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Monday 21 February 2011

SHADES OF GREY (20/02/11)

This is a very boring picture day, we walked for three hours round the slopes of Ingleborough. Fought with sheep over their new delivery of sugar beets, tramped through ankle deep sludge, skidded and skated. Despite bone chilling cold. This bone numbing cold is more a reflection on my age than an accurate description of the weather and actual wind chill.

I did think of converting all images to black and white, that would be tampering with the reality that the camera records………….would I ever do that…….YES!

Today I'll break the habit. yes I have done my best, shot through a BW filter , humped a tripod used cable release, ………BW filters………….I could buy a camera for the price of one of these. A seventy two millimetre bit  of glass, mounted in a screw mount. ….£80.00p. One never finds them  second hand…………..They are the business…………frightening price……..the dogs bits of filters.*

Here are the pictures from today.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   A Rock in a Hard Place.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      The start of the limestone pavement. This stone originates as bits of sea shell compressed over a few years…a million or two, then the acid rain erodes it.

Brilliant it is…………..It can grow trees and Harts Tongue Fern……..even I know this plant, it survives freezing, drought, inundation.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe green bit is one. How it survives is beyond me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           Limestone pavement……………….It looks almost volcanic but it’s limestone and rain erosion.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        Brilliant stuff. It allows plants to survive in an environment that would be otherwise too hostile…….what do I know, beggar all! Feel free to educate me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Ma Braithwaites Hole…Possibly the biggest sink hole ever.  Sixty feet deep or thereabouts, normally Shake or Sink holes are a about six feet deep. Sink/Shake Holes are water access to the warren of underground caves and caverns. They were blocked by sludge,  Having walked today I can sympathise.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      There are some that refuse to disappear.

The place is a muck hole but I keep coming back.

The images are just high contrast .  Done my best. Slag me off not the camera. It did it’s best.

I think it did well, we have a fog cutter of a camera.

That’s all for today.


  1. It may looking boring to you, for me it's a pleasure. Beautiful landscape.

  2. This may be heresy . . . and you may never speak to me again . . . but I'd like to see more of your unadjusted images.


  3. Adrian, I think the bone chilling cold is getting into your head and numbing your judgement of your own work. These photos are wonderful. I can well imagine I wouldn't be feeling too happy out there getting all wet and cold; but as works of art they are fantastic.

  4. It is amazing how some plants grow and survive in the most inhospitable of places.
    You've really captured the desolation of the scene there. Testament to your skill.

  5. You never cease to amaze me with pictures of a country I thought I knew pretty well. So far as I can recall (surely I'd never forget this) I've never been to the limestone pavement.

    I agree with Lucy. The quality of and atmosphere in these pictures is superb.

  6. Brrrr... back to the fire quickly! Your amazing photos really emphasize the uniqueness of the landscape you are experiencing.

    You might be interested in this information, as Juliet (Crafty Green Poet) has an evening course of Geology in the Scottish Hills and also mentions Geowalks.


    Hope you can keep warm and look forward to more sights.

  7. PS I know you are not in Scotland, but I thought she might be a good resource if you are wondering about rock formation, etc.

  8. I think these photos are wonderful,you doubt your self too much.
    This place reminds me of the Burren,here in Ireland,it is famous for its rare wild flowers ,lichen and ferns.
    Sorry I have been absent for a while,our renovations should be finished by the weekend.

  9. The trees certainly show the direction of the prevailing winds up there. That is a great collection of atmospheric shots. The tint reminds me of early Fuji (I think) colour film, much better that the gaudy early Kodak stuff.

  10. Hello Adrian, I admire your photography :) And you have got one small surprise on my blog :) You need to use translator, I'm sorry, but I'm a little shy to use English ;)

  11. Dear Adrian, that´s all and that´s good. I like the foggy atmorphere! Hugs from Luzia.

  12. Wonderful stuff Andrian. You are fast becoming a Desolation Angel.

  13. Very ethereal images. Trees in limestone pavements look great at any time of year, I like number 2. I was out for a 6 mile walk with a friend from Aysgarth last weekend and encountered similar problems with the mist and fog.

  14. Bob, it's one of my favourite places the way the light moves...............when there is light!

    Lucy. of cause I'll speak and thanks..I have yet to develop a style or worse have the skill and intellect to exploit it.

    Keith, it's a wondrous place. No skill. Just perseverance.

    Monica, astute as always. I'm sick of cleaning lenses and filters but I'm just starting out so will keep being trying. Thanks.

    Graham, this is just a wee bit. The best place for pavement is just off the A590 above Grange over Sands. Be damp and horrid there as well.

    Glo, I love wild and windy but this month is not showing the country at it's best.

    Carolyn, You are too kind........I shoot and post there is a limit to the attraction of fog.

    John, hated Kodachrome, Fuji Velvia. Love it and I'm trying to recreate the beauty of nil grain and super saturation. As usual I do a bad job.

    Ula, Thanks, I too love your work but I'm not an award person. I love the way you switch from stunning images to political comment.

    Lucy, thank you but you are not walking about in it...........good weather will come. Hugs to you.

    Trevor, I do like desolation but more from necessity. We are living desolation Bob Dylan sang about it.

    Jay...No real photos but I'm amazed that folk like them. They could be infirm and not get out to see fog. I realize I shoud go out every day.

  15. Boring? Not a chance. They're beautiful images with wonderful textures and colours. What a beautiful landscape and you captured it so well.

  16. Hilary, Fog is horrible, cold fog is worse. I've never had a month with so little to show for it. The weather is forecast better so I'm off out today. Thank you.