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Friday 29 July 2011

A STUDY IN PURPLE (29/07/11)

A dull and overcast morning with nothing around with the exception of a rook or two. So I swapped lenses and decided on a bit of the macro malarkey.

As regular visitors will know my knowledge of flora is abysmal, I’m trying to rectify this state of affairs but it is taking time…………..I’m a bit thick! Is it okay to use this term to describe oneself………definitely not………I’m mentally challenged or possibly, Special Needs. There, I feel better about myself, it’s not nice to be stupid.

I am left with a choice……….only take pictures of what I can identify, this is too limiting, I’ve hit on a new wheeze. If I get in really close then I can only be gainsaid by an expert…….I’ll see how this stratagem plays out. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Indian Balsam……….that’s Indian as in curry and cricket. Not Totem Poles and tomahawks.


See!….. I’m full of confidence because Keith posted a similar plant at HOLDINGMOMENTS. This is what he called it so it’s his fault if it’s something else.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Good is this…………….Rose Bay Willow Herb………I guessed this all on my own.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a closed up one.         

Now I did shoot the full flower but it was a bit windy so it came out all blurry and has gone in the bin.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Common Knapweed…………the stuff to the left is Meadowsweet. If I’m wrong it doesn’t count because it isn’t purple.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Neither is this………It’s an Orange/White- -Tailed Bumble Bee collecting pollen in Hedge Bindweed. Now I had a few goes at this, shifting exposure about and thought the Bee has been very patient. I gave it a gentle poke and it turned out to be(e) an ex Bumble Bee. It fell into the hedge bottom and I couldn’t find it so you are spared a focus stacked image of it’s corpse.

Now I think that all went quite well. At this rate I’ll soon be a Bottamist. Have a good weekend.


  1. Nice post Adrian, a little bit of study can work wonders! lol.

  2. Lovely macros of the 'Indian' Adrian; and ta for the link ;-)
    Love the shot of the bee.

  3. Wonderful macros, Adrian... one of my favourite colours too. The Indian balsam are beginning to bloom around here, too and they'll be fun in a couple of months when the pods are plump and will explode with even the slightest pressure from your fingers.

  4. Interesting Pictures, thank you, considering the breeze they are okay.

    Trevor, I'm studying..........You start saving F1 is going to SKY.......

    Keith, fortuitous that i came in to your post...Meadowsweet is the next one and Thistle Down........I have lost my umbrella so they are the very devil to expose......as was the Bee.

    Hilary, I'm pretty well colour blind and am eternally grateful for histograms........Indian Balsam has seed pods!........well I never!

  5. Hi Adrian...I'm sorry but I had a hard time composing myself laughing and viewing and reading at the same time...lol
    The Indian Balsam ...(I knew that because I saw Keiths post to) is a beauty! I wish we had the pink here, but we have the Orange Balsam!!
    The best for last..the bee story...you are a funny guy..lol
    Love your photos

  6. Grace, I have my happy head on. So It's Pink...! No wonder I have so much trouble with piccys.......Could have sworn it was purple!
    The posts all come together in an hour or so......frightening is lunacy! Terrifying when I read the rubbish I write.

  7. Wonderful photos, done with the macro. I really like the last one, why? It is because it's DEAD quiet.

  8. Bob, it was before breakfast......I'm not that quick on one coffee. Dead as a door nail the bee was.

  9. A lovely post Adrian... put a big smile on my face after a long crap day at work...

  10. A great set love the water droplets and the bee

  11. Andrew, happy to help, cheers.

    Kevin, the water I carry with me in an old cleaner sprayer. It's water and glycerine 50%/50%.

  12. Nice set, the water always gives this kind of thing the edge. It's great how the Bee stayed so still for you ;-)
    Bottamist ... haha. It was too tempting, I had to look it up ... You are a hit there on Google !!
    Yeah, my neighbours will tell you I know nothing of flora either !!

  13. Jay, I have a book by collins which costs a few pounds. it has grouped flowers by colour so gives me half a chance of an ID.