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Sunday 31 July 2011

ONE OF THOSE DAYS (31/07/11)

Now I have never been one to prefabricate……………Prevaricate I meant but today is a slow news day. I post what I shoot so that is that. Yesterday, all sites in Derbyshire were full so I stopped at the Waterloo Inn. Better than a layby but not by a lot.

I actually ate in there, wish I hadn’t but half a roast chicken and salad and chips for £7.50p. Well I’m just being grumpy. The dogs loved the chicken…………..There again they eat sheep shit! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The view from fourteen hundred feet this morning……………..Blue Sky Thinking……….I think not.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  I can’t be mistaken here……………Blue Bel…..cancel that………..Harebells. much more betterer than your scruffy Bluebell and rarerer. Much more delicaterer.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe one above was cropped. This one isn’t, or not a lot. Stunning wee things.

Now I've a lady for tea. A barbeque to marinade, the truck to clean, me to clean, the dogs to clean and in the vain hope she’s in the mood, bed sheets to clean….Well, flap about in the wind and put back on. I haven’t a clue where she’s been today, could drag no end of crud in so no worries there. Bit of underarm spray on the pillow. Can’t fail!…Bet I do but I love her.

I met this lass four years ago and tried to be a lothario, she said why do you dribble, you are old enough to be my dad. We cleared that minor problem up..I’ve stopped dribbling……..Now, I just swallow a lot of saliva… as best as I can…………..I had no recollection of  her mums name. That’s all right then.

I must get on………Have a great Sunday evening and….Please!..Wish me the same.


  1. Hi Adrian...I won't touch on that suject lol....but I sure did need the good laugh I got from this post...and it wasn't over the lovely scenery or pretty flower either!!
    Good luck!!! ; }

  2. I hate paying for bad food--sorry you had that experience. The harebells and landscape are good work for a slow news day.

  3. Really like the composition of the uncropped Harebell. Good luck with the sheets!

  4. Lovely Harebell Adrian. Such a delicate looking flower.

    Everything I write about dribbling, swallowing or tissues, just doesn't seem right, so I'll just say good luck for later. :-)

  5. Adrian you make me laugh! Happy sunday!

  6. love the harebell shot!
    as for the rest...I dare not go there. tee hee...

  7. We don't seem to be doing very well with the hotel/pub grub recently do we.

    I hope you didn't try to be Lothario. He weren't such a nice bloke he weren't. But then things have changed in the 300 years since he was around.

  8. Really lovely scenery, ...the Blue Bell flowers are so pretty...

    Have a lovely week!

  9. I missed this last night.... a wonderful read.

  10. A really good and well composed Bluebell shot.
    I was in Ambleside last week and wished I could find somewhere to sit or wholesome food for that price after I paid an arm and a leg for my B&B. I know it's not your thing but ended up in Keswick for something more affordable at the end of the day on 3 occasions.