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Monday 25 July 2011

THE WHOLE TRUTH (22/07/11)

One should never expect the whole truth form ones leaders. there are some decisions they have to make that I would be totally incapable of and many I would rather be unaware of.  What I do ask is that they are credible. The two clowns we have in this country are a disaster. The third in opposition is no better…………Who said one gets the government one deserves? Damage limitation should be all about intelligent dissemination. If any facts are going to surface or if there is a chance of them doing so then it’s important to own up immediately.

The best Cameron could come up with was I may have bumped into some of these people socially……He lives in Chipping Norton. If I went to Chipping Norton I can guarantee that there would be little in the way of a meetings by happenstance. They all live behind locked gates.

I listened to Prime Ministers Humble Pie Time the other day. He had flown back especially. Why? He was on serious trade business. For us or for him? News international were in trouble and so is he. All I recall is his repetition of.

‘ No inappropriate discussions took place.’ “I REPEAT NO INAPPROPRIATE DISCUSSIONS TOOK PLACE.’ He was partying with Jeremy Clarkson a man who rarely has an appropriate discussion about anything………..bless him.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                    For those that enjoy an irreverent approach to our brave and fearless leaders then this comic is the one. Even better now it incorporates the News Of The World.

We now have a six week break from, hesitation, deviation and out and out lying. Go on Westminster do us all a favour, take six months off. We have more government than we know what to do with.

That’s all for today, I’m away to Ingleton now.


  1. I'm not very good with politics, and even worse with politicians. I'd shoot the lot if I had my way.

  2. Keith, I wouldn't go that far, I'm not into blood sports. Plus the fact most are so fat they would offer little in the way of a challenge.

  3. And six weeks without obfuscation. Hail the start of the silly season for the various rags. Murdoch the elder always reminds me of a Mekon. Bring back Dan Dare to sort the country out.

  4. John, the younger is a bit space cadetish. I took a bit of a shine to Rupert's wife.

  5. I'm not big on politics either but a keen observer of .... Have I got news for you !!
    It's funny how we see the same kind of thing with most party leaders. They all want to change the world but when they come to power, their business is affected by things outside their control ( will they never learn from their predecessors ?!) Government becomes all about saving face and an ego trip for a bit spin. Someone once had a feeble campaign to make Jeremy Clarkson Prime Minister ... someone who will take you on a different kind of spin and speak loads of meaningless words that only those in the know understand ! Lastly it's a shame that the only people in the know step over the line as they think that they can change the world as well !

    ... or to put it another way, they are all like ants in my garden waiting for the unsuspected arrival of the owner that has come to sort them out !

  6. Jay, they are by nature arrogant and self serving. They may start out with a slight penchant for public service but they soon end up with their snouts in the trough. This lot are professional politicians but with no professional ethics or qualifications. An awful bunch.