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Friday 4 February 2011

WHAT A CHEAT (04/02/11)

Today we left Dent early………well eight in the morning…. to traverse the A66 which crosses the Pennines, the backbone of Britain. The weather was real weather, driving rain and forty mile per hour winds. The forecast was for gusts of sixty miles per hour by noon. So away we went…………..It was fine until we started the climb up the hill. I was going to stop for a ‘greasy spoon’ breakfast but the yard was full of curtain siders, all the empty ones pulling their curtains back to reduce windage. One poor soul was on his side in the middle of the road. I must be getting old, I found it stressful driving the camper which is just a toy compared to a thirty two tonner.

I’m sitting in an unusual place, for me, a campsite attached to a Working Mans Club in Hurworth. The river Tees flows past our door and I pray it continues to do so, the way it’s raining it could flow through the door. The wind is rocking the van and I’mm hitting all the wrrong keyss.



Now I get to the cheating bit……………….not a picture today so I’m going to post my favourites from the last week in Dent. the weather was pretty grim but if I rug up and treat it as a job it’s bearable. Bearable if one is into self flagellation!

_2031432_3_4_5_6_tonemapped_edited-1   Dent. All the rest are little bits of it.







OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    I never did get to see the inside…………….too much time posting bad blogs……………that’s wrong, not the time bit the bad bit. I’m quite pleased with this weeks efforts.

Tomorrow I’m heading into the big town to buy a book on video editing……….It’s a nightmare, both going into town and video editing. Perhaps I should start with the basics. Get half descent footage. It is difficult in rain and fog. Just realised why the movie industry is in California the weather is the same every day, helps with continuity.

Have a good weekend, we will see what tomorrow brings.



  1. It is worth you cheating, it's good pictures of Dent.

  2. How come I missed that last, cheerful photo during the week? I think I've been away with the fairies a bit lately. Blame the weather, warm and humid. But you can keep your strong winds, that wouldn't buck me up!
    A good week, indeed, thanks for the recap.

  3. I hope this weather improves Adrian; especially where you are; it certainly seems worse up there.

    A grand selection of pictures.

  4. We're having strong winds here too but at least I'm in a solid building. Although I did go out. But it was definitely not photo weather. You did get some nice photos out of your stay in Dent!

  5. Monica, it is wful weather but there are gaps........I'm a masochist and so is the camera. It is a wonderful place and well worth a visit.

  6. Lovely views of the River Tees and working mens club !!
    Seriously though, it's a big ask to produce material every day with some of the weather that we get dished out.

  7. Jay, I treat it like school. If I'm ever satisfied I'll cut the posts down to what I consider good enough. The dogs have to go out so I may as well take the camera a walk as well.