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Wednesday 30 November 2011

AT LEAST IT’S SUNNY (30/11/11)

I was going to have a real old rant today………I have actually drafted one. Seeing it’s a grand sunny morning  I've decided the smug, fat, greedy, useless, cretins who assure me they are running Little Britain can wait a day for my attentions.

I should have headed for Chirk Castle, perfect light this morning. If you wish to see it then follow these links.




We wandered down through the woods to the canal. It was a bit nippy but dry.

_B309563_4_5_6_7_tonemapped_edited-1Chirk Aqueduct………….Does this work? I stood about freezing my fingers off for twenty minutes waiting for the sun to be just perfect. We all make mistakes. I blame the mess the previous photographer left the vista in. Either he or the Greeks, possibly the Italians………It couldn’t be my fault. Could it?     

_B309583_4_5_6_7_tonemapped_edited-1I’m struggling. So I’ll turn around and forget shooting into the light.

_B309603_4_5_6_7_tonemapped_edited-1 Chirk Tunnel……….this is a bit better. It was time to wander into town and get some food.

_B309618_19_20_21_22_fused_edited-1Saint Mary’s Church Chirk. The bit to the right is an extension I think the tower is out of all proportion to it.

Untitled_Panorama1     Looking from the rear and ignoring the left side it is still a big tower. It was shut so I couldn’t get inside.

I carried on up the street calling at the bakers, butchers and the Spar shop. I dropped some snail mail off at the Post Office and it was time to head back home.

_B309633_4_5_6_7_fused_edited-1  This large factory attracts me………it could be considered an eyesore…….I like it but will have to try and get closer. The obvious thing to do is to go to the main gate and ask for a look round. I’ll give it a try tomorrow.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        This is another aspect of it taken a few days ago. It makes Fibre Board. Basically they mash trees up and stick them back together again. I know it sounds daft but it keeps the populace out of mischief.  Whilst looking back for this picture I realize you have only seen the Aqueduct from the aqueduct.

_B289553_4_5_6_7_fused_edited-1      Here it is with the larger railway viaduct behind it.

That’s all for today. I hope the sun is shining on you.

Monica aqueduct     This is reworked at Monica's suggestion. It is one of many images that is almost there but not quite. I really do need feedback and not sycophancy. I do want to get better.  Thanks Monica. Now I’ve nipped too much from the right hand side. No worry, I still have the five originals.


  1. That really is an impressive double structure with the aqueduct+viaduct.

    I think with the top picture I might try to cut off a bit to the left, say from behind the bench or so, to get more focus on the water reflections. (The intense red of the sun tends to draw one's eye into that corner.) But that's me. The tunnel photo is a beauty.

  2. Monica, many thanks......I need an editor. I was waiting for the sun but it is superfluous. Men! can't leave us in charge of anything. I'll redo it quick sticks and stick at the bottom of this post.

  3. I think taking photos in to the sun is always risky - isn't it to do with blown highlights or something? I think you've done a good job, I don't think the photo need cropping. For me it's just the sky looks a little washed out.
    I love the second image of the fibreboard factory - sparking and bright. I love the way the sun lights up the steam from the chimneys. We have a similar factory producing fibre board near Inverness. I must investigate with my camera!

  4. It's a pity the sky is so featureless on the first / last photos.
    The lighting is just right on the tunnel photo, even with the overcast sky. Might look better with the tunnel more offset the right.

  5. Annie, it is risky, blown out bits that are a real no no for me. sometimes the best images come from ignoring rules. Not this time for me. These images are all exposure blended so should be perfect. There is no limit. I did not take the tripod so had to burst shoot. If I'd dropped exposure a stop then I could have scored. Such is life.
    The factory is photogenic.........I'll give it a whirl.

  6. John, I would go with that. I have another series
    of images. I'll run and post.

  7. John, I've had a look. Will do it again tomorrow. It is not good.

  8. I hope that you get into the factory....industrial images can be really striking and I will be interested to see what you come up with....


  9. I am always delighted to see others'photos as they are the product of their personal work and I highly respect this. And yes you want to aim for perfection but is not perfection a bit subjective?! Perfection is often boring as it doesn't allow your eye and mind to wander in the photo, it keeps you in a box and also remove all spontaneity of doing something for pleasure. This being said I don't like ugly, unbalanced photos...
    Today i like your aqueduct-viaduct, quite an impressive structure!
    Hope the sun will shine tomorrow! :)

  10. Sounds like you had a relaxing day...
    I really need to visit the viaduct and aquaduct as they look fantastic side by side.

  11. Love the photo of the Aquaduct from the side Such a beautiful thing to see.

  12. I agree that the tower is out of all proportion to the body of the church particularly when viewed from the angles you've shown. I have a feeling that it was built in a bit of a hotch potch and that although the church was originally Norman or pre-Norman that the tower is about 600 years old. I suppose I should Wiki it.

    The viaduct and aquaduct are truly magnificent structures and part of the rich heritage of engineering which made it possible for us to live in the relative wealth which we as a nation do live. Doubtless your rant tomorrow will show where we've come unstuck since the glory days of the industrial revolution, sweat shops, slavery and cheap labour: all the things upon which our wealth is based. I am so glad that I'm not starting out my life now!

  13. Very beautiful photos. I especially love the way you've captured the light that is changing the surroundings.

  14. Lovely photographs, especially the aquaduct, it is so photogenic.

  15. Trevor, I'll have a go.

    DeeBee, perfection is subjective....It is lonely working or playing on ones own. I get sidetracked all too easily. I'm happy if I get just one image a week I'm happy with.

    Andrew, given good light they could be wonderful.

    Horst, it is an impressive structure.

    Graham, I'll see if I have time to give the church a good looking at.
    I really like the aqueduct but it was folly to build to such a narrow gauge. They would probably still be of some use today had they been twice or three times the width.
    I've just got too depressed to rant.

    Olga, thanks, a bit of sun makes all the difference.

    Bob, it is a great piece of work.

  16. It's not often that you see a factory sitting in your collection next to a church and a viaduct :-)
    Great set once again and I consider myself told off again for not doing anything yet about straightening buildings ... must look into that in the New Year.