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Friday 26 February 2010

ONE HAS TO LAUGH (26/02/10)

Otherwise one would cry, the weather is vile. We have been out for the best part of three hours and all we have to show for our endeavours are a heap of wet cold clothing and a very damp dog; there’s something all pervasive about the odour of wet dog, it sort of clings to the back of ones throat.

If you are feeling a little down today then perhaps it may be better to give these images a miss, like the weather, they are a bit on the gloomy side of things.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Is it going to brighten up?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       Definitely brighter.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        Enough light for a reflection.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Back came the rain, more sleet now and feeling cool.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHanging out to dry…..Fat chance.

After overnight snow the forecast is for sunny periods tomorrow, that’ll be nice, we will see.

If there are any otters on this lake then they are not on the bottom half, not even seen tracks and the lake is low so plenty of mud around for them to walk in.


  1. Just about as dull as Luxor we had a 24 hour sandstorm dust has got everywhere I only chanced a couple of shots at the poor kestrel fending off the crow not a stroke of sun only through a white haze or whatever colour the dust is.
    but at least its not cold. and yes I remember My collie after a good soaking and that strange smell that hung around as she dried off.
    good old days.

  2. I agree Adrian. There is nothing else quite like the odour of wet dog. It has been raining here most of the day. That turned to snow just as we went walkabout.

  3. Tony, it is a unique odour. Sorry your weather is not up to par. You have enough problems without weather adding to them.

    John, I don't mind proper snow, perhaps I should have headed further north plenty up there. Molly's not too bad, well there's not that much dog but it sure stinks!
    Missed your Friday at the flics, though found your hover fly post so that went some way towards compensation.

  4. I had a wasted birding day but I would like to be up in the Lake District now. The landscape potential is fantastic and I like the gloomy images even if others do not. The second photograph for me. Well done.

  5. Trevor, I hate gloom, I also dislike Ruskin, it's what makes the world go round. So well worth reading!
    I'm not too hot on dull but if one hangs around even a murky shot can have a plus point. Ta.

    PS Cook tea tonight I need to see more art.

  6. Derwent water is my favourite lake in the lake district, but I have to admit I've never seen it look that gloomy ;-) Weather has been no better down south until around lunchtime today when the sun finally came out from wherever it's been since January!

  7. But that top photo is VERY UP-lifting!


  8. Helen, does it have otters? Wastwater for me but horses for course..Thoughts are with you. How's dad doing?

  9. Lucy, Not if you are standing there praying Olympus gear is water tight........It is.

  10. That second shot is a belter Adrian.

    Looks like the weather I had today, cold, windy and wet.

  11. I've no clue about the otters I'm afraid - according to the distribution maps they're all over Cumbria, but I can't find anything about Derwentwater specifically. No news on Dad yet... no news is good news I hope!

  12. Even in the gloom those first two photos are beautiful. Well, they all are but I love the first two especially. And I agree about the smell of wet dog.

  13. Keith, thanks yes very cold and wet but next to no wind here.

    Helen, Thinking of him. Bit of a long shot, OK they are nocturnal but would hope to see evidence of them.

    Pauline, thanks almost worth going out for.

  14. That branch with water dripping is MAGNIFICENT!!!

    Voila... the large aperture effect...? Or maybe just the macro effect. But it's a great shot, regardless!

  15. Not macro, Krista it's what I call my jobbing lens, dearest thing I ever bought it will focus down to 9" and is a 12mm-60mm, zoom don't ask but it was about the same as the camera body. Serious bit of kit.