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Thursday 4 February 2010

HEDGEHOG IN FOG (03/02/10)

image   Whilst setting up the repaired machine I came across the above theme in Google Chrome. Great isn’t it?…. ‘Hedgehog in the Fog’.

It’s now seven in the evening and all is back to normal with the exception of the printer drivers and associated paper profiles. Know I saved the latter somewhere safe!… As usual, can’t just remember where. Or what I called them. I only use two papers Perma Jet Oyster for weekdays and their Fine Art papers for Sunday Best so in theory the files should reflect this…………….So much for theory!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALychgate at St Leonard’s. These are part of the church and are presumably consecrated. There original purpose was to shelter clergy as they waited to greet the funeral cortege. For those of a macabre inclination or pub quiz compilers Lych is the old Saxon word for corpse. In line with the new honesty policy this image is processed from a single RAW file so as to get detail under the arch. The following picture has had a wheelie bin removed.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAn unusual gatepost of weathered limestone. Hopefully extracted from the Limestone Pavement in Victorian times. Theft of this unique material still occurs and is a despicable practise. OK, ivory poaching is despicable this is merely vandalism.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Sundial, the gnomon is set up accurately. it was within fifteen minutes of the correct time. I must investigate how it was done, embarrassing not to know when druids could do it.

We are in the midst of a snow storm but with a little luck the rivers will be full tomorrow and I will go waterfalling. Molly is getting fractious, as is her want when confined to barracks for more than a day.

 image    This flock of Starlings were shot at an altitude of thirteen hundred feet. Can’t recall ever seeing them at this height before. Could be normal, for all I know!

All the best.


  1. Bad luck with the hard disk failure Adrian, but glad to see you're up and running again. There's a very fine limestone pavement above Grange-over-Sands on the southern edge of the Lakes, if you're ever in those parts........

  2. With regard to your comment on my post:- 'Detest' is far to strong a word for my feeling about playing with photos. Some of your creations are absolutely brilliant. And I certainly have no objection to removing wheelie bins and other unsightly stuff (I'm just too lazy to bother!). In fact, if I weren't so lazy I'd probably say playing with the photos was a Good Thing!!

  3. I like the shot of the Lychgate, and blue sky.
    Just dull and grey here.
    Quite a few Starlings there in the last. Busily searching for food now the ground has softened a bit.
    Good luck with your profiles ;)

  4. Phil, thanks for that I had forgotten.
    John, Will have another look at your uncles pictures as there are some cracking images which ought to be preserved in all their original glory. Of course images have been dodged, burnt, cropped since the beginning not to mention multiple exposures, masking etc.. It's just so much easier now. I agree that I have been left shame faced in the past when some of my more outrageous efforts are taken at face value hence now I say. All the best.

  5. Keith, that's about a quarter of them hadn't seen them before or since. Nor had the locals I asked.

  6. I recall that sundial at the front of the church... it does tend to take your eye.

  7. Hi Adrian.
    I looked up that walk and it first took place on the 22nd July 2007 where over 2000 people raised £25,000 towards renovating the Old Station Master's house at Ribblehead. It was such a great success for the Friends of Settle Carlisle Line that they repeated it on the 26th July 2009 which is of course the one I read on the Weavers blog. The price was indeed £15-00.

  8. Trevor, the first time I saw the sundial it was so foggy that pictures were awful. Was amazed the next time to find it accurate.
    I think the line is safe as there is a plaque commemorating all the money spent by Network Rail on infrastructure. No doubt it still needs more work. Didn't walk up to the station as the mist came down again.

  9. Love the picture of the Lychgate and thanks for explaining the meaning of the word,I did not know that.
    Also,thanks for your comment on my photo's,I value your tips and your encouragement.

  10. Matron, thanks, the composition of the lychgate could be better, the path and wall should start bottom right to lead the eye. Enjoy the camera and if you can get a copy of Photoshop Elements version 6 on. Version 6 is all but free. You will need a tutorial book as brilliant though Adobe software is it could never be called intuitive. If you need help just ask or e-mail adrward@aol.com. Be patient I'm not always on line.

  11. You got some SUNSHINE! Yay!

    My favorite is the sundial - how amazingly beautiful. It leaves me to wonder why they would even have such a thing in a place where it's cloudy most of the time? LOL

  12. Penny, probably donated by a wealthy landowner who was given it for Christmas!