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Tuesday 9 February 2010


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         GREAT GREY OWL…………Unusual to spot one of these next to the truck a magnificent bird…. He actually lives at The World Owl Centre in Muncaster Castle just up the road. I seem to recall that owls with yellow eyes hunt in the day, those with black eyes at night and the ones with orange, in between, at dawn or dusk. Not sure how much truth there is in this or whether whoever told me was filling me up……. turning my eyes brown!

We did go to the Owl centre but whilst waiting for it to open at ten o’clock had a walk down to the shore. Birds, I was up to my wellie tops in birds…. and mud, no duck boarding and hides here, we were also assailed by a bitter north wind so it’s just as well there was plenty to see.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA First up a Song Thrush and if it isn’t it’s a Mistle Thrush.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Sorry this Gold Crest is so small, well they aren’t very big and they don’t half shift. I have a dozen frames of empty twigs! I also have several scintillating images of tree trunks as we also came across a Spotted Woodpecker and a Tree Creeper. Though totally disparate in size, shape and colour both the latter have an uncanny knack of nipping around the tree trunk just as I depress the shutter.

After half an hour or so we made the sea side to be greeted with……………………….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Widgeon a male and two females and what could well be a Red Shank.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  An Oyster Catcher and a couple of Common Sandpipers.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA             A Ringed Plover, he was all on his own, keeping the Sand Pipers company.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA              On the way back we found this male Chaffinch and what I hope is his mate to be……….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                A Female Chaffinch. As usual there has been a fair bit of guess work involved with the identification so feel free to educate or contradict me. I’m running out of space for owls so will do a separate post for these. We are going back tomorrow as they hope to have a trainee flying session, I’m not sure whether this is for the owls or the staff but in either event it should prove interesting. I’ll leave you with this cute fellow……………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      A Pygmy Owl, it’s only about six inches tall and not so cute it kills birds much bigger than itself.  I suspect they are referring to Doves and Pigeons not Emus and Penguins though one never knows!

Not a bad haul for me, discounting the owls which were locked up. Getting pictures showing the owls eyes was a problem, it was a while before I realized they were looking down at Molly. I presume they do feed them, if not she had better watch herself tomorrow.


  1. WOW Adrian these are beautiful!

    I love the Great Grey Owl, that is a magnificent photo. I know what you mean about shooting locked up animals though, it's just not quite the same is it? I have marmoset monkeys on my page today... they are oh so cute but locked up as well and it just makes it a little bit sad.

    I LOVE the Ringed Plover. What a beautiful bird and a wonderful photo.

  2. A nice set of birds, especially the ones of the Owls.

  3. Cracking post Adrian and lovely images. You always manage to make me chuckle - Goldcrests do move quickly, as do Chiffchaff. Best time for the camera is in Spring and early Summer when they perch somewhere and sing! I get lots of twigs and tree trunk shots too :-)

  4. Hi Adrian...pity you missed Dent it is a delightful place.
    Very impressed with your latest bird haul especially that Oystercatcher as I well know they do not hang around when you are creeping up on them. What size lens did you use for that shot? How do you keep Molly still/quiet?
    Lovely Owl shots.

  5. A grand day's birding indeed. Who won in the owl staring competition - you, the owl or Molly? How well I know the dozen shots of empty branches syndrome. I still maintain birds have a built in radar detector for cameras.

  6. Penny it is sad, problem is these birds are losing habitat at an alarming rate and without captive breeding programs they would be gone for good.
    Bob thanks, the owls were easy apart from the mesh cages.
    Angie thanks, I need all the encouragement I can get at least most of these are in focus.
    Trevor not missed I have to go back to shoot some sugar sculptures after halfterm so will get there. Lens is a Sigma 50-500mm on a monopod. Molly is OK with birds she will stay. With the exception of Pheasants and Swans, which she insists on annoying.
    John the owls by a street. They never blink just follow the camera or dog, the latter they were probably sizing up for a snack.