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Thursday 17 November 2011


It’s not been a bad day, the odd spot of rain and windy. We have managed a couple of wanders. I can’t get close enough to the Oystercatchers for pictures but I spent a half an hour watching them mussel catching.  I heard what sounded like a hundred Greylag Geese flying along so there were probably ten, hellish noisy birds they are. The odd thing is I couldn’t see them.

Just three pictures today.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The remains of the Roman Baths. The fort used to be just to the left and back a bit. There is no sign of it now apart from a couple of defensive ditches.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    I hope this is Red Campion, lots of it everywhere and all flowering happily.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      These are dead and about quarter of an inch in diameter. I have no idea what they are but liked the way the light shines through them.

I am not going to tempt fate by looking at tomorrows forecast. Whatever the weather, we’ll be out coughing and sneezing.



  1. Nice to see red campion still flowering Adrian - the third picture is of the plant's empty seed capsules. Those teeth round the rim curl inwards in wet weather....

  2. Wonderful autumn...also here. No rain at all.
    Cold, fog, windy somehow, no sun!
    Wonderful images, Adrian!Like always.
    My best regards from Romania!

  3. Phil, many thanks. It is strangely mild. I noticed a Tansy flowering today but couldn't get at it without a good soaking.

    Wind, may you get sun soon........Nothing is quite as bad as fog.

  4. Lovely shot of the Red Campion. Good to see some still flowering.

  5. The image of the seed pods is first class Adrian....


  6. Keith, more flowers coming into bloom daily. If it's fine tomorrow I'll have a flower day.

    John, it's the first time I've noticed them. By the time I got into position the sun had gone behind a cloud. They looked just like miniature lanterns.

    Trevor, thanks, fascinating little things.

  7. Love the Red Campion and the Roman vestiges make my day! Love those, so much to discover around i am sure!

  8. The Red Campion is great, in fact, all of them are the greatest.

  9. Beautiful flower pictures. Never heard of them. (Looked up the Swedish name but never heard that either.)

  10. A pretty little flower and its seed pod. Don't think I've ever seen one here.

  11. HI Adrain...Are you saying "oh no she is back" ; } lol
    Still standing...are those brick's still solid!! Amazing!!
    Lovely.. flowers still in bloom, and I agree that is the seed pod of that plant!! I do like the seed pod shot but there won't be the seed pod without the lovely flower....lol so they are both lovely ; }

    Do hope you feel better soon..

  12. It's lovely to see wildflowers still in bloom..
    I hope the weather stays fine for you Adrian it's been another lovely sunny day in Manchester... Yes I did say Manchester...

  13. Hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself.

  14. I hope your weather & health improve in short order.

    I'm partial to the old walls. Visual history... today.

  15. I'm loving those remains.. those partial walls hold a lot of stories, I'll bet. Lovely flower and pod pics too. The lighting on the last is very nice.

  16. Dee Bee, I'll have another go at the Roman remains. It sounds wet outside today.

    Bob, thanks. I'll reshoot the first one.

    Monica, they are pretty common here. They grow in woods.

    Pauline, they perhaps don't travel well.

    Grace, I'm very glad to see you back. Happier still if you are feeling better.
    I am on the mend thanks.

    Andrew, It is good to see them but also a little weird. Raining here this morning.

    Horst, thanks it's only a cough and cold. The former not helped by Marlboro so half self inflicted.

    Daniel, they are not very large ruins. I'll have another go at them as this shot is dire.

    Hilary, I'll have another go. The seed pod is a little gem. I only noticed it because the sun caught it and lit it up like a little lantern.

  17. Adrian, I've noticed that some of the wild flowers around here are still flowering (or flowering again?)some new growth as well!!

    There also seems to be a good crop of fungi at the moment too.....weird weather!!

    Nice Red Campion picture btw....[;o)

  18. Trevor, Same here new flowers and new growth. Yesterday I saw sparrows carrying moss...Crazy!