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Wednesday 9 February 2011

WITCHES BREW (09/02/11)

Rain again this morning but it has turned out nice now. We were out first thing but nothing much about so we came back had breakfast and settled on a constructive plan of action………..wash my big jacket…it reeks or did, it’s laundered now and smells sweet as a daisy.

Went down to the Tees barrier just before noon and spent an hour watching a pair of Tufted Duck, a Coot and a Magpie…….half of this time was spent collecting the dogs, little devils chased a rabbit …………..would they come back? Would they likely!…………..Little blighters. They were also filthy so both have been under the tap.That’ll learn them. There was a seal in the Tees but it dived and I couldn’t find it again. Not to worry it will be there tomorrow.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A murky Tees Barrage………….it’s only ten minutes walk away.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Mrs Tufted Duck………I hope! A first for me so I am happy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Mr and Mrs………..They are sleeping.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A Coot, it’s not doing much either.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And neither is the Magpie

Back to the van. It needs money spending on it so I spent an hour or three brewing my own……………Van Brew!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA proper Witches Brew…………Wonder what it tastes like?……..Beggar the taste it’s effect that counts! It has damson , lime and strawberry so that’s three out of my five-a-day, add a lemon slice and it’s four……………….Really healthy!!

Yesterday whilst in Morrison’s supermarket I bought, at vast expense, a magazine……….Digital Camera. It’s okay. I’ve never worked out how to separate colour channels in Photoshop Elements. Big Photoshop has colour channels, Elements doesn’t.

This has worked out so so. A fair bit of work to get this and in this case not worth it. It’s called the Harris Shutter effect. Can remember making one for an old Olympus OM1. I used the wrappers from Quality Street chocolates and anything else I could find that was roughly red green or blue. The idea is to mount them in filter frames and shoot over exposed three shots of the same scene waterfalls are good, things have to move, use a different colour filter each shot.This was done in PS Elements from three images shot over the sink with a black card background……good job the sun is out …it’s drying the card……….the van is a swamp….water everywhere. The water was frozen with flash at about a third power. Flash is a suck it and see job for me………I really haven’t a clue what I’m doing with it but it’s rare one needs it at full throttle.

That’s all for today. Back to truck cleaning.

Be Good!

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  1. The last shot is certainly interesting.
    I think it would make a good poster.

  2. Keith, it is just messing around. The effect works fine. I can't think of a use for it but I no doubt will.

  3. Greetings Adrian, Your bridge image is splendid, love that it is in the background, nice touch...I love how you compose your bridges and it is wonderful to see your country...a lovely place! Beautiful ducks and magpie! I love your last shot, a lovely piece of art...It makes me want to grab a coca cola with tons of ice cubes.. It absolutely would make a great poster Adrian....Stay warm and enjoy the rest of your photo week! Linda

  4. Have you been at the sepia tint or is that the natural colour of the countryside next the Tees.
    The last shot must be what you see when you swap Malboros for funny baccy lol.

  5. A great blog, and well presented. The last picture is scrumptious.

  6. Linda, The bridge is better at night. I have a load of shots of it that time of the day. I'll have to find them. I love working out new tricks some work some don't. The van got a wash out of it.

    John, no sepia.......but a contrast boost. It was very murky. I duplicate the background desaturate it change the blend mode to overlay then reduce the opacity it gets rid of fog. perhaps should have dropped the opacity a bit more. The last shot couldn't be achieved on wacky baccy........I'd get confused.....more confused.

    Bob, thanks.........It reminds me of those drinks that used to appear in Hammer Horror films. Pity it only exists as pixels...I could change into a Werewolf. It would look better with a bit of smoke coming off it.

  7. Laura, thanks, i'm really glad I found this PS. it wants more work. flash dropped a little. I will try again..........have to I can't paint like you.