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Monday 22 February 2010

A GOOD CHUCKLE (22/02/10)

Still no sign of an increase in the night time temperatures, the days aren’t that much warmer. I took Molly out at first light for a wander down the lakeside. This Mallard has taken to greeting us in the morning, he sits under the bird feeder and I give it a shake on my way past.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    It doesn’t take them long to learn. Hopefully this Swan will be as astute, he stopped for a snooze and woke to find himself frozen in, a few degrees cooler or a bit of wind chill and he could have been in serious trouble.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     The ice here is only a millimetre or so thick, lucky lad.

Molly joined in the fun, doing her Jesus impersonation.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATwice she has fallen through but seems not to care. Probably likes admiring herself………..Vane beast! (Can never remember, should that be ‘vain’?)

I decided to go into town as, among all the other things I forgot whilst in the supermarket on Saturday, was to replace the fat ball feeder which is now adorning a tree in Ravenglass.

I must admit to feeling a little out of sorts today, so pay no head. I found the town  depressing. I did find a shop selling oiled Norwegian jumpers at £90.00p. I would like another so when I’m feeling on form will go and have a good haggle. I also saw some superb duvet jackets, mine has more gaffer tape than original material and not many feathers. Didn’t like to enquire after the price.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Moot Hall Keswick, not a good image, the sun was right behind it so it’s been selectively rescued. Not very well, I see a halo around the roof.

Decided to carry on to Lakeside, see if the rowing boats were out, there are thousands of shots of them so I wasn’t particularly disappointed to find they were away for the winter. Photogenic as they are!

I didn’t take a telephoto lens, lord knows why, I lug gear uphill and down dale. Today when it mattered the lens was a mile away. I spotted this skein of Grey Lags, I could see what was about to happen.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Here they come.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   The one on the left is great, covering it’s eyes.


The best bit was that the Mallard never thought to move. Chuckle? I almost had an accident. So did they I bet.

Just goes to show, It takes hours to capture something like this……..Properly!

We came home, hung the new feeder and went out looking for Otters or their tracks. Another heroic failure. Tomorrow I will look further afield. Otters are not big fans of humans or Beagles. Just pray that Molly is not tainted by comparison.




  1. I like the shot of Molly looking at her reflection in the ice,very cute.
    The sequence of photo's of the Gray lags,descending onto the lake are wonderful,helped all the more by your commentary.The weather you have there is much the same as we have here,the ice on the lake has been there since before Christmas and shows no sign of melting even though the sun is shining there is no heat to it.

  2. All the pictures are great. Your blog template is simple, but magnificent.

  3. Hay great images! I thought for awhile as I read and scrolled down that anew game had been invented 'mallard-pin-bowling perhaps! great light on the swan pic! "he says with more than a bit of envy"

  4. Matron, I will go out again and try and do the job right to freeze big birds shutter speed wants to be about 1/500 sec. Never had chance to do anything but press the button and laugh.

    Birdy, thank you, my blog templates have to be simple, much like the compiler.

  5. Kipling, the Swan was easy I had time, the geese,well? Better to fire away than not. Trouble is they learn quickly so the same chaos may not happen again. Such is life!

  6. Wonderful bird pictures, and that one of your Molly is a great shot!

  7. Great post Adrian.
    The Swan was lucky indeed. Lovely light on him too.
    Love the Greylag sequence, and the one covering his eyes lol
    Good luck with the Otters.

  8. Cheers Keith will need more than luck for Otters.
    The geese were funny expected total chaos but generally they seem to know what they are doing.

  9. Dawn Molly is easy, the birds well! You get what I get.

  10. A lovely picture of the Mute Swan, really good.

  11. Your picture of the Mute Swan is one of the greatest captures. Well done Adrian.

  12. Haha... the birds landing on the ice made me laugh. This must be what they mean by "hard water". ;o)

    Molly pretending to be Jesus had me snorting Pepsie up my nose because I was trying not to laugh out loud. Thanks for that, it still burns! ;o)

    I love the way you framed the top photo of the Mallard,he's a handsome fellow. And smart too!

  13. Great shots again Adrian. I think you did very well with the sequence. You would not have had that DOF with a longer lens and you would have been shooting at a much slower speed.

  14. Thank you Bob, more luck than judgement I suspect.

    Krista, glad to be of some value, drink water better for you and less painful, all the best.

    Trevor, Yes I think you are right, be good if they would keep doing it, then a few good close ups wouldn't go amiss. It's cruel to mock but they are very comical.

  15. I think if it came to a vote your blog would be right there amongst the Top Blogs. I really, really enjoy it.

  16. GB, thank you that is very kind. Finding it hard work today though.

  17. I'm pleased Bobby doesn't try the walking on water act.

  18. John it fascinates her. May be a case of what's good for the Goose is good for the dog!