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Friday 5 February 2010

STIR CRAZY (04/02/10)

Got up this morning to a green and pleasant land, not a sign of last night’s snow and after two days reconstructing my virtual life decided a walk was in order. We are just outside Kirkby Lonsdale and there on the map were some Roman fort remains. Seemed like a good idea to head that way so off we trotted…………

image    Full of the joys of spring………….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Snow drops…Ok not quite but the season is moving in the right direction.

I had taken a long lens to capture rare birds and mammals, as usual what did I find……………….


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      A Sparrow on a barn………………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          A Robin in a bush and…………………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A Swale Dale sheep, not bad fauna for me, though not what I was hoping for.

We spent an hour negotiating stiles that would have put an assault course to shame, never did find the roman remains but for flat country it was fine.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         More park than country, a Horse Chestnut……I hope!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         A pleasant brook where I was expecting a Roman fort.


A newly laid hedge, looks like vandalism but they are great, stock proof and bird friendly.

On the way home the muck spreaders endeavours were all too evident and Molly, in trepidation of a shower, decided a clean on the grass would be expeditious. ‘The best laid plans of mice and men------- and dogs’! The ground was frozen hard to within an eighth of an inch of the surface. The surface was liquid mud, she assumed she was clean!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Good days and bad days……..Can’t win them all. She or I.

The last word or post script………….Found the paper profiles lurking under ‘I’ for IMPORTANT. Sometimes I’m positive I am a complete loon, why did I do that? Files beginning with ‘P’ would indicate profile, paper, photo, Perma Jet. ‘C’ for Colour but no, blasted ‘I’ for Important. Mad as a box of frogs I may be but all’s fine now.

Before I go can anyone other than a touch typist explain why we have a ‘caps lock’ button?  For peasants like me a veritable pain. Half this post was composed in upper case whilst new sentences started with lower case……………I know, should either look what I’m doing or learn to touch type.

Happy days.


  1. Some lovely images there Adrian, but the one of Molly is my favourite! She's cute.

  2. Given that your are near Kirby Lonsdale (unless you've moved already) and the weather is clearing up then you really should go see Ruskin's View -- just at the back of the Church in Kirby Lonsdale, or if you prefer a walk involving a few hundred steps then park near the old bridge on the main road and follow the river upstream until you are forced up the steps. According to the plaque at the view point: The view in front of you was described by John Ruskin in 1875 as 'One of the loveliest in England, therfore in the World'. Painted by Turner in 1822 the scene presents a gentle panorama of river, meadow, woods and hills in almost perfect balance.

  3. lovely post, love that look on molly's face,
    I think thats an oak tree ?
    Today for me is the big move, managed to get a reliable person to do the heavy work of lugging the furniture down from the fourth floor and up to the new fourth floor appartment. getting too old for these silly moving games. I need a holiday
    I have a good reason too as I have a new zoom lens
    ef 100-400 should get some better photos of the birds who do not like me getting to close,
    and before you get jealous its a retirement present from my children.

  4. Angie for an animal that had spent half the morning leaping into freezing water it's odd she detests a warm shower.
    Mark thanks for that will be in the area for another week so will have a look next fine day.
    Tony, good luck with the move and the lens.

  5. Somehow I missed reading the post where you mentioned the computer failure. Anyway you seem to be back up and running OK now.

    Molly looks to be thinking, 'What do you mean I still need a bath? Some people are never satisfied.'

  6. John, a week that nightmares are made of. Wouldn't be so bad if I knew nothing about computers a little knowledge is not only dangerous but very frustrating. Still having installed a couple of drives and Windows 7. I know much more than I did.
    Aye the mucky wee dog, suppose she wasn't to know it was putting on grass!

  7. caps locks is for non-touch typists. Touch typists are much more likely to hold shift.

  8. Ah! the Romans, what did they ever do for us any way! Has any one ever pointed out that you look like a famous cricket pundit? And as for sparrows on sheds, we have a rather old fashioned friend with a beard to match that of WG, Grace who once remarked to a wild life photographer friend of mine " if you want pictures of sparrows go to a council estate"
    "really! why"
    "they flock there to pick the straw out of the mattresses thrown in the drive ways"
    But there again he has a 1930's JAP lawnmower with a collection box fabricated out of a shot down Messerschmitt 109, and still calls Germans The Bosch!! So you can forgive him for that.
    Keep trying for those birds though, it's my experience that you only ever see them when you have no camera, or it's to dark!

  9. Good morning Adrian! It's great that you got out and about again. I know all too well how hard it is to stay cooped up - especially when the weather is good! :o)

    Molly is so funny and your descriptions of her always make me giggle. Of course she assumed she was clean - I don't see any mirrors lying about out there. ;o) I have to laugh about the ground being frozen. Sometimes Jimmy will try to dive in the grass too and realize that the grass is the *only* thing not frozen solid... BOINK his head goes on the ground. No wonder he's so... *touched*. lol

    Filed under *I* for important. I love it. I work in the IT department at work and see stuff like this all the time. Cracks me UP!

    Anyway... your pictures are, as always, intriguing and fun! I really like the sheep one and the creek one. Isn't that funny how the map was misleading? Perhaps there aren't actually any *visible* ruins left? Sometimes here you'll see historical spots on the map but really it's just a reminder of what WAS there... hmmm...

  10. Lovely photo's and I adore the one of Molly.Glad the sun came out for you, it makes your photographs ',spring'like,not like us at the moment,covered in Irish mist,grey and raining.

  11. Keep 'em coming Adrian. Hope Molly got herself all shipshape again ready for a repeat tomorrow .

  12. That has to be one of the best 'doggie' pictures I've seen. And I've seen a lot! Whoever says dogs don't have expressions is, well, wrong!