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Wednesday 9 November 2011

BAD TO WORSE (09/11/11)

After todays early and unproductive excursion we wandered out again to look at Durham cathedral. Durham lies on the river Wear……….Just as I was heading into town, two dogs in tow, two dogs lashed together on one lead. They are not town dogs. I’m not a town person. I hate being in cities and towns. I have to dodge folk all the time. I have just got into my stride and have to swerve, or move or shift my gaze. Big steps and little ones. It’s exhausting. I do love the architecture though. I’ll have a do tomorrow morning in the dark.

It’s the beauty of blogging. You bloggers who are happy in towns show me their wonders. Thank you DEE BEE.  She is into gates to the point of obsession. They are wonderful are her gates. She also posted a really great shopping mall……….ages ago…palaces… All things wondrous .. I couldn’t find them all but ask.She will tell you. (Deebee. I’m referring to the one with globe lights in, it’s a wee bit twee). Beautifully shot though……….could have done with HDR but it is a magical post……..Bet you don’t have a pair of dogs!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI Noticed this notice as I was heading into town…………..Posh place. They even have their own breathing kit. The river doesn’t smell so death lurks unannounced in Durham.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Durham Castle…….We wandered over this bridge and hit the town. The dogs are worse than I am in towns. Alfie stole a Kebab from a student. He had left it unattended on a  step.  A favour to the student? Definitely! If Alfie’s current flatulence is any guide to quality. We retreated, that sounds wimpy. We exercised a tactical withdrawal.

Just as I thought nothing else could befall me.Molly found a gap in the fence and joined in a university rugby match. I used to play the game. I was a full back from choice, wing under duress but Moll was a star. Growled at their odd misshapen ball and worried it into touch. I whistled my best whistle but it doesn’t begin to compete with a referees whistle. She thought he was encouraging her. Bash it with her foot head butt it and try and get it to the cricket square a couple of hundred yards away. A star she was! Three hundred stones plus several tons against a one stone of wee dog. I didn't’ t hang about too long to ascertain whether they found it amusing.

 Today defined chaos. Moll had a good game of ball though and she is tired. Alf’s tummy is horrible but he is smelly and happy.  I’ll take them out now and sans camera.

Do rugby players have to bully off or toss off for a restart? ………….No, I’ll not go there. Life can be fun but living is hard work If you want to see Durham.

I’ll give it another go at the crack of dawn tomorrow…………I don’t need aggravation or students or tourists.

I’m starting to think it was a mistake coming here. It happen doesn’t suit us.


  1. Well, you've made your day sound amusing - even if it wasn't!

  2. I'm not keen on cities and towns either Adrian....however the Architecture can sometimes be interesting....


  3. Annie, one has to laugh at what life throws at you. The alternative is not worth considering. Thanks for reminding me of colour popping.

  4. Great post Adrian. I'm not a lover of towns either.
    I've not been to our town centre for 5 years. Hate crowds.
    Alf and Moll sound like they had a great time though. I'd love to have seen that rugby match :-)

  5. Oh, she was a pleasure to watch, on all four legs, chasing a rugby ball. I couldn't stop myself laughing.

  6. And there I was, thinking you'd appreciate a third Westie when I gave you one.... Oops.

  7. Never been to Durham but believe it's a nice place to see...
    Countyside and plenty of space alone... that suits me best.

  8. Adrian, I am very honoured that you enjoy what i am showing and writing about cities, however, i try to rake my mind for this shopping mall you referring to (well, end of the day so my brain is sort of foggy, i might need a good night sleep to remember + short term memory!) but i will go through my posts as i am intrigued now! I'm going to spend the rest of my evening thinking!! hard work! :))
    On another topic I love the idea of Alfie inviting herself/himself? to play rugby...It sounds as Durham is quite an inspiration for you!:))

  9. Great post. Love the canine adventures.
    I'm with you.. I hate hustle and bustle.

  10. Sorry you're not enjoying Durham but it makes for good reading. I dislike crowds, too, so thanks for braving them for that castle and bridge photo. I like it.

  11. What a beautiful city, great photo's, Adrian. Hope you have better luck tomorrow in the early A.M.

  12. I don't like cities, either and I just have myself to keep out of harm's way. Would love to have seen that rugby game. One little girl putting all those big burly types to shame.

  13. Cities are great for things like art galleries and museums and things to photograph. It's just unfortunate that they have people in them. Play the Glad Game if they didn't then all the people would be living in the countryside and then where would we be?

  14. Trevor, I have to be in the mood. I do like architecture.

    Keith, they did have a wonderful day. The players found it highly amusing.

    Bob, I just hope she doesn't take up snooker.

    John, they are little horrors. I can't relax for a second.

    Andrew, it has much going for it. There are some wonderful places round about it.

    Dee Bee, it was more of an arcade.

    Laura, they are generally fine wildlifing. They are just in unfamiliar surroundings.

    JoLynne, I'll try to creep back in summer and get out early.

    Horst, thanks, i suspect this weather will be around until spring.

    Pauline, they couldn't really do much for laughing. I bet they mend the fence though.

    Graham, I ought to leave the dogs in the van really. Then I could act the tourist unencumbered.

  15. Top location, never stood on this side of the river before at this point ... It looks good.

  16. Jay, it is okay here. I just didn't click with the place.