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Saturday 20 February 2010


It was really cold night last night, I woke up freezing a couple of times. On the second occasion I decided to re format my memory cards. Quite why, at three in the morning, I’m afraid I can’t explain.

I’d noticed a waterfall on the slopes of Great Gable yesterday and today being overcast decided it would be a good idea to go water falling. Off we set at about half eight, walked for around half an hour and and just started the climb up the gully to the falls when a terrible fact  dawned upon me…….Memory cards…..Well bless my soul!… They are back in the truck. Retraced our steps, retrieved both cards and had a change of plan. This time we would look at a different set of falls and walk back over Yewbarrow hopefully getting some good views of Wast Water from a couple of thousand feet.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Nothing like as clear as yesterday but the cloud ceiling was still over three thousand feet with a gentle breeze cooling my sweaty brow. We turned left at the head of the valley and started the gentle climb up Mosedale the idea being to walk a mile or so up the valley then turn left again and head up a very steep gully to Dore Head and then on to Yewbarrow where a wonderful panorama would unfold. We stopped for a while at Risson’s Force.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                     Risson’s Force, a grand set of water falls….All these images taken with a 2 stop filter and polariser giving exposure times of around a second. Yes I did get wet and no the tripod wasn’t swept away. Hung onto it for grim death. I’ve never had much success with water falls, these are the best yet.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      The view up Mosedale with Steeple and Pillar at the head of the valley.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       The view down the valley with Lingmell and Scafell Pike. A lovely crisp day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADore Head a few hundred meters away. We made it to the scree just before the final bit of gully. It was just too slippery so back we came. Easier said than done, this is much steeper than it looks and I am a bit wimpy.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                No reason to post this except it’s amazing how I miss green,  a more welcoming sight than it’s size would suggest.

Although the skies had cleared there was a bit of high stratus around and as the beach at the head of the lake is only a wet, boggy quarter of a mile away of we set for the sunset.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                Whilst waiting I turned around and there was Lingmell reflected in a bit of bog….An icy bit of bog, I got a few of these------------------- and I got wet. Again!

P2182556_57_58_59_60_tonemapped_edited-1                 The sun doesn’t set straight down the lake, so this is as good as it got. The Creationists among you may like to explain why he had Sunday off, with just a touch more effort the job could have been perfect. By the way this is an HDR image. I can be subtle if I try.

The last couple of days have been the best I have had, we will see what tomorrow brings but if it pours all day it can’t detract from this experience.


  1. Excellent again. A truly beautiful part of the country, and you've shown it to its best.

  2. Keith thanks again, it is better than a lottery win. Makes up for a hell of a lot of crap days.

  3. Stunning scenery Adrian. I guess quite a few were made from multiple shots

  4. John only the latter of the sun going down thats five exposures _2ev to +2ev, then heaved through Photomatix HDR software. The waterfalls look to be but are just a single long exposure.

  5. I love the waterfall images! Isn't it fun to play with the filter and shutter speeds with waterfall shots? Great job!

  6. Ta Krista, I may head back that way, the odd thing is that I'm forty or fifty miles away by road but only fifteen walking. The Lakes are like the spokes on a wheel if you go to the valley heads you can hop over the hill to a new valley. Well gasp and wheeze over.