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Wednesday 6 July 2011


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     We were a little late out this morning…………the shepherd beat us and so did his dog. This is about a quarter of the flock. They keep moving them away from the house in case they terrorize tourists.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Folk still flock here and despite the renovation it is well worth a visit………..the gardens, sculptures and water features are stunning. I will try for an early morning trip round sometime. Please Your Lordship.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  This is the Hunting Tower if you go here to VIEWS FROM THE CASTLE you will find Matron lives in it’s sister. To get it at it’s best is a winter evening job so it can wait.

It was a long lens day, the weight of the damn thing plus monopod just about has me on my knees.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  I found the Grey Heron but a wily bird. I got the dogs to stay and lying down crept forward to include it’s full reflection, no sooner was I in position and mucking about with the focus ring than away it went…….ungrateful bird! Didn’t even have the good grace to croak! I suspect that as I gain knowledge of their comfort zones then picture quality will improve. this is the closest I’ve got yet.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Whilst stuck in a somnambulant posture I refocused on these Coot chicks. Scruffy little things. At least one is making an effort to polish up.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It looks as if a second clutch is hatching……………..I’m still horizontal, getting damper by the minute who cares? My partner for lunch later……………Maybe!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Fallow Deer and fawns. These deer hide their offspring in dead bracken. The wee ones don’t smell so nothing can find them, they can run now. Great to see them…………..Their dads are banished from the kindergarten to grow a fine set of antlers. Holy Hell in a month or so.

I’m still prone but it is starting to rain.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Mallard chicks and mum………….again, a second brood. Am I dead? No. Can I stand up? No.

Whilst contemplating the options along came a Dipper and it’s sibling. How many of these can you tolerate? I loved watching them, the rain came, the rain went, the rain came back again.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       Okay one more………………………….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Now I know my mum and dad can walk under water but it takes some working out.

I did get up from my somnambulant position. (I  Love that word).  Have been for a pub lunch in grand company, suspect another wash is about due.

I may be missing tomorrow as I have to look at a second hand macro tripod head and drive back north.

It was a lovely if damp morning. All images will enlarge, they are cropped but not to extinction.

PS. Anyone wanting alternatives to these Dippers then apply by e-mail, I have dozens or tens if you are from European mainland. It was so good watching them. So were the dogs they went to sleep!


  1. That big house was nice, I still don't know what to call it.......
    The Dippers are having fun, learning what that thing is about, a river!

  2. BOB, Chatsworth the seat of the Duke of Devonshire

  3. A lovely place to visit and not that far for me.
    Beautiful images and the Heron is a great capture.

  4. I didn't ask but i presume you have to be out "quite early" to get such photos...all very nice!

  5. I walked right up the water 'staircase' about 7 years ago on one of my frequent Chatsworth visits when I was considering moving to Belper. I loved the notice by the 'staircase' which said something like 'You are welcome to walk in the water but be careful it's slippy'. Wonderful permission and common sense - obviously no lawyers involved.

  6. Another cracking set Adrian.
    The prone position certainly yields excellent results.
    Love the shots of the Dipper, naturally. :-)

  7. Great images my friend, love your photos.

  8. Adrian,thank you for keeping your promise.Our towers have conical tops ,as opposed to the domed tops at Chatsworth.An additional wing was added to the original towers at some point in time.

    Your photos are great and I never get fed up of seeing dippers,I have not got a shot of one this year, yet.

  9. Andrew, it is a cracking spot.

    Dee Bee, I'm usually out for six o'clock. Best time of the day.

    Graham, I'm trying to get garden access outside public opening times..........So is the other half of the world. I'll succeed. I hope.

    Keith, it's down to you. If one stops still the bird comes to Mohamed. Dippers are grand.......twenty images not one with a beak full of food.

    Horst, it's great to have you visit. Thank you.

    Carolyn, I'll be back in winter and give it a post of it's own.
    Dippers are quick wee things and I couldn't get close enough. these are just babies. No chestnut colour on their heads.

  10. So that's what's between me and great wildlife shots--I'm too much of a sissy to shoot from my belly in the mud. I'll work on that, because these are some great shots. The crane is beautiful, even without the reflection.

  11. Jolynne, not great but I did by a poncho.