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Sunday 21 February 2010




Somedays one is the statue, I've got eight days here. As an aside I thank Keith at HOLDINGMOMENTS for this title.

I can’t really imagine being in a worse place, that’s cruel, there are loads of places much worse. It’s just that after last week or the last two weeks it’s a bit of a shock to arrive at a large site in a small town. We need food, gas and a few sundry bits and pieces. It’s also a big day for me a week Monday. So here for just over a week. There are, purportedly, Osprey just up the road and Otters here, hopefully enough to keep me from sin.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   We arrived, having victualled, to a pleasant if chilly afternoon, had a quick stroll, noted the ice on Derwentwater, went for a siesta and didn’t wake till dark.

We went out this morning to be greeted with this panorama…………….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter another very cold night Derwentwater is frozen, or almost. Just to add to the joys of life it is snowing.

It didn’t snow all day sometimes, for a change, it sleeted.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABlack Headed gulls in the snow.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  A couple of Canada Geese, no doubt enjoying the weather.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     I believe these two hills are Cat bells and High Spy, but will check with map and compass before the week is out.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      And will also identify these islands.

A sunny day is forecast for tomorrow, so hopefully we will get out and venture a little further afield.

As an aside I have started a new blog to help those, like me, who are relatively new to Photoshop Elements. It should be somewhere in the sidebar of this blog but just in case you can find it by clicking:



  1. Big day a week Monday? Mine's in April lol

    At least your scenery looks better than mine.
    A little early for Osprey I think; but the Otters should keep you out of trouble.
    I like the 'twin peaks'. ;)

  2. Very nice all round. I love the Lake District.

  3. Crikey - it looks cold. I don't envy you. Pity Molly is not bigger, to cuddle up to and keep you warm. If I were there, Hesper would most defitely be snuggled up to me tight all night! At least you can keep Molly warm though, and that's most important :-)

  4. I have spent so much time in the Lake District and CJ and Mum and Dad before us (and with us). CJ and I have been there recently. We thought it was busy in our hiking days (I can recall being on the tops in the middle of winter with scores of others tramping the remoter routes even back in the late '60s) I hate to think what it's like on the tops now. I know what Keswick was like.......

  5. Lovely photos. Enjoyed my visit.

  6. Lovely landscapes Adrian...brings back memories.

  7. Keith, Aye bus pass day. The osprey come to breed so maybe it will be April/May time.

    Jim it is great here.

    Angie, it is cold. The truck is warm enough, Molly doesn't seem to notice cold/wet it's hot they have trouble with. Oh! for hot.

    GB, not very busy, beautiful but only if one gets off the beaten track. I suspect that in summer every track is beaten.

    Abe, it's a grand area.

    Trevor the few days in Wasdale were magical, I decided on a new discipline 24 frames a day, so much for decisions!

  8. Woohoooo on Seeing To Pictures. I look forward to following this one!

    LOL@The Canada Geese enjoying the weather. It was probably like a tropical vacation for them. ;o)

    Hope you are feeling better soon!