITTL, The grass is not always greener in summer you would not be able to move for cars and people. In winter it rains.......if we are lucky it snows. I envy your wide open panoramas. Proper seasons and wildlife.
    I'm parked in the valley bottom. The nearest spot hight is 140m. We half went ISO units........in your language four hundred and sixty feet. The fells rise up to three times that. Ask away very little is secret.

  4. Brilliant images Adrian. It must have been a strolling sort of day.

  5. Thanks for the info on elevation. I live at 4,500 feet and several peaks around me and within sight are just under 10,000 feet. You will have to do the translation on that :)
    I still would love to wander your countryside with you and Holding moments.

  6. Bob a gentle two hour wander............tomorrow apart from dog walking looks a right off. Oh for Decembers' weather. Cold yes but crystal clear.

  7. ITTL, only a matter of scale then. I suspect hills fall over if they get larger than three or maybe four times valley height. You are welcome over here anytime. Whether Keith would come I don't know. He is southern......law unto themselves down there.
    The aggravation of getting into the US now means I will never come again. Ten years ago it was like a second home. A slightly weird home but friendly.

  8. Lol, he's off again with Uma Thurman.... he wishes! :O)

    This was a lovely photographic tour Adrian. The photo of the George & Dragon reminds me of The Tourist Information Centre at Haworth, West Yorkshire. It's in one of those funny-shaped buildings. The countryside is beautiful and I like the contrast of the old stone and the green fields. Lovely church too. :)

  9. Sunshine makes such a difference doesn't it.
    You had some great light there Adrian.
    I rather like the idea of lots of Uma Thurmans :)

    I just might be tempted to wander up north lol

  10. Lesley it was a grand day. I've not yet visited either pub. As rain is forecast for today I can't see it being long before I do.

    Keith, The sun is great at this time of the year. Be good to see you up here. Pick your weather it can be a bit grim.

  11. A bit of sunshine makes a big difference doesn't it!

  12. I love the light in your first two photos!

    As for Uma Thurman cows - I think that would be carrying it a bit too far!

  13. Monica, it did more for me than it did for the pictures.

    Pauline, it is a grand time of the year when the sun shines.
    Uma would have been a pretty cow...one of the Channel Island breeds or maybe a Highland.

  14. Great pictures ( I love 1,6 & 8) and commentary. I must admit I try for a compromise when editing out things as I need a little more patience in this department. Aerials, lamp posts, wires etc are fine. Removing Chimney pots and a roof in the edit with a themed composition can sometimes work I sometimes for the sake of time crop a lot out.... You'll be watching for my flaws now !! Not quite sure if I'm ready to stretch to a wheelie bin or a car yet !!

  15. Jay thanks, If you select the item you want to get rid of with just a bit of feather on the selection you can just swipe away. You can sample from outside the selection but not clone outside it saves much time and nasty language. Wheelie bins and big things are sometimes not worth the hassle. they need to be against a textured background like bushes or grass.