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Monday 14 November 2011


We are still at Tan Hill. I need this place and I need the space. Tomorrow; it’s another desolate spot. We are away to Ravenglass. Miles of muddy estuary with a firing range to the south and an atomic power station to the north. Normal folk doing what normal folk do………..blowing up things by accident to the north and by design to the south. It’s called the North South Divide. I think that’s what they mean by this expression!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      The dogs and I walked for two hours in mist this morning. Map and compass mist and chilly. The wind shifted into the north easterly quadrant. Raw cold it was. Then the sun came out. The above image is of sun. Lovely! I really do like this sort of light……….the camera doesn’t so I’ve blended two images. Not HDR just foreground and sky as a two stop difference exposure. Pop one upon the other and erase the bad bits.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI suspect this is a Haycap. Whatever it’s an inch in diameter and a survivor. Growing in a bog at one thousand four hundred and odd feet above sea level. My book has a snap of one but it’s habitat is all wrong. As I’ve said many times I need a better book. It’s a little beauty and well worth getting wet knees for.

First thing tomorrow it’s fuelling up the van, then provisioning. Oh what Fun!



  1. What a beautiful sky. Hey, what is your means of showering, or don't you?

  2. Cumbria is my default holiday hotspot Adrian and for the last 25 years or so I have walked over the fells finding plenty of solitude.
    Buttermere is a real favourite... Two pubs a Cafe,Farm and the Church with a memorial to Alfred Wainwright on a window ledge looking towards Haystacks his final resting place.
    The walk around Buttermere is a level walk of about 4 miles. Surrounded by high fells it is a lovely walk all year round.

    You probably know it already... if not I really think the dogs would like to see it...
    One Man and his Dog was often filmed there.
    Take care..

  3. Here you are! i wondered if you would be posting today!
    As you wrote, the place is quite deserted!
    I really like rays of sun trying to break through the heavy clouds!
    Happy shopping tomorrow!

  4. Great images, Adrian, the rays of sunlight are superb.
    I love your vagabond lifestyle.. and the wonderful places of solitude you find.

  5. Should be lots of bird life at Raveglass at this time of year - just to warn you that I expect photos thereof!

  6. just seen that I missed the 'n' out of Ravenglass. Perhaps rave glass may be more appropriate - we'll have to see,

  7. Fantastic clowdy sky...I bealive it was cold, yes! And "the survivor"...there it is...

    Very good shots,indeed!
    Have a nice day.

  8. I remember you being in Ravenglass in the middle of winter at least on one occasion. Hopefully this time of year will be a little less bleak. Mind you it is Ravenglass we are talking about.

  9. Super first image Adrian, love that dark and moody sky!

    My best guess on your 'survivor' is...mycena aetites - Drab Bonnet. It's habitat is open short grass including lawns and pastures (it got the open bit right!) and it smells of ammonia, so you need to give it a sniff the next time you pass by!!...[;o)

  10. Bob, Thanks. I have a shower once a year whether I need one or not...........seriously, I have a shower on the van and soap I get from the shop.

    Andrew, no I've never been. Wasdale is my favourite at the moment. I'll pop it on the list.

    DeeBee, Things are looking up. I hate shopping, I dislike filling the camper even more. It is worse this fill as on top of a hundred pounds worth of diesel I need thirty litres of petrol for the generator. I see worth crept in. It isn't worth that as the government take over half in tax.

    Keith, they are two a penny up here if one gets the weather........I love the place.

    Laura, I am a little tramp like but prefer the term Old Age Traveller. It's a grand life most of the time.

    John, I'll do my best.....they can see us coming for miles, I no longer have the long lenses as they are up for sale. I'm hoping to switch to Cannon in the spring.

    Blueshell, many thanks it was not freezing but very damp and cold.

    Graham, It's a regular haunt. I enjoy the bleakness and the birds. The one in the pub and the one that runs the camp site are particular favourites.

    Trevor, I waited for two lots of cloud to pass hoping for better crepuscular rays. I was cold and wet so settled for a couple of bracketed shots and the artistry of Photoshop.
    I will go along with a Bonnet. I always forget to sniff and taste. Both seam to be good identifiers. I was surprised to see them so high up and in such cold and wet. All help is gratefully received.......I love the form and beauty but they are the very devil to identify. I'm seriously considering a field course for next autumn. Having an expert about helps no end.

  11. Jay, as is usually the case it has been edited.