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Saturday 26 February 2011


We are happy, the sun shone. I was beginning to think that never again would I see anything but fog and rain with a bit of sleet and snow now and again to add variety. We are back in Ravenglass till Friday and the outlook is favourable…………we’ll see.

We had a good walk round the estuary, nothing much about and I forgot the poncho. Tomorrow I’ll take the dogs for a good run early then go out again with the poncho but forget the dogs for an hour or so.


_2261866_67_68_69_70_tonemapped_edited-1    Two views of a sunny Ravenglass.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    A beautiful day…………..far too many people about but the children go back to school next week so if the weather holds things will look up.

The bird feeder was doing brisk business.


A collared Dove sitting on top of it trying to work out how to get at the seed…….it didn’t have to wait long as a Nuthatch arrived. They only eat the Niger seeds so fire the rest all over the place.


This one is almost tame…………it’s not particularly hungry as it has spent most of the day hiding seed in cracks in the bark of a nearby pine.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        Lot’s of Blue Tits around………………………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Great Tits…………..I also have Green Finch, Bull Finch, Chaffinch and Sparrows by the dozen, no Woodpeckers and no Siskin so far but with the racket the kids are making it’s not too surprising.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Hundreds of Oystercatchers down by the river but as usual they are too far away.

All pictures will enlarge should you wish to click them………..I’ll be out again tomorrow. Plenty of light so any lack of quality is down to the man behind the camera.

Enjoy what is left of the weekend.



  1. You got some sun, we got 10 inches of new snow on the front lawn. Good images of your visits.

  2. Great shots, who said you couldn't take them (birds).

  3. Excellent set Adrian. A bit of sun makes such a difference.
    That's a cracking shot of the Blue Tit.

  4. I've just been speaking to a friend near Glasgow. She's got sun too. Must be spreading. All I need if d=for CJ to say it's sunny and I'll believe that Sp[ring may be thinking about visiting you all.

  5. Well done - you actually got some bird photos, and very nice they are too. A bit of bright sunlight always helps.

  6. Dale, our winter seems to be over. Spring is here again today.

    Bob, ideal weather and the feeders help.

    Trevor, Thank you glad to hear you are on the mend.

    Keith, amazing what a bit of sharpening can do.

    Graham,we are having lovely weather the fog is now a memory.

    John, Light is king for this job being able to use sensible ISO is the answer.

  7. Great bird shots, maybe you might inspire me to get my other new unused lens out of it's box as my recent unseen efforts weren't anything to write home about !
    I've never really had a chance to look at Ravenglass, always rushing through... Charter rail trips transferring quickly onto Lal Ratty or my other outdoor needs focusing on objectives near Wasdale head. I would love to spend some time down there looking at non railway/mountaineering things. Some great photographic potential in this area.

  8. Jay, thanks. Patience and a vast amount of seed is half the battle. Fast shutter speeds are essential, low ISO desirable. A tripod handy. if you have trouble then I will check the shutter speeds for you......My long lenses are relatively cheap at about £1K.......most birders are spending up to six times that for fast prime long lenses. if you want more natural looking shots than mine a selection of branches with a hole bored in and stuffed with food works fine. The hole has to be on the cameras blind side. All images will need sharpening. It's the very last job. For the web I compress to 72pixels/inch and my longest side is 1000 pixels. then sharpen at around 1 pixel and amount 100. Let me know if you have trouble.