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Saturday 6 February 2010

BLUE SKY! (06/02/10)

An infrequent occurrence is a cloudless sky but none the less very welcome. Yesterday we came back to The Old Hill pub. We arrived in rain and retreated to the bar. This morning I arose to be greeted by a heavy frost but bright sunshine. Decided to investigate the river  Doe, like many small rivers in limestone country the water comes and goes, one minute flowing along the surface the next disappearing down a pot hole. At one stage I could hear the water rushing beneath my feet, a little eerie!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Not a breath of wind, the river Doe with Whernside in the background. This image is flipped horizontally,

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Here it is emerging from one of many subterranean passages.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    A crisp start, a blessing after yesterday’s enthusiastic indulgence in the falling down water.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    I like these old barns, just as well as every other field seems to have one.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     This little tributary is Haws Gill Wheel, a rather elaborate title for such a tiny stream.

The weather still holding I decided to walk across the valley and retake some pictures of Braithwait Wife Hole as the previous effort was a disaster.


P2062074_5_6_7_8_tonemapped_edited-1    Both the above are multiple exposures blended with Photomatix HDR software and whilst an improvement on the last effort are still far from perfect. There are a few of these scattered around and they are pre glacial sink holes.

P2062079_80_81_82_83_tonemapped_edited-1    Ingleborough again HDR processed from five exposures.


A perfect end to a perfect day. We are stopping here tomorrow then moving on, not sure quite where. I’ll see what the weather is doing.


  1. Cor, the scenery is mind blowing, and the one I liked was the last in a special diary.

  2. Hi Adrian, It's good to be back on your tourist bus. I will now have to read back through your blogs to see what I've missed in the past fortnight. I love your old barns in this post.

  3. Wondeful pictures and wonderful place.

  4. Beautiful photos as usual but I couldn't live with a picture that was flipped horizontally. I think it must be something about my personality - the world has to be as I see it.
    I've never had a day of decent weather in the Ingleborough area which is a shame because, like you, I just love those scattered barns and have always wanted to photograph them.

  5. Great stuff Adrian. It was a nice warm day down in Cornwall on Saturday...but my, how it all changed today. Really cold with a biting wind chill. Not nice to be out.
    Have you decided on your next port of call?

  6. Looks like just the place to walk of that dose of wobbly knee medication ;)

  7. The second sink hole picture is absorbing. I very much like it.

    You and your flipping! I, like Scriptor Senex like to present the world as I see it which, although not necessarily the same as others see it, needs to be the 'right' way round. However, if one sees photography as an art, I suppose horizontal flipping isn't much different from showing sepia or black and white photos (as long, I think) as one mentions that this is what you are doing - as you have here. One may, I suppose, indulge in the luxury of showing the world as one would like to see it when one isn't able to cross the water and take the photo in the other direction.

    Maybe, one day, you could conduct an investigation (on this blog?) into whether there is a difference in preference from right to left / left to right scenes between men and women. (As you have previously suggested there might be.)


  8. It must have been great to get out and about in the SUNSHINE, Adrian! I'm glad you got the gold for a day at least. Maybe today is the same? I hope so!

    It's gorgeous here, the sun is shining and it's really warm out... and I'm stuck at work. Bleh!

  9. I am seeing more of England through your photographs than I ever did when I lived there,I had forgotten how beautiful the countryside was.Love all the pictures.

  10. What are the fences made of? The whole area looks so peaceful.

  11. Will get around to a full catch up tomorrow, Internet just up and running here so only have a few minutes time. Thanks all, will answer properly tomorrow.

  12. Bob it blows mine, so does the pub.
    Pauline here there is one for every other field Swaledale over the hill has one per field.
    fotomorfo, many thanks.
    John, it's easier on the eye. Were I shooting from a decent path I wouldn't do it though I do remember a guide book with pictures mirrored. just got the negative the wrong way up I assume. I'm very lucky I can hang around for the weather.
    M'sh John, yes had to move was going native.
    Trevor Ta.
    Lucy, I struggle to see a real difference between altering DOF, using super saturated film ie. Velvia or cheap old Kodachrome neither show the world as we see it. The fact is a camera can't. One rainy day I will post different leads and we will see.
    Penny, it's grand low sun so no unsocial hours. Blasted freezing though.
    Matron this time of the year it's the best.
    Technobabe, they are dry stone walls round here and are limestone a carboniferous rock made up of dead fish and sea shells. Bet you wished you hadn't asked.

  13. I was meaning I can adjust a photo to highlight what it is that I (as an individual) specially notice about a scene or an object - and that could be an atmosphere as much as an aspect. Similarly, one might adjust a picture to make the day closer to how one would have liked it . . . sunnier, for example . . . or a veiw better than it was . . . like . . . er . . . going the other way!


  14. Lucy, never believe a picture. Keep criticising me. It helps. I get in after a day or an hour and go through what I have shot, nothing new there but now I try and limit myself to 24 frames a day. Yesterday I slipped up 120 a tad over maybe. I collect nice skies and interesting logs, branches, rocks and wouldn't hesitate to drop them in a composite image. Will do a post of composites one day. All the best.

  15. Not critising - just adding interested comments!

    Keep warm.