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Sunday 6 November 2011

CLOUDLESS (06/11/11)

A wonderful morning though a bit nippy. No rain, no fog and a little bit of frost. All this mornings images have had a bit of a seeing to. We had a wander up the river Tees from Croft.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A bit of haze but no cloud……….great!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The River Tees and almost dead centre a Grey Heron.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Saint Peters churchyard Croft. Charles Dodson AKA Lewis Carroll lived here as a young boy. Not in the churchyard you understand but in the Rectory next door. I think this one is a bit over done……….well alright, a lot over done.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA There I’ve just redone it………………..that’s a bit better. Now I can go out to lunch without fretting.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Is this the last flower of summer? Wild Angelica, I hope.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to spend a few days in the city of Durham. I just hope the weather is reasonable.

Have a good week.


  1. It's nice to see a bit of sunshine, the colour scheme of the photos is obviously so different, so rich and warm!
    That river shot is great.
    The overdone one is fun as it looks a bit like a painting.I quite like it in fact!
    I had to overdo a few of my Paris photos shots as i can't always target a sunny day to go there, so understand the feeling.
    Have a good Sunday Adrian, i think the weather will be holding.
    Well, fingers and toes crosses as usual!

  2. A best wishes for a good week to you too.

  3. That wonderful early sunlight. It, along with your artful eye makes everything look beautiful.

  4. The flowers on the last one look like Hogweed.

    I love the sun on the track; can almost feel the bight in the air.

  5. Hi Adrian..the River tree photo is gorgeous..I like it!!
    I also like the second one in the grave yard!!
    Wonderful to see you have a beautiful sunny day!!


  6. Dee Bee, thanks Apart from all the other crimes I inflicted on these pictures I increased the colour temperature.....that warms them up quick sticks.

    John, thank you, I'll do my best.

    Hilary, it was good to be out today.

    Keith, Thanks for the ID. You are right. It was the only one the others are all dead. It was the stem colour threw me. It was a bit cool on the fingers and ears.

    Grace, I'm glad you enjoyed them let's hope for a sunny month.

  7. It's been a lovely day Adrian... lovely images and I live just a few miles from Dodgsons birthplace in Daresbury near Warrington.
    The church at Daresbury has a wonderful stained glass window with characters from his stories.

  8. Sunny pictures! Lovely. We've had sunshine here too. It makes the most enormous difference - I hadn't realised how dull and wet it had been until the sun came out! I love the picture of the sun through the trees shining in the field

  9. A beautiful day it is, for me and you. Fantastic photos, my favourite is number 5, the sun shining through the trees on the track.

  10. The beauty of Autumn! Great images Adrian...[;o)

  11. Andrew. it has been a belter, there are bits of Dodgson memorabilia in St. Peters. C of E are not backward coming forward where loot is involved.

    Bob, the best whole day for ages. You picked my best of the day.

    Trevor, I was thinking of you when I decided on an edit. I appreciate honesty and hate posting crap.....Many thanks.

  12. Annie, forgive me, i almost missed you comment. It does make such a difference does light. I really liked your Cullin images though you caught them mid day. Light is king even with digital. Thank you.