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Sunday 3 July 2011

PEASANTS (03/07/11)

Up, coffee’d and out an hour after sunrise………….a perfect day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     This Pied Wagtail had already caught it’s breakfast.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     A thistle basking in the sun.

_7034891_2_3_tonemapped_edited-1OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We followed the stream down through the wood……….this waterfall is twenty or so feet high. A lovely cool stroll.

Yesterday we moved a quarter of a mile down the hill and are now parked behind…………….


_7034871_2_3_4_5_tonemapped_edited-1  The Pheasant Inn…………I see I missed an ‘H’ out of the title………….not to worry. What’s an ‘H’ between bloggers?

_7034899_900_901_902_903_tonemapped_edited-1  This is an old horse drawn plough……….Peasants used these so I’m back on track.

Which is more than the steam trains are. Few and far between today. We have been out twice for train video but the heat drove us home after forty minutes or so.

Now I have a suspicion that these Weasels are young Stoats. They are weasel size but have a black tip on their tails…………..Wonderful to watch so it more than made up for the lack of steam.

Have a grand week.


  1. It's great fun following your adventures Adrian. Lovely photos throughout, the thistle is pretty spectacular!

    By the size of it the Pied Wagtail looked like it had breakfast, dinner and tea rolled into one.

    The waterfall looks very picturesque and I don't know why but there is something about the old plough too.

    They definitely look like Stoats to me but the stars of the show were Molly and Alfie.

    'Weasels are weasily recognisable and Stoats are stoatally different'... Don't blame me I only repeated it.

  2. Jan, The thistle needs a bit of work for print. The Wagtail is a young one......it found the larva and didn't want to relinquish it or lose it so took it up on the cable. The old plough has had a texture applied. They are young Stoats but 'Stoats On The Sailway' Was not poetic enough for me. I was going to work your last sentence in but knew someone else would............Thanks.

  3. Adrian your thistle is stunning, great set and as always an interesting post.

  4. I'm with Jan here; a Stoat. Cracking video Adrian, and lovely to see the stoats. Molly and Alfie on best behaviour as usual.
    Looks like you've found a great place to stop.

  5. The water pictures look nice and cool. We've had the sort of day here when you're just waiting for thunder but it never comes.

  6. Kevin, thanks not a bad morning all in all.

    Keith, they are Stoats there were four tumbling around and chasing each other for five minutes. Pity I had my video and train head on. It is good here but I suspect in winter it will be better.

    Monica, it is very hot but a slight breeze so bearable. I t was thundery here last weekend but nothing came of it.

  7. Beautiful images and countryside. I really love your Waterfall image. Great work.

  8. love the thistle shot!
    the shots along the stream are breath-taking! I actually said, "Ohhh," out loud. would I love to be able to walk where you are
    thanks again for my uncle's photo cleaned up- generous of you to spend the time.
    enjoy your weekend

  9. A lovely post to read. Fantastic images and I love the way you shrugged off the title...

  10. That's a fun glimpse of the weasles. I liked your opening photos, too. Was that you narrating the video?

  11. Horst....glad you came by, have a good week.

    Norma, It is a lovely place. The photo was no problem I did while my porridge was cooking.

    Andrew, it was quicker to write round it than change it..........slow news day.

    Jolynne, they are stoats but I already had the video title in my head as soon as I saw them....they are pretty similar so not a heinous sin.

  12. Jolynne, yes that was me........muttering away.

  13. Look at the colour of that thistle! Amazing. I was having a lovely time scrolling through your post, then came face to face with my age at the sight of the plough. I've been trying to describe one of those to my grand-daughter while telling her how I used to walk beside my grandfather behind the horse pulling the exact same plough. At least now I have a photo to show her. Thanks.

  14. Pauine, the thistle has had a bit of attention. I posted some pictures of these ploughs working I'll try and remember when.
    I'm better organised than I thought here it is.

  15. What a great blog, with the pub, I like that.

  16. Yet another cracking post. One day I'll read your blog before everyone else has said it all.

  17. Hi Adrian..Love the photo of the old plough..that's great stuff...remember my Uncle Lester using one of those...when your little those horses are just huge!!lol
    The video cracked me up...I was hoping to hear a train whistle....but the Sloats made up for it..haha!!
    Your photos are great, and life looks great!!

  18. Bob, this pub is a proper one, not even got a till, they use a tin box.

    Graham, I'm a bit short of copy these days. I enjoy summer but prefer the other three seasons.

    Grace, The horses are huge when one is six feet tall. I was hoping for a train but the Stoats were more than compensation. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit.

  19. A great variety of wonderful shots. A great play on words with the title.

  20. Jay, thanks......pity about the trains.