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Tuesday 19 July 2011

BURGLED (19/07/11)

I’ve been burgled, nothing to worry about all I lost were three fat balls. I replaced them this morning but was mystified as to where they had gone. There are no Starlings around so the usual culprits could be disregarded. We returned from a showery walk and whilst having a cup of coffee I noticed this wee mite.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         A young Grey Squirrel………….not one but three all together.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       Made it…………………………………………………………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         That’s better…………………………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          And better still………They are a pest but very photogenic and wonderful to watch.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHow they manage to climb a shiny metal pole is a mystery to me but not to them………..they have no trouble at all. It is just like having my own private circus.

Whilst on the walk we found rain and precious little else.

_7195434_5_6_7_8_tonemapped2_edited-1A horse in HDR. I took five bracketed exposures of this to try out the anti-ghosting software, it's impressive. The wind was blowing her mane around and she wouldn’t keep her ears still.

It’s MOT day tomorrow and I’m expecting a two day job. Then off to Ingleborough on Friday. There is no internet there so there could be a dearth of posts till Monday.

Look after yourselves and have a good week.



  1. Squirrel do nick things that's true, so do we occasionally.

  2. AW! I love me some squirrels! And horses! You hit two of my fave critters today. Great post. I like the horse in HDR but my eyes wish it were a tad darker. Could be just the difference in my monitor...

  3. Squirrels are great burglars they can get to anything.... very clever!

  4. Ale ta wiewiórka musi się namęczyć,żeby skubnąć coś smacznego. Pozdrawiam

  5. Squirrels! great shots but what a nuisance, they keep stealing the fat balls from the birds, I have had enough of them...
    And rabbits as well...if anyone has a tip on how to get rid off rabbits, please let me know...nothing seems to scare them off, they come to eat my flowers under my windows with my dog (Golden Retriever...a softy in other words!)sun-bathing a few meters away!

  6. I have the same problem in my garden... they great acrobats...

  7. You have to admire the agility of a squirrel; but a bloody nuisance, nonetheless lol
    Great set of the thief, and the horse is a beauty.

  8. I had a great chuckle over the squirrel photos, very good, love those little guys. I like the horse photo as well.

  9. You've captured a great set of squirrel images there Adrian,they can be a nuisance at times but it's still great fun to watch their antics.

    Also nice HDR on the horse.

    Predictions for the 'ring this w/e
    Wet = Hamilton
    Dry = Vettel
    outsider = Schumi?

  10. HI Adrian...I have never seen anything like the ability, and determination of a Squirrel!
    I have tryed every thing but have not been able to stop them....even seen them walk on a cable line!! lol
    Liked your shots of the thief...comical they are !!
    The one foot on the pole and one on the feeder is great!!
    Have a good trip ...Grace

  11. Brilliant photos of the squirrels.

  12. Awesome pictures of these robbers. great CCTV action !

  13. https://wildaboutwales.wordpress.com
    back home in Wales lots of these greys about in Newtown, too many! lots of hazle nuts on the trees this year and already the squirrels are stripping the trees there wont be many left by the time they rippen,

  14. Those squirrels are just too adorable. You couldn't possible get annoyed with them. Beauty of a horse.

  15. Love how you captured the antics of the squirrels. Even the ones taken at an unfortunate angle look great!

  16. Great set of mug shots of the fat ball thief.
    Very impressed by the horse photo as there must have been movement between shots no matter how fast they were taken.

  17. I really admire squiggles for their agility. They are, I think, the only animal we have that can run down a tree trunk as easily as it can run up it.

    At the cost of three fat balls those photos were a bargain!

  18. Thank you all for your comments.

    Krista, the horse is a bit light.

    John, they were taken in a burst of five.....yes lots of movement in the mane and ears. I was impressed Photomatix could deal with it.