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Tuesday 23 February 2010



I’m going to have a lazy day today, try and shake off a mild dose of ‘Man Flu’. The birds must be hungry for although I’ve hung the feeders from the van awning they are being used. Normally they only use them if they are in a nearby tree or bush.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        This Chaffinch is the only constant visitor.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       He is pretty selective chucking half of what he takes onto the floor. The ducks are grateful but now have some serious competition.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       Semi tame and is about as even tempered as most geese. Hissing at the hand that feeds it.

I’ve been having another look around noise reduction software and have found one that appears to work.


Before and …………………………….


It’s by Topaz Labs and this filter is  called Vivacity you can get a thirty day trial. It comes as a  ZIP compressed download and mine installed automatically once the file was unzipped. Also as long as you have PSE or PS open it should load straight into the filters menu, the last time I loaded one of their filters it was a real song and dance to get it into the correct folder. As with all of their stuff, it’s good if used with restraint.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Like this!! I actually am quite fond of this though I will probably regret admitting as much.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Or this!! Turned out quite arty have these branches. Arty is one word for it. If you want to see Topaz at it’s very best then have a look at the Topaz groups on Flickr. Have a stiff drink and sunglasses at the ready.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Collecting quite a selection of Geese and Ducks, all waiting for us to return, we also have a Robin and a Blackbird was wondering where they had got to.

The wind’s getting up now and we have a few days of snow forecast. Just hope I feel a little more lively tomorrow.


  1. I'm suddenly able to reach Blogspot Blogs again so I've come to visit.

    Really like the googe heads. We were trying to decide if there were greylags quarreling with the brent geese near us a couple of days ago.

    As usual, I don't understand your photographic re-arrangements but with the rain examples, I like the before better than the after.

  2. G'morning Adrian!

    Sorry to hear about the man flu! How does that differ from the Woman and Children flu again? ;o)

    The Chaffinch photos are brilliant and the ones of the goose made me laugh. I hate geese, they are mean! OK I don't hate them. They *are* mean though!

    The two middle photos made me nauseous. They're great photos and I like them but I couldn't look for very long, made my brain disconnect from my eyeballs I think!

    I'm having a giveaway for my followers... you should stop by! :o)

    Picture Imperfect Follower Giveaway

  3. Those portraits of the Greylag Adrian are excellent; second one especially.
    Good to see you've picked up some friends there lol

    And I rather like that bridge shot too. Interesting effect.
    Hope the 'flu' soon goes.

  4. Lucy, Rain, those are my pride and joy and are star trails......OK they do look like rain. Twenty two 30 sec. exposures blended together. OK it still looks like rain. Geese are forever quarrelling, it;s what they do best. Glad normality has returned.

    Krista already been by and on this occasion will have to reject your generous offer. Were I to win I can see all sorts of problems not the least of which would be forgetting to pass it on. THEY are my star trails. Geese are OK mostly noise. Have stuck up a few how to do it's on Seeing to Pictures it's in the sidebar. If they are any use I will do some more.
    Keith the goose is tame, well it will eat from your hand, when it's not hissing, which seems to be most of the time.

  5. Oh, er, stars, er . . . many apologies. (Really.)

    I did wonder why the rain was going round in circles.


  6. Lucy a mistake that's easy to make and doesn't require forgiveness. the image is rubbish but I couldn't sleep one night last week so thought I'd give them a try. It's the noise I was trying to rid.

  7. Great shots Adrian. I wish I had hitched a ride when you were in Cornwall. I envy you so. Life can be so dreary. I would give anything to be on the road to no-where in particular with just Trevor, Hesper and whatever came our way for company! At least if you can't sleep you don't have to drag yourself out of bed too early unless you want to (unless the dog needs a pee of course!) Enjoy my friend.

  8. Angie, thanks, Life is not always a barrel of laughs on the road, it's rarely dreary though. I will be down your way again. You are both welcome to pop by, plenty of sleeping space, well there is if I have a good tidy up. Snowing like the devil here, nasty wet stuff. Ugh!

  9. You are gathering quite a menagerie Adrian. Excellent goose and Chaffinch photos.

  10. Ta John, the poor devils are hungry, the floods earlier must have swept away a lot of food and now the lake is frozen it makes life even more difficult for them.