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Tuesday 15 February 2011


Today has been a day of stock up, clean, wash and mend. Most important it was shopping day…….we are moving into the hills and it’s snowing up there. Here it is only rain and sleet…………well whoopee for that!

Whilst in Sainsbury, a supermarket, I came across magical candles. these candles can do almost anything……

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThey burn and shed light in bottles of whiskey….To be safe I lit this first then dropped it in……………My immediate thought for a title was ‘Fun with Candles’ but there are children in New Zealand read this blog………….Children! Don’t drop candles into flammable liquids….It is a waste of alcohol……Daddy will be cross!… Sorry about the bubbles this is an illusion it’s cold tea. Should have tapped the bottle and waited………..time is of the essence here, we shoot and post the same day. Busier than the Telegraph news room am I.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA For the grown ups. They will even polarise and twinkle…….it’s done by introducing perfect little silicon prisms into the wick……………..Only jesting, it was done by me messing around…………Messing around? I’m an artist!……….An artist what writes this blog for your delectation.

Finally………a day late…  Forgot!  ….but one for the ladies………Oh! all right and gentlemen of that persuasion………….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This was inspired by Monica at DAWN TREADERS PICTURE BOOK . She does kaleidoscopes properly. Gets them symmetrical, Lord knows how. I had the devils own job with this…………The colour shifts are random and free with Sainsbury's Magical Candles………..Cheap too. You get six for a pound…………..Now what to do with the other five? 

Free to a good home, they are regular paraffin wax jobs, after yesterday I am now a ‘Tommy Two Gen. Sets ‘so light should not be a problem.

That’s all for today……tomorrow is driving rain and snow at a thousand feet. Or crystal clear light and gorgeous panoramas………….We’ll see.


  1. Very creative, Adrian! Happy belated Valentine's Day!

  2. Is it too late to wish someone a Valentine day, still its photography, that means anything goes. Brilliant pictures.

  3. Magic candles? Whatever next. lol
    Just the job for a hot toddy ;)

  4. Fascinating and, as always, funny. But a Two Gen Man! Wow. I'm envious.

  5. Magic Candles - maybe. Magic wobbly knee liquid definitely lol. Great stuff.

    Knowing your luck I would guess it will be thick fog.

  6. "Wick"ed! You're playing with fire, Adrian ;) Might come in handy melting snowbanks. Happy Valentine's Day to you, too and safe travels!

  7. Jeannette, thank you. They are certainly creative. Good or bad is what counts and I suspect the latter.

    Bob, if I had received a card then it would have been on time........spent the last week wondering why half the shops had hearts outside. Thought it was National Heart Attack Week.

    Keith, promise....big promise. Nip into Sainsbury and ask for them at customer dis-service. Always good for a laugh.
    If you are ever really bored take a two for one offer give them the one you don't want and ask for half the money back. Works in Morrisons but does take a while.

    Graham, the gen set saga rivals Jason and the Argonaut. I have a Honda set built in. It stopped working last September.October I struck a deal on a 2KVA set at the National Ploughing Championships £375.00p brand new..guaranteed not to rust, bust, pick up dust buckle or bend. I have had three opinions on the old one....All requiring much tooth sucking! the cheapest estimate was £300.00p the dearest £600.00p. I hot wired the exciter coils and got it running but I'm hopeless with electric...stands to reason.....was born in the steam age! It can't have been anything but a hidden reset button or a fuse. The lad that got it going only booked half an hour for the job.....a brilliant garage.

    John, They are magic.........better than Paul Daniels am I......certainly twice his height!
    We are sitting at 1700ft and it's clear, sunny and freezing. Just been out and shot a few panoramas. Needed a grad filter but what the hell. Very skiddy on the roads. Worth it I can see your house from here.

    Glo, I love it, never allowed matches as a kid. Snow has gone, the ice hasn't but it is lovely in the sun.

  8. Thanks for the mentioning, Adrian... Ah yes, the kaleidoscope. The magic of Corel Paint Shop Pro X. Enter photo, click one button, and you have a totally different work of art. I'll probably keep recycling last summer's pictures until Easter. At least that's more fun than a daily photo of ice and slush looking just like yesterday's! LOL

  9. Monica.......Paint Shop was always the editing software of choice. Photoshop I have and love pushing PS Elements limits. Thanks for reminding me of a children,s toy.

  10. Thanks for the plug yesterday Adrian. That must have been one hell of an expensive Poncho...hope it is worth the money. Mine is.
    You are getting very creative lately and doing a superb job of it as well.

  11. Enjoyed this. It's not just fun, it's pretty.

  12. Trevor, gold plated poncho man am I.
    Creative? It's the weather what's to blame.

    JoLynne. I'm happy, there is plug in software for kaleidoscopes but I had time so did it by hand........ badly!