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Sunday 20 November 2011


I woke this morning and felt fine or as good as I ever do first thing. Took the dogs out, we returned to the van, I made porridge, sprinkled it with Maple syrup and dried fruit. Then I rounded breakfast off with an espresso and a Marlboro….I started to feel very lethargic and things have not improved……I can only assume the Maple Syrup was off or it doesn’t agree with me.  I made a hot toddy, stirred in some paracetamol, added another dash of Bell’s for luck and just in case the water had been too hot and evaporated the alcohol,  lit another cigarette…………..Felt worse so retired back to bed. Bloody Canadian sweeteners. Poison that Maple Syrup is!

The consequence of my incapacity  is that I have no pictures from today so have reworked a couple…….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is the couple…………Star trails over Keswick. Please accept it for what it is……..A Mish Mash. It will enlarge but I advise you not to bother.

Blame Graham at A HEBRIDEAN IN NEW ZEALAND. He was the inadvertent inspiration for this lunacy.

 There is much more information to be had here:


This set me off on trails……………He does have all the gear. You don’t need all of it  or very much of it other than Photoshop Elements, a tripod and a camera. Any old version of Elements will do but for the price of this gem from Adobe it hardly seems sensible not to keep it within a year or two of the latest offering. Buy a cheapo printer and last years is usually included…….Register it if you shoot in Raw otherwise you will have trouble converting your files………….I could ramble on for hours. Could…I do!………Any problems drop me an e-mail. If enough of you are interested I can do a seeing to. They take ages………no worries, I have ages or hope I do.

Adobe are wonderful but have just kept improving the software over a decade and banging new features all over………it has no logic but they are stuck.  Were they to remap the interfaces now, no one that can use it could use it. It is a bit like a cryptic crossword or an advent calendar without dates , all the information is there. The fun is finding it.

I’m going down to Derbyshire tomorrow or I think I am……….If I go missing for a few days then I’ve succumbed to Man Flu or am still thinking I am going and waiting for the phone call to confirm the fact.

Have a great week.



  1. Oh, I'm sorry you got the maple syrup blues, never mind, it will be ok. Lovely photoshop of Keswick, it's winner

  2. A great image of the skies over Keswick Adrian.. I have camped a few times just outside Braithwaite and the clarity and number of stars can be breathtaking to see.
    I hope you feel well soon...

  3. Bob, I have used half a jar and have not felt good. I suspect it should be used on eggs and bacon...........my dietary and life style habits are just too healthy.

    Andrew, this is a compost image. It looks okay. The stars were shot in County Durham. I just whizzed them in above Keswick. Even the stars are blended. About eighty images for this length of trail. Takes for ever.
    Thanks, I am never good over Christmas but hope this is just a cold.

  4. Poor you, you caught that awful bug! Had it earlier this week as well and it came out the blue. I also thought i ate something that was a bit "funny" but in the end it was one of the 48h gastric virus and i spent part of a day in bed feeling sorry for myself when i was not sleeping! Everyone seems to be catching it! At least you've already tick a box this year!
    Photoshop Elements? Can't live without it!!! It's magic and when i started to use it years ago i discovered why professional photographs always had perfect shots...!!Made me feel much better about my natural lack of photographic skills!!! :))
    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. I blame the water! Hope you feel better and get a good night's sleep to awake feeling fit as a fiddle. Mind you, you get some pretty battered fiddles in our local flea market.

  6. Dump the smokes! Why fill your breathing apparatus with bloody smoke ~ the human body is miraculous ~ please don't poison yours! It's too precious.

  7. Beauty of an image, Adrian. Our Canadian maple syrup is wonderful stuff.. you're just using it wrong...

    1 Get a small saucer.

    2 Place it on a flat surface like the breakfast table.

    3 Pour a small amount of maple syrup in it and let stand until you light your first cigarette of the day.

    4 Immediately place the lit end of your smoke into the syrup until you hear the telltale sizzle that the cigarette is now out, adding pressure and a grinding motion, if need be.

    5 Repeat step #4 with each subsequent cigarette.

    6 Add more maple syrup as required.

    You'll feel better in no time.

    Be well soon Adrian. :)

  8. Hope you get better soon Adrian.
    The medication sounds good to me. Keep taking plenty of Bells; it'll drive the man flu away.

  9. Dee Bee, Thanks.....This is just a cold I've caught. I've yet to be struck with Gastric Enteritis.
    Glad you are better.

    John, Thanks I'm feeling fine this morning. I usually bounce back pretty quickly to my normal tatty fiddle state.

    Anonymous, you may have a miraculous body....I have seen some around. The last on Saturday....I remember thinking that body is miraculous!
    Mine is far from it.

    Hilary, brilliant!.......So that's what Maple Syrup is for. I notice my bottle was packed in the UK. Happen they had some contamination our end. I should stop smoking but who would pay for the health service if we all did?

    Keith, I'm okay this morning. Thanks, I've run out of the magic liquid so will have to move on. Out of fags as well. Like being a Methodist life is.

  10. I knew there must be a reason I stick with Golden Syrup.

  11. John, ignoring the price difference Maple syrup makes me construct peculiar images.

  12. Adrian, I hope you're soon re-stocked with all the 'required provisions' and are soon back to full 'fitness'...[;o)

  13. Trevor, feeling much better today. Sam has gone to the bank and is calling at Morrisons for me. She's a star, doesn't smoke so has a miraculous body. I just hope I get my provisions before she reads this.

  14. I must remember to take some Maple syrup with me the next time I take my camera to Keswick !! ... awesome view of St Johns terrace and Blencathra.

  15. Jay, I was going to save this as a Christmas card. The stars were shot at Finchale Abbey. Keswick was shot twice over an hour apart. I took a flask! The town images were blended using the Multiply blend then the whole lot stuck together. Like play time at school it is. Oh! Almost forgot the whole image was then cooled down by dropping colour temperature.