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Friday 12 February 2010

STILL HERE (12/02/10)

Not poisoned so that’s alright. The mussels though a bit gritty were fine, should have let them soak for a day but being somewhat impetuous by nature that wasn’t an option. Was out of bread so had to make do with couscous, that after a visit to the shop yesterday, a shopping list would make life more predictable but also less interesting.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                 That’s supper.

We are off out to irritate some Herons later and as there is a bit of cloud around will take a few landscapes. May even hole up in the woods for a while and try and get a snap of a complete Woodpecker.


  1. You are starting to seriously annoy me now, Adrian. Not only do you take photos like I can only dream of...now you cook better than me, too!

  2. Pauline I doubt that, a free meal too, discounting the wine and a rasher of bacon to go with sandy mussels.

  3. My unintentional bird watching pleasure was a flock of Brent Geese waddling out onto the sea.

    I also came across what, from a distance, looked like an Egret huddled up against a jetty in a North East wind. We do have Egrets round here but they usually like a less exposed position. Can't think what it was otherwise.

    Good luck with the complete Woodpecker.


  4. There is nothing like fresh sea food and your dinner looks wonderful,the photo of it is good too.!!
    I am nervous collecting mussels from the rocks,I did poison myself once.I know they should be closed tight,but one must have escaped my notice,glad you enjoyed yours .

  5. Lucy, most likely an Egret they have got as far as south Wales and I'm told there are some in the Lakes.
    Matron, all these opened, the foreshore is about a foot deep in them but I went at low water and grabbed a couple of handfuls from the water, my sort of hunting they don't bite nor run away.

  6. Love my mussels in white wine and garlic and cream and, oh yes, a few herbs or some parsley with French bread. France beckons this summer! Er. No, it is summer . Er perhaps I mean next summer. Er...

  7. Yes the French do them best, but they are too rich I find if you have them with cream or a cheese sauce. La Rochelle do them by propping them up on a board covering in herb twigs and setting the whole job lot on fire.