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Wednesday 24 February 2010

JOHN RUSKIN (24/02/10)

Spring must be round the corner, last night it dumped that wet, slushy, abhorrent type of snow that is not conducive to any emotion other than depression. We had to get out so decided to have a wander down the lake. The highlight of our meanderings was this memorial to John Ruskin a 19th century, writer, painter, poet, critic and general odd ball.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis  is a vertical stitch of four images. (Quicker than changing a lens in the rain). If you are struggling to read the inscription then worry not. It’s of little consequence to anyone, excepting him it seems. It describes his first memory. A trip with his nurse to Friars Crag on Derwentwater. Nice example of the masons craft for all of that.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe saw some sticks, you can just tell it is one of those days.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Damp tree roots, doesn’t it just get better and better?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Here things are looking up.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     The lake is thawing and less amusing for it. not quite what it was expecting but pulling up abruptly in an inch of slush is preferable to skating out of control for yards.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    This was as good as it got………………Looking again it was worth going out for.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   The ice is definitely melting so with a bit of luck this ferry will be back plying his trade around the lake soon. Hopefully it will give us access to the far side and some deer, red squirrels and the ever illusive otter.

  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      On the way home the sun popped out briefly, there’s an awfully black cloud behind. we’d better get a move on.


  1. Hiya Adrian! Hope you're having a lovely evening. :o)

    What's up with those sticks? Did they used to be a dock or something? They look pretty high for a dock. Ancient altar for sacrificing virgins? Dunno... interesting anyway.

    I LOVE the duck shots. (that is a duck right?) He looks worried in the first one and very proud in the second! LOL!

    I like how the mountains blend into the snowy sky in the lake shot. It's kind of like an illusion but not really... a bit tricky that way you are. ;o)

  2. Dawntreader, thanks.

    Krista, am about buggered, just done a new seeing to pictures, very wild!
    The sticks part of an old jetty. Finding a virgin around here would be near impossible.
    The ducks are geese if you want a laugh see 'A good Chuckle' it's in the side bar,
    The mountains are straight out of camera bar levels adjustment. Me tamper, as if! Cheers

  3. Hello Adrian
    Hopefully the photos show that Spring is around the corner at last.

  4. These photographs are getting better by the post...I will refrain from mentioning I told you so. The Lake and snowy hills is my kind of photograph as you would probably have guessed.

    Are you at the lake where they have an Osprey Watch? I cannot quite remember if it was Braithwaite or something like that. Just curious.

  5. gwentman, hopefully, it may just turn out to be a long haul to Autumn.

    Trevor, I live and hopefully learn. Admire your stuff and when I saw that view this morning, thought cracked it. Imitation yes!Flattery, I hope so.
    No they are on Braithwaite the next one down. apparently they only come to breed. Have googled the job to find out if they are there but with no success. Any info would be much appreciated,

  6. Adrian, beautiful pictures. That one of snowy mountains above the lake is realy good. And the ones are Greylag Geese.

  7. It's Bassenthwaite - which may explain the inability to find it on Google - try

  8. Bob, thank you.

    John, thanks, forget who I am next. It tells you loads about Osprey on Bassenthwaite. They don't post a daily log that I've found. Someone would, one would think.

  9. I think this long winter is getting to us all mate. Great pictures though. Naturally I enjoyed the goose, and the sky in the last looks very threatening.

  10. Keith, Yes sat around for an hour waiting for a goose to land on the ice, cruel but on a drizzly day I have to find something to laugh at. I thought it looked ominous, didn't rain on us though.

  11. Adrian,you may have had a dull day,but you still managed to come up with some good photo's,I enjoyed them ,look forward to seeing some nice otter shots soon,not just foot prints of them as in Kiplings photo.!!!!

  12. Well observed shots on a flat day! If only there was a stop more light in the mountain shot, almost perfect symmetry!

  13. Matron thanks, He's a stride in front of me, we've searched miles of wet mud and not even seen a footprint.

    Kipling, thank you, was looking for a decent frame with branches but this is as good as it got.

  14. A very nice post. I enjoyed all the pictures and the things you photographed. Including the goose. LOL