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Thursday 28 July 2011

FAILED (28/07/11)

Now I thought I was on a roll………….NO!….. We were out at the crack of dawn for some wonderful images of a Kingfisher and a Wren. I saw the Kingfisher………out of the corner of one eye so we sat down…..dogs being basically lazy are always ready for a lie down so no worries there. I waited and waited and waited some more…………..YES!.. It flew back I never saw it but heard the sonic boom. They are supposed to be territorial, two hundred yards one way and two hundred the other………………all rubbish! I scoped and scoped every inch of four hundred yards no sign of Fisher or feather. Rubbish is my book on optometry…….perchance I have the wrong book. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is where I saw it.

The second objective, goal, call it what you will was to get a definitive image of a Wren. Little devils they are, our smallest bird…………..if you ignore the two that are even more littler’er……….you are thinking he doesn’t know…….I do!……..Well I know one, Firecrest……and another………just kidding……….it begins with a ‘G’. I may be daft but I’m not stupid. Answer available via my comments but only if you ask.

The Wren is also territorial but limits aspersions to a few tens of yards. They are hiding their young in all the undergrowt’………….(wash my mouth out with soap)…..I should say fascinating plants on the banks of the canal. I can hear them  but failed to get a shot.

So off I went to Church…………..I was in need of HIS help………….I was Bloody desperate!…… On the way I snapped this………………………….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This wee barge gives free rides at weekends………Has to! Who’s going to pay to sit under a tent on a boat?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Church on the Hill………St Patricks Crooklands.

I Googled  Saint Patrick and found this gem. If you consider me a slate loose then read THIS………..Please click. It is wonderful, a little frightening as well. The roman catholic church is a source of cheap and easy laughs. So no entertainment there. One thing does worry me, not a lot, so don’t panic. If if all children are born in sin……………Where did the F..king Pope come from?

Off I toddled up the hill to pray and offer a fiver to The Lord of All he Surveys and all he Created. Please make the King fisher sit still with a fish in it’s beak. Waste of a walk he was out and had locked up…….Often the case.

I had fun with the church…………………………

_7285677_78_79_80_81_tonemapped_edited-1It is not this big really.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s this big. too big to be sitting idle.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt has whimsy, precious few use them so they should be taken over for secular use. They are wonderful buildings…………….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Hedging my bets here. The cross is still visible but it is dreadful. I want to go where Amy Winehouse has gone. There must be more than one heaven………..I could not stand living for eternity without the Amys of this world.

Have fun we are off to Derbyshire tomorrow……………I’ll post when I can.


  1. I love the fourth image...very creative perspective..


  2. You've worked some great magic on that church Adrian.
    Good luck with the Kingfisher; I've been trying for years to get a decent shot out in the wild.

    That link is amazing. Some of those comments are priceless; and a little scary, to think that some of those folk walk amongst us.

  3. I do like that picture of the church on the hill, seen from afar - and also the next one, looking up... Makes it look really impressive. And the flow of the clouds in the sky helps! :) (There's no building that beats nature itself)

  4. A wonderful read and your images are amazing Adrian... just a pity no birds.
    Better luck next time.

  5. A stoter of a post even by your standards Adrian. I never took you for a churchgoer I have to say but desperation obviously overcame reason. By the way if you want Kingfisher photos pop over to The Cottage in Napier for a while! No probs. Mind you CJ and I chased a couple of Wrens and their young round a bush in my garden yesterday to no photographic avail. They played fast and loose with us popping in and out at different spots until we gave up.

  6. I like the ground-up view of the church. Cheer up, even if you didn't get the birds you wanted, you got some great landscape views.

  7. Trevor, I was lying on my back.

    Keith, whoever wrote the link is dafter than a sack of spiders.
    Kingfishers are fast for a little fat bird.

    Monica, I like the church on the hill. Nature and buildings are different. There is beauty in most things if looked at properly.

    Andrew, birds are there to test my patience. It's all good fun.......even messing with perspective.

    Graham, I admire ecclesiastical architecture. I have misgivings about much of the twaddle preached inside it.
    Wrens are fast and unpredictable little things..brave though.

    JoLynne, I'm happy.......It is annoying they lock churches, most are beautiful, many stunning.

  8. Excellent and entertaining post Adrian and some great pictures of the church.

    "Wonderful images of Kingfishers and a Wren" eh, you obviously like a good challenge?! It would probably be easier to convert all the sinners!

    W/e prediction : I think Vettel and Red Bull have this one in the bag already! (watch Alonso tho')

  9. Shame you went to see that KF, and sight of the Wren, nothing doing. But, you snapped of "our holiness" locked in the church.

  10. Trevor, They drive me crackers. A couple of years ago I was moving boats on the river Dart and saw dozens of Kingfisher. After work went out in the RIB with camera and not one to be seen.
    I hope Vettel doesn't win.......it will about wrap the job up.

    Bob, I win some I loose some. I think he was locked out like me.

  11. Terrific photos of the church...on a sunny day as well! Greetings from equally sunny France! :D

  12. Dee Bee, we have enjoyed a few good weeks.

  13. Why be so disappointed that you didn't get the birds today, you are a "variety" photographer and this set proves it. I love the peaceful barge shot, amongst this set ... it reminds me of something you would see at a maritime funeral cortege !! I like the church on the hill and your treatment of it.... particularly involving the tree as well.
    Yeah, we need to step outside our little box and realise that the Pope has the human fallibilities like the rest of us, in our own strength we all fail and there are two places on the other side. ;-)

  14. Jay, I just love being out with the camera. Not in towns though. The CofE could make a fortune if they put card locks on churches and charged a modest fee for supplying the cards.