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Thursday 11 February 2010

MUSCLE MAN (11/02/10)

 Another brilliant bright sunny day, I can hardly believe my good fortune. Yesterday we called at the pub for a pie and a pint. Not really my sort of place, it’s smart!  As we were on our way back from Woodpeckering I had the camera. The young lady behind the bar said. ‘ Christ that’s a big one!’………’What’s it for?’ After a quick dress check I realised, with some disappointment, she was referring to the lens. To cut a long story short she hails from Millom a couple of stops down the line and said there there is a posh bird reserve with a proper man who looks after it and a shed you can go into to film every bird you can imagine. So off we went this morning…….Never did find it despite a three mile hike. Found a Tesco though so not a wasted trip.

Arrived back £3-10p return, no charge for the dog, called at the pub. The same girl said. ‘ What have you been up to this morning?’ Oh been down to Millom to look for the Bird Sanctuary, I followed the sign saying RSPB and never found anything but a prison. ‘Oh! you went the wrong way, should have said I could have drawn a map……Right dump is Millom’.  For one of tender years her assessment was spot on.

Had lunch on the truck and went back down to the foreshore, nothing today but Oyster Catchers.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Full of a new found confidence, I spent a while shooting them in flight.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This one decided me on tea………..Mussels..Did I title this Muscles..Oh well--- what is good for the bird can’t do me much harm, I hope!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Grabbed a couple of handfuls and inadvertently a wee crab top left……….Here it is, felt a bit guilty consigning him to the rubbish bin.

  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                      Smaller than my little finger nail, yet perfect.

The next picture is totally out of context.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           These cost £13.00p and seemed, when I happened upon them to be the answer to slipping about on ice. As is usual since my purchase I have had no need to wear them. Still handy to have as I’m sure this winter is far from over.

Not much happened today so will now cook the mussels and pray they don’t poison me.


  1. LOL... one of those times you *wished* you were having a wardrobe malfunction! ;o)

    Mmmm.... mussels. SO yummy! I sure hope you don't get poisoned! Please let us know how they turn out. (so I don't worry hehe)

    That little crab is so cute!

  2. Adrian I totally agree with you regarding your views on Millom ..a totally awful place and we had a very similiar experience as yourself. I was not over impressed with the top northwest by Maryport either. Still it takes me back on * the good old recall trip* which cannot be bad. Take care with the Mussels...you are a brave man if you just grabbed a few.
    Nice Oystercatchers by the by.

  3. Penny, yes and no, the wee lass was only nineteen. Mussels were fine and unusually everyone opened.
    Trevor, just one of those days but the avian population here is diverse and plentiful can't say I've been anywhere with as many birds.

  4. Do you realize I would give....oh, can't think of anything significant....but I would love to capture an oyster catcher shot like yours!!!

    Oh...and you wouldn't be the first to be lead astray but a "young lady behind the bar".

  5. Whatever next Adrian. Not only finding birds to photograph but capturing them in flight as well. Great.

  6. John, for a long time I forgot in all the excitement to bang the ISO up to around a 1000 and bright sunlight helps.

  7. Pauline, after investing a total of £2,500.00p in camera and lens I really have little option but to keep trying.
    Nineteen year old barmaids are right out of my league but it's nice to be in the north of the country. People seem to have more confidence than in the south and hence will chat about anything. Not knowing what they are talking about is never considered a reason for silence.

  8. You should have asked. I could have told you Millom was a dump. Good to know that it hasn't changed.

    I have dozens of Oystercatcher pics from both sides of the planet but nothing as good as those. Envious I am not. No really not. Hmmm. What was that about Pinnocchio?

    And some ideas never change. Many years ago Mum bought me a set of snow/ice studs like those (only black rubber instead of yellow plastic of course) for use in the Outer Hebrides. Ironically we rarely have that sort of weather and although I still have them this year when it is like that I'm not there!

  9. gb. Don't know what they are like to wear will, like you, probably never find out.