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Wednesday 2 February 2011

TOMORROW IT MAY BE NICE (2) (02/02/11)

As you may have noticed The HDR processed images have a colour cast………….it’s been a problem for a while when I use Photomatix…………..I think the problem is solved..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   This is much truer to the colours I remember.

The difference is that since Photomatix can handle RAW files I’ve been idle and just dragged and dropped them from Elements Organiser into Photomatix…………….It copes much better if I convert the files to Tiff in Photoshop first.

 image         This is the camera RAW converter in Photoshop Elements. The default setting appears to be that  Exposure, Recovery, Fill Light are all zero Whilst Blacks are set to (5) shove it to zero. It is this that seems to make the difference and be responsible for the colour cast. Then finally select Open Images and they will open in Elements Editor. Save them as uncompressed TIFF files and drag and drop them into Photomatix.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        Not perfect but a vast improvement.

Now when I post this the posts will be back to front a bit like me… backwards coming forwards.

Driving rain does have it’s advantages.


  1. That certainly eliminated the green cast on the stained glass window. Now I will have to work out what I need to do. My originals are JPG and not RAW but I still got the same green cast at times.

  2. I must try that out, where did you hear from?

  3. John, cracked it and it's really quick.
    Load your finished image into editor.
    Duplicate it (ctrl+J)
    go to filter>blur>average
    Invert this layer (CTRL+I)
    change blend mode to colour and drop the opacity till you get the shade you want. Ignore all the strange effects along the way.

    Bob, I've been doing HDR for ages but sometimes I get weird colour casts.
    Photomatix pro is the software of choice and is available free. it does watermark your images but that doesn't matter while you are deciding if you like it. You want any help just e-mail me. There are loads of tutorials on the internet.

  4. THe church photograph is a beauty Adrian. I am very impressed

  5. That first image is spot on Adrian. Very nice.

  6. Trevor, I'm glad you like it. I've been having problems with the HDR software looks as if I'm almost home and dry.

    Angie, thanks and well done again with your Barn Owl.

  7. These are great, Adrian! I have been trying some HDR stuff and I just ... well I guess I need more practice, to put it diplomatically. ;o) Also, some specified software would be a good idea. I have temporarily given up but always like to see what you've worked on. :o)

  8. Krista, there are very few people myself included who can do a good job. Dave Hill get a similar effect but I suspect he has a staff of dozens. The newer versions of Photomatix have been a trial though I am sorting things out....slowly!!.
    What one has to avoid is the 'Pavement Pizza' effect unless of course you like images that represent sick on a sidewalk.