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Friday 4 November 2011

BACK NORTH (04/11/11)

This morning, I left one old coalfield and headed north to County Durham, a much older coalfield. Not a pleasant run in heavy rain.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Thanks to Keith at HOLDINGMOMENTS I now know this plant is Sea Buckthorn. Impressive stuff that this picture does not do justice to.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    A  nettle flowering after the rain. It really is very mild. I think some of the plants think winter has been and gone.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    The last tub of coal.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Alf the miner…………………filthy wee devil.

I’m undecided where to go to next week……….the Lake District is calling but I will see.

Have a good weekend.


  1. I love that shot of Alfie lol
    He looks very pleased with himself.

  2. Keith, he wasn't so happy whilst under the hose pipe.

  3. Sorry Adrian but I get some consolation from you not doing justice to Sea Buckthorn. It was on a sand dune nature reserve that I used to be a voluntary warden at (awful English) and I could never manage to show how fantastic masses of the orange berries look. Better luck next time.

  4. I couldn't help myself, Alfie looks so funny, your job tonight, is to clean the poor dog. Ha ha.

  5. John, apart from a couple of close ups which are half okay, this is the best of six. I only found out what it was yesterday. It looks superb in real life but is not photogenic. It's the inverse flora version of Kate Moss. She looks great on a photo shoot but bloody awful in real time.
    I looked it up it's fruit is supposed to cure everything. I tasted a berry this morning. Horrid so horrible that I'd rather die than be cured by them.

  6. Great to see Alfie has done what little dogs do.
    I used to have a couple of Cairn Terriers and Sam the male couldn't walk along a canal towpath without falling in at least once...

  7. Heavy rain!!?? Tell me , my Internet was on and off all day and i got soaked while walking my dog this morning and being creamy-white like yours he also looks like a heap of mud!
    Lake District! Very nice but aren't you worried that the weather might be worse?! I know it's a gorgeous place but...
    Had a great time reading your post about old mines, very instructive! And i love this little nettle flower, it's a super macro!
    Well, enjoy your week-end wherever you are Adrian! Take care :)

  8. Bob, he is a dirty wee devil. He was washed and scrubbed. he doesn't like it!

  9. Alfie is stealing the show.. Great capture of contented mud dog.
    Have a fun weekend, Adrian the Wanderer.

  10. HI Adrian...the Nettle photo is a beauty! : }
    Alfie is so self satisfied looking ...made me laugh like a fool ...lol!!
    Safe juggling for a new home.. ; }

  11. Andrew, I suspect it is all dogs. Filthy creatures.

    Dee Bee, It can be a touch damp in the Lake District. We'll see or I will. Alf goes under the tap.....he hates it but never seems to associate getting covered in muck with the tap.

    Laura, he is a daft dog. I will do my best.

    Grace, it is a pretty flower. Both dogs enjoy mud but Molly cleans herself up.

  12. I like the nettle, and I wonder if the sea buckthorn is the backdrop behind some of Keith's bird pictures. Hope Alfie likes a bath.

  13. That nettle looks like a challenging subject with a good result. If it wasn't for Alfie's undercarriage, it would look like he's wearing boots.

  14. JoLynne, The nettle is pretty. Keith knew what Sea Buckthorn is so it may be. Alf hates baths, serve him right.

    Jay, I spot meter the white then bracket two stops under. I shoot in RAW so can pull or push a stop or two so it's easy. he is a disgusting dog!

  15. Some things, like the Sea Buckthorn for instance, show such beauty to the naked eye that is so difficult to convey in a photograph!

    The nettle image on the other hand is a cracker, those little white flowers shining in the sunlight like delicate cotton wool buds. An excellent, well captured, image Adrian.

    Alfie, the chocolate coated dog! He looks a little guilty, or maybe he's worried because he knows what's coming next!...[;o)

  16. Trevor, It does photograph as a non event. I tried in all sorts of light.
    The nettle was pure serendipity. I was just picking up the dog lead which i'd dropped and the sun caught it.......had to wait five minutes for it to catch it again.
    I wish it were chocolate.......it's coal slurry. He doesn't seem to make the connection between muck and the hose pipe.

  17. I think Alf could do with some doggy wellies for Christmas ;)

  18. John, the little sod could do with a pressure washer.