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Monday 21 November 2011

SLUGGING IT OUT (21/11/11)

We are all still here. I am going to Derbyshire tomorrow for a couple of days to do boring things. Then I rather fancy a few days in the Delamere Forest.

A couple of you will be pleased to hear that I've not had a Marlboro since tea time yesterday………….I’m now on Benson and Hedges, aren’t I good?

It rained most of the night but so far today has been okay. A couple of showers on our wander but nothing serious. I had a good time and so did the dogs. We have been swamping not seasiding.

This post  is short of a theme……….nothing new here then!

I found a couple of fungi I can’t identify.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   This is only small so maybe next year it will resolve the problem. It’s very attractive, I was pleased to see it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen I found these I thought they were baby Candle Snuff Fungus. I’m pretty sure they are something else.

Onto the swamp…………Arty Farty Swamp.




Now I have three pictures of slugs. I noticed that every other Silver Birch for about twenty yards in every direction had a slug or more on it. Perhaps not unusual but they were all heading down the trunk. Strange are the ways of the slug.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       There must be a reason, I counted a couple of dozen all sliding along under gravity. Perhaps they are just tired.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    On the way back we enjoyed a sunny spell by the Roman Baths.

I’ll leave you on this positive note. Have fun.


  1. I love the swamp images.. particularly the first one. Such a moody scene.

  2. Adrian, it's good that you've cut down on the strength of those coffin nails, the question is, will it last?

    Fungi ID :- I reckon the first one is Bleeding Oak Crust (stereum gausapatum) it grows on dead deciduous trees, almost exclusively on Oak. Is that a dead Oak it's on? I'm not well versed on dead trees!!

    The second is either Pointed Club (clavaria acuta) which grows in deciduous woods and unimproved grassland.
    Yellow Stagshorn (colocera var. cavarae) which is white and grows on dead conifer wood. I think I'll plump for the first one!

    And I think the slugs are Tree Slugs (limax marginatus) - slinking (or sliding!) back home from a night out!

    Have a safe trip and I look forward to your reports from the Delamere Forest...[;o)

  3. Hilary. It is an odd place but was appealing today.

    Trevor, the little polypore or bracket is growing on a dead pine.
    I think I'll go with pointed Club. It appears to be growing out of a mossy bank too steep to hold any dead wood.
    The slugs are magical...........I'll pop out later with a torch and see if they are heading up the trees.

  4. Trevor, looking at the log again it may be oak. I;ve made a note to have a look on Christmas eve when I'm back up here.

  5. I rather like those swamp shots Adrian.
    And I think Trevor may be right about those slugs.
    They've had a naughty night out.

  6. Keith, thanks, Everything has a bit of a strange colour cast today. I've just been out with a torch and there are none heading out yet. There were dozens this morning. Odd the things one sees.
    I see Bob's Peewits are Lapwings and not oyster catchers trust me to get muddled up. Hope Jim is going to be okay and you but animals are always a strain when they are sick.

  7. The slugs were returning from a night's session feeling high.

  8. Bob, You are just trying to tempt me to climb silver birch....I am daft but not that daft. I go up in daylight.

  9. The slugs are just demonstrating the truth of the adage 'what goes up must come down'.

  10. Graham, but why, when it takes them so long did they go up?

  11. The same reason that dogs lick their private parts: because they can.

    Alternatively it's to munch on the ripe new tender Birch leaves.

  12. Like your first swamp scene. Never thought I'd think of slugs as being one of the mysteries of life! No doubt you will get to the bottom of it (without having to go to the top).

  13. I do like the arty farty swamp piccies. Managed to get a copy of PS Elements 10 in Amazon's peculiar sale (limited numbers of various things around 50% off for a short while each).

  14. Pauline, thanks. The slugs are a little odd. I'll stay on the ground.

    John, a good deal. if you need any help just shout. I have Elements 9 but didn't think they offered enough with 10 to bother upgrading. The guided edits are a good place to start. File>New also has a list of common and not so common features. Though the exposure blending is not as good as Photomatix and takes for ever. The Panorama stitcher is a world beater.

  15. Love the arty farty swamp!
    As for the slugs, well they might be an Australian species!
    P.S. Thanks so much for your kind comment on my 2nd blog anniversary!
    Keep well and dry.

  16. DeeBee, the swamp needed cheering up. Very strange habits have slugs.......so have Aussies so perhaps you are right.