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Monday 7 November 2011

SHAMED (07/11/11)

Well I'm about worn out. I've been to Morrisons to replenish food. I’ve been to the discount pet food shop to replenish dog food and bird food. I’ve got lost twice finding my berth for four nights.

I’m at Durham Amateur Rowing Club. The route in is not easy. It’s made worse by the university. Both sides of the road past it are alive with nubile young ladies……………I should be ashamed of myself but actually feel quite proud, a bit of me was very proud. I was beginning to suspect I had a problem but can now report all is in working condition. I have yet to test the perceived malfunction in practice ……..but only because I was too busy getting lost. Get lost would be their sensible retort but  I am sure things are back to normal. Watch out ladies Adrian is about! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Durham. A beautiful city. I’ll try my best to fill in the dark bits during the rest of the week.

After parking and sorting the first bird I saw was a Kingfisher, the second a Magpie and the third were a few Mallard. The Kingfisher is a wonderful bird but can fly at speeds a Eurofighter would be happy with. Little devils go like the devils are after them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I don’t know any more about this than you do. I am going to guess it’s bovine. Not a native bovine. Not a bad bronze but it does nothing for me. Why snap it then? It’s horns Frame the Cathedral………..see.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Oh dear!  As well as a bloody footy match and a bicycalist hitting a litter bin. it’s going to be fun here.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The river Wear. not the best sight I’ve seen but the best I got today.

Now………….Why am I ashamed?  Nothing to do with an imagined dose of erectile function……

I have been a dirty old bird feeder.

Taped up with gaffer tape and disgusting was my feeder. Keith at CALDECOTE LAKE has just replaced all his feeders at vast expense. John has cleaned his at MIDMARSH JOTTINGS.

 The Finches though they bred well this summer get an infection of their throats it’s called Finch disease. It’s a bit like brewers droop in common language. Posh folk call it erectile dysfunction and the educated call Finch disease……What is that word? Nechrosophylis. No I’ll have another go Trichomonosis that’s it! It means you have to buy posh feeders or you’ll kill the little mites. You also have to give them a good polish every few days.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    The new bird feeder, guaranteed not to rust, bust, pick up dust, buckle or bend. Perfect! It takes to pieces so no worries. It also cost less than ten pounds. A bargain then!

Fancy me being that stupid, I fed them out of the old plastic midden. I’m sorry and ashamed.

Have a good time this week, I intend to.


  1. I can see you are in high spirits Adrian! Well, Durham seems to do the trick!! :)
    Looking forward to seeing what to are going to come up with during your stay!
    Keep well!

  2. A great post Adrian.
    I thought I was reading a sketch featuring Frankie Howard at first...

    I have never been to Durham so am looking forward to your review.
    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  3. It is nice to see your in Durham at last, it is a beautiful place. The photos are excellent, and, the feeders, yes, its time to the feeder run.

  4. Great post Adrian.
    That's a fine looking feeder. Looks like my ridiculously coloured orange one I got.

    Long may you be proud. :-)

  5. Great post, Adrian, great new feeder.. I'm sure your birdie friends are enjoying their new diner.
    Have fun in your new temporary digs!

  6. I fell about at Deebee's comment!

    That statue looks like a very malnourished brahmin but why you would have one in England is beyond me. There has to be a story behind it? Or about it at least.

    Your new feeder looks very grand!

  7. Just the sort of post I needed to read at 0730 ish NZ time! (I'm eager to see what time appears on the comment when it hits your blog). A good laugh first thing in the morning is good for the soul (or whatever - it's certainly good for the body). Too early for me to have laughed at Deebee's comment until I read Pauline's though.

    Great City is Durham but you may remember from my visit earlier in the year that The Cathedral's largest notices inside are DON'T DO.... including take photos! I'm sure that a God would be only too delighted to have the world see what wonderful edifices the populations so willingly paid for out of their vast wealth to the glory of his name (and to save themselves from the fear of immortal damnation). Gosh where did that come from?

    Back in Eagleton I bought a super de luxe metal topped feeder guaranteed for life and all that. In the winds of the Hebrides such toughness is needed. Before I came away I gave it a thorough clean (instead of the usual use the power washer down the centre every couple of weeks when I'm home). I noticed that whilst the super de luxe metal parts were still ok the polycarbonate tube was already beginning to fracture (none of my cheap ones have done that) and that the problem eventually was going to be the dismantling screws which had started to rust - the usual problem with the cheap ones too - which will eventually make dismantling impossible.

  8. HI Adrian....Yes I am behind again...bringing up the rear...so glad I got to your post of your coming clean on your dirty old bird feeder lol...you should be feeling right proud of yourself for doing the right thing!
    Oh dear ..you do make me laugh with your stories, I believe Durham is going to be a dandy place for you to visit!!

    PS..I noticed you didn't say squirrel proof about that new feeder ; }

  9. Great post Adrian, and here's me thinking that the sap only rose in the Spring!!

    Looking forward to your views and reports from Durham, if you're not otherwise engaged that is!

    The new feeder looks like the Rolls Royce of all feeders, even if you are a little stingy with the birdseed!!...[;o)

  10. Dee Bee, Thanks, I'm just off for a stroll into town. I'll keep you posted.

    Andrew, the weather is awful. I'll try and give you a look round.

    Bob, I pass through quite often, I'll see what I can find.

    Keith, Ta, they are posh things.

    Graham, thanks.
    I ignore no pictures signs and argue afterwards. It is a public place so there is little they can do. The lord works in mysterious ways.
    Blog time should be local to my blog I think.
    If this feeder breaks it's going back.

    Laura, I'll do my best.

    Pauline, I've found the cow story but it doesn't explain the incongruity of the breed.
    Dee Bee is French. One can take the girl out of France but not France out of the girl.

    Grace, I exaggerate a bit.......
    Nothing is squirrel proof.

    Trevor, so did I.......a bit worrying is that.
    It's too posh to fill up with just any old seed.