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Thursday 10 November 2011

GET A GRIP LAD (10/11/11)

I woke up this morning and was as down as I have been for ages. It’s this place. It’s beautiful, it has countryside, it’s small,  it has wonderful buildings.  What is wrong? The weather doesn’t help, it is still non event weather. It’s warm enough but damp and no light at all. In between no light it rains, not proper rain but spits and spats. I want some real weather so after the weekend I’ll head west. I’ll have a night at Tan Hill then on across to Ravenglass.

I took the dogs out first thing then after breakfast gave myself a good talking to and away we went for a good look round.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  We had a circular wander down one side of the river, over a bridge, up the other side and into Durham. I found these Puff Balls just off the path. They look like Meadow Puff Ball but they are growing in woodland. They are not big enough for Pestle Puff ball nor spikey enough for Common Puff ball. A Mystery Puff Ball.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  This is a Shaggy Parasol, a beauty. They are edible when cooked and give a real kick to a stew. They also don’t agree with me. A pity as there were around a dozen. The Parasol itself is perfectly safe and smooth skinned.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  This is another but older and a mile away from the first. If the flesh doesn’t turn red when chopped don’t eat them. They make one poorly, these make me sick. A cracker is this, seven to eight inches in diameter. I love fungi and was cheered to find some so late in the year.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Shore supports for an old single track railway……..where it comes from I haven’t a clue.  It used to finish in Durham.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    This one is for John at Midmarsh Jottings. It’s what I know as a Dragon Boat. A student identified it for me a coupe of days ago. He looked rather young but then again they all do, if he was in his first year then it may be something else. They are paddle powered. If you peek carefully through the trees you can just see the van about a third in from the left.

On we strolled and into town. I dread it, so many people. Alfie being only two and a bit can’t work out why they don’t all want to say hello.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     This is busy for us. I quite liked the wee tram line type things, they are modern gutters.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese are quite rare, not unique but I prefer hexagonal post boxes to round ones. These have six sides and are named after the Greek for six which is Hex. (See! Even Greeks have  uses other than destroying Italians. It’s just a bundle of laughs in the European Community at the moment). If you enlarge it you can see VR. It stands for Victoria Regina. We are a pompous lot are we. Our royals are more pompous still. Bet a pound to a first class stamp that not a one has delivered a letter or defended the Royal Mail.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I eventually made it……….I don’t like it. It’s big and brash and it needs a steeple not a wee flag pole. It has no aesthetic balance. My advice to the church of England commissioners would be to dismantle it carefully and start again. Put something up using the best of the old that will look brilliant in a thousand years time.

That’s us! Done Durham or as much as I wish to.



  1. These photos are beautiful, Adrian. I'd love to wander around where you and your camera have been. So many lovely sights to see. Thanks always for sharing them.

  2. I like your English pillar boxes whether they are hexagonal or round. I also like the busy town view. I think I agree about the cathedral. Looks too much like "don't let your left hand know what the right hand is doing". I hope you find a nice spot to park next that will cheer you up a bit! It's a dreary time of year.

  3. Hi Adrian...after seeing the Castle in yesterdays post I agree the future away it is the better it looks...it didn't do anything fo me close up!!
    Lovely looking mushroom and as always entertaining reading, and photo's that show what it is like in the places you visit!
    Better luck on you next move!!

  4. It's this awful non weather Adrian. Enough to get anyone down. A large glass of falling down water is what's needed.

    That High Street looks busy to me, and it's only Thursday. I dread to think what the weekend will bring out.
    Love that shot of the old railway shore supports. Shame the graffiti 'erberts have got to it though.

  5. I love it all, not the people, but all things in it, post box, mushrooms, and everything.

  6. I'm sorry to disappoint you but I got quite excited over this actual Post Box when I was in Durham only to be told by Scriptor (collector of post box pictures etc) that it's a replica. Apparently the Post Office people thought it was a Good Idea to go around putting them in historic places.

  7. Sorry to hear your weather report Adrian.. Durham does look like it's worth a visit though.
    Get over to the lakes I can't think of a better place to be at any time of the year.

  8. When you get around as much as you do I guess it's inevitable that there will be a place with a vibe that doesn't resonate with you. I'd rather sit by the stream and look at the Dragon Boat than face those streets. The fungi look good.

  9. Adrian, everybody has had enough of this weather, you are not the only one who feels a bit odd at the moment. As you said it neither warm nor cold, wet nor dry, days are becoming so short that you wonder if it's worth getting up in the morning (joke!)...a complete limbo!
    Move away if the place doesn't do it for you!
    As for the cathedral i wonder if it is an architectural style or if there was not enough funds to built a steeple?! Winchester Cathedral is exactly the same, it looks grand and impressive but no steeple. Salisbury which is next door has one!
    Now, tomorrow will be a new day and i hope you'll feel better! I am sure there must bit a tiny wee thing that made you feel good today! There must be! Rake your mind!! :)
    Take care

  10. Awesome photos, Adrian, hope your feeling better soon.

  11. Sadly, virtually all those hexagonal boxes are modern repros. There very few of the originalks left and they don;t happen to be in the middle of tourist towns - they are hidden away in city back streets and tiny villages. Apart from the condition and having a list of the the original ones there's no way to tell them apart as the repros are spot on. I call it cheating, myself.

  12. Hilary, Thanks, I've been struggling this week.

    Monica, it is a bit of a mess.

    Grace, the castle is next door. I have been meaning to visit Durham for years. Summer early morning would be best.

    Keith, I think you are right. It's a five pinter of a week.

    Bob, thanks, I'm struggling.

    Graham, that's all I need. Fake pillar boxes.

    Andrew, I'll be over on Tuesday.

    Pauline, it is not a vile place, there are many worse. I just like real weather.

    DeeBee, I'm not sure. I did read that they often found the foundations wouldn't support a spire. For all I know it may have had one. I'm fine. In Darlington for the weekend then I'm off over the hill.

    Horst, I will be fine.......It's going to be a grand weekend.

    John, the little devils.......this one isn't even erected plumb.......so incompetent little devils.

  13. Adrian, I get down myself, particularly with these long evenings. I don't like crowds, either! Nothing like losing yourself in nature to clear the mind and cleanse the soul! Lovely pictures

  14. Great shot of the dragon boat & I can't believe how few people are in that street ! That post box is challenging to photograph as it isn't straight which reminds me that it was a year ago next week that I took it covered in snow at the Christmas market .... so it's best to go now while it"s quiet !! It's a shame that you don't like my Cathedral ... the sandstone might do you a favour at some point !

  15. Jeremy, thanks. The old Black Dog can be a real devil.

    Jay, I really don't like the cathedral. Bits of it taken in isolation are fine but as an edifice it's a hotch potch. I didn't go in as they charge and don't have a dog tie up. I straightened the post box in Photoshop.